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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Friday we first go to this waterfall. We can't believe  that we found a parking place the shade!

This waterfall always gets a lot of oohs and aahs.
It is the first waterfall one comes to, 
when coming from the South entrance, 
the most popular entrance. 
The second reason is that it is a three-tiered waterfall.
Yosemite Falls always makes 
a good vacation pic!
In the past I made this oil below of Yosemite Falls.  In that year the weather was crackling hot.  Notice the colors I used for the mountain - a hot sandy color.

© Yosemite Falls, 18 x 32, Oil, St.Germain

Today I am looking for another angle on the waterfall, or possibly another scene nearby. We hike about 10 minutes, and pass two bridges. At the last one "everyone" seems to be there. We even saw a bride and bridegroom (or was it a couple dressed for the prom?  Hard to tell ...they dress so Hollywood here in CA for the prom). No pictures were taken of them. No, they were taking pics of the waterfall!

But it's too windy, and too much spray is coming from the waterfall to paint. Something happened I have noticed all week long. When we arrive at a spot, close by the river, no one is there. I put down my art gear, and within 2 minutes a whole group of people parks on a big log next to me, to eat their lunch.
"Too many people, too noisy, and too many distractions", I sigh and say to hubby, "let's look for another spot."
When I settled, I haven't even started with my sketch yet, or people are coming to this spot! I should be used to it by now, I muse..

I must be looking at the North side, because all the rocks where this dead tree is sprawled on, are covered with moss. It gives this scene a very mysterious look, much more a place of past seasons than my pic lets on.

Begin of painting 9 x 12 Yosemite falls

I'll keep you in suspense about my progress and final result till the beginning of Sept. when I'm back! Did you notice that I chose a scene where colors are much darker and cooler, than the earlier painting of the waterfall (Yosemite Falls) above?
I am wondering now if an artist's choice of colors are unconsciously effected by weather...

Not too long after I made a value sketch in my sketchbook and an outline on a small 9 x 12 canvas, hubby makes comes back and looks as if he had taken a shower. On his climb it got so crazy  that the magazines inside his closed camel pack got wet! Luckily he had an extra pair of clothes with him. Later I discovered that he skinned his arm when he slipped on the wet rocks.

Finally after more than 15 years I bought my first trinket (really, my first) of Yosemite.  That's my "little somethin" for the day. A  handmade sterling silver pine cone.  I added this charm to a bicone bracelet that I made for myself this Spring.



The Weaver of Grass said...

Look forward to seeing the finished art work - and love the pine cone.

Nora said...

I like your cute little trinket and the bracelet is beautiful. I can't believe you made it yourself. Well yes, I believe you. You did a great job.

Debbie said...

I love the painting of the waterfalls. Gorgeous colours!

knittingdragonflies said...

The painting of the falls really captures the feeling of the water!
Love the little braclet!

jeannette said...

By the time I'm replying to your comment, I finished it! Sometimes the smaller painting take more time than the bigger ones:)
Thank you, the pinecone is the centerpiece, which gives the bracelet a finished look.

Thank you, Friend! When you buy bicone crystals, you can't fail -I think it's the beauty of these beads that one can keep it simple:)

Thank you, Debbie! It took me a few try-s before I could make it look like a waterfall (smile)!

Thank you - when you have not been there, and get the sense of where I was, that's where I'm after! Thank you!
The bracelet is neutral enough that I can wear it with several outfits:)