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Monday, October 11, 2010


If I would choose
a place outside
to look  inside
it would be here
yes, I feel a breeze
the chill of fog coming up
soon to see nothing 
than a few steps ahead
in the dark of blind faith
I know that my world
will make it through this

I do not want to leave
this place of peace
wrapped in a blanket
of protection I wait
envelops me as a cloud
Not yet all change
has settled
rough stones slow me down
Not all is smooth
and straightened
but this is where I want to stay
and embrace
the sense of this place

Poem by St.Germain


Eki said...

I like how you reflect on the place, Jeannette. The quiter the place, the more we can hear from within ourselves.

jeannette said...

You caught my drift! For my job to quiet down, or contemplate, or to "process" (that's how we call it in psychology) is a major requirement to be able to help people:)

lizziviggi said...

I like the picture on its own, but I love the way you coupled it with the poem to allow us to peek inside your thoughts as you saw the scene. Just lovely.

Nora said...

I tried to imagine where that place was an came up with the rocky shore of Oregon in the late afternoon fog in the cool summertime. I was there and it was a magical place.

Pat Tillett said...

We all need these "places." One inside of us and one outside.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like this - it certainly does have a sense of place.

jeannette said...

I'm by all means an amateur at photography, so when one turns out well it stirs my verbal/poetic side:)
Thanks for visiting -how did you find me?

That place sounds immensely beautiful! Haven't gotten to Oregon yet...sigh

Glad you caught that line! I need more of it, right now. My life is too hectic.

Thank you Weaver! Since you write poetry yourself, any suggestions? I'm always up for getting better at it:)

Pam said...

To seek the place where peace lives is not an easy job in itself, Jennette.
Nicely done, your photo is oh so delightful :)

Stephanie V said...

This seems a perfect notion for our Thanksgiving Day. We need to stop every now and then to be grateful for the wind's howl as we look inside to peace and warmth. Without one, we can't appreciate the other.

jeannette said...

So true, but I have faith that if we seek, we find:) Thank you Pam!

Am so happy that I wrote this fitting poem, because I had forgotten when the Canadian Thanksgiving was. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Zuzana said...

I think we all have encountered places like that, which wants us to stop time, so we can enjoy them for a while. I have a few such in my memories...
Lovely poem.