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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Note: Scroll down to end of post for all 3 memes:)

A detail of the sculpted window of the building (below)
for Midweek Blues
hosted by Rebecca. For other amazing images, click on

 this building in beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego with several museums, an outdoor concert place, restaurants, and a corner with art shops. Everything you  may want to do for the weekend. 
Another very popular feature where you always will find people milling around in the park is the fountain.Or, is it because the ice cream and the hot dog stand?

For Watery Wednesday hosted by Sweetnsaxy at  No. 111

and for Weekend Reflections, hosted by James


California Girl said...

I havve a couple of photos of my mother and I in front of that fountain with my little dog. I was in college @ SDSU then, almost 40 years ago. It was a bright sunny day as always in S.D. I miss it so sometimes but it's changed and I heard they even moved one of my favorite places, Bazaar del Mundo, out of Old Towne. Travesty!

Leovi said...

I only see the reflections of the palm

Lesley said...

That centre one is one spray with attitude!

Dianne said...

the window shot is beautiful!! very ethereal

Clytie said...

My fav is the fountain. What a gorgeous watery shot! That is one FANTASTIC water feature!!!

Ebie said...

Its a beautiful fountain! I have been to SD, but have not explored the city. Your photos made me want to visit.

J Bar said...

Top fountain shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

NatureFootstep said...

great to see a fountain. Ours are closed for the season now. :(

jeannette said...

California Girl,
That fountain sounds like a good memory - maybe you should go back for a little vacation and visit your fave places...We have some family photos in front of that fountain as well:) Yes, a lot of changes in Old Town.

Do you know where Bazaar del Mundo moved to?

You have seen that right, Leovi:)

I like the additive "with an attitude":)

Thank you -it magnified it with photoshop to satisfy my curiosity!

Indeed, the fountain is so vibrant! Many weddings are photographed in this park.

The following are very fun, especially with kids:
Seaport village, Balboa Park, Seaport (hefty entrance fee), airplane-carrier (older models of planes), the harbor has short harbor cruises, etc.

J Bar,
Thank you!

Nature Step,
I understand, nothing more diappointing than a fountain that does not spray water!
Because of the winter?

Anonymous said...

All 3 are great photos, but my favorite one is the fountain!

gigi said...

Lovely shots!

jeannette said...

Thank you:) Saw that you've posted some interesting things on your reading blog. Because of the high no. of followers, was it at one time a blog of note?

Thank you! You have a darling blog -I loved the post about little cutesy reading a book to Bentley.

Rebecca said...

I guess you could say a fountain is a perfect place for a hot dog & ice cream stand!

Becky and Gary said...

I like the architecture above the window, and the palm reflection is cool! Love all kinds of fountains too.
Of course you can use my photo. If you could I'd like to see a shot of the pcture when you are finished.
Thanks. Have a great rest of the week.

Cildemer said...

Very nice shot! Love fountains and I posted one too;o)

Have a nice day****

jeannette said...

business-wise for sure!

Becky and Gary,
Thank you! and also for letting me use your photo! Have a great weekend!

Merci beaucoup, mon ami! Already went to your blog and left a comment. Have a great weekend!

NitWit1 said...

Ican't decide between the fountain and the window. since I love fountains it might win.....

jeannette said...

You can love BOTH:):)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Jeannette, I was just there for a conference and although I have seen San Diego many times, each visit shows me new vistas not previously seen. The fact that there is no shortage of excellent food is a plus as well!

Bon weekend,

Dimple said...

I like the reflected palm leaves in the first shot!

Sar@h said...

Nice blue window and subtil reflection.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful reflections and "The Lion and Lamb" is also very beautiful!

jeannette said...

That must be why San Diego is so popular:) Have a great weekend!

Thank you - great to see you back here!

Thank you- always good to "see" you!

Thank you twice! And also for visiting my blog!

Evelyn said...

Wow, I like the first photo.

Inger-M said...

I love the white foamy water against the deep blue sky!
And the blue and green colors in the window shot look great together. Beautiful pictures!
Thank you commenting on my blog :-)

jeannette said...

Glad you like it!

Yes, I love the blue and green together too:)