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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For Weekend Reflections

Wondered what was going on...when on our way 
to the fountain in Balboa park. 
We assured our guests that it usually was not  this busy. 

These three posed gladly for us, when we were walking by...
We spent some refreshing moments at the fountian
When returning we saw several schools 
were doing their Shakespeare plays. 

And we saw our friends back at the end when they took a bow.

A tiny Reflection in the above pic



California Girl said...

The Globe was one of my advertising clients for years. I love the pageantry they produce. Balboa Park is the richer for it. You've captured an adorable grouping of young Shakespeareans and it looks as though they're having alot of fun.

DawnTreader said...

Wonderful! So much fun when one happens to come across something really "out of the ordinary".

Sometimes the thumbnail photos make their own mystery. I couldn't figure ut what the fountain was from just the thumbnail. I guess Shakespeare set me on the wrong track - made me wonder if it was a ghost... :O

Francisca said...

These young folks really look like they are having fun in their Shakespearean costumes. They look so great.

[The only really good thing about traveling alone is that no one is bothered by my incessant clicking. :-D But you might be surprised how much walking and just being, viewing, studying, I get in, too. ;-) What happened to Emille?]

Clytie said...

I love those outfits!!! What fun that must have been!!!

P.S. Is it just me, or do you see a PERFECT heart on the top of that fountain? :=}

Just looked again - there really is a heart in the water at the top of the fountain, a little bit on the left side!!! Do you see it???

Regina said...

Wow beautiful costumes.
The fountain looks refreshing.
Great captures!


NitWit1 said...

I never seem to have a camera when
something usual happens my way. Of course it is gone when I try to retrace my tracks.

Nora said...

They're costumes are very extravagant. I love the way the gentlemen are dressed.

Betsy Grant said...

What wonderfully colorful, bright costumes, and such fun to add interest and variety to one's day. I posted a quote alluding to Shakespeare's view of a poet's function - just a moment ago on my site!

jeannette said...

California Girl,
Took me a while before I got what you were saying, because I forgot what else you do except for blogging.
In high school everything is over the top:)

Glad you went looking for the ghost in the thumbnail (smile.

The funny thing is that we were there with a couple, she from the UK and he from S. Africa:)

Some of the schools really got into the literary part of Shakespeare, others it was more the costumes, and there were also ones who did an amazing interpretation of their own of S.
Emille is doing great, she just needs more time getting organized wink,wink.

My first reaction wa "Naah, that can't be!" But it has to be you to keep seeing the hearts on my blogs:):)
Yes, aren't those costumes beautiful?

Thank you for visiting! I love the clothes of the past centuries -so much more romantic than the ones now:)

Oh I've had that had many times! This was one of those happy accidents:)

I agree, the costumes of the gentlemen are more creative!

How serendipitous:) I don't know if the clothes in that time were really this bright!

Rebecca said...

What a nice surprise to happen upon. I love a good costume photo op.

NatureFootstep said...

nice fountain!

'Tsuki said...

If you want to go back in time later : check out my blog : I was in a medieval fest two weeks agos... :D

Nice costumes there !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots!
Have a nice weekend. :O)

Anonymous said...

Fun photos to be sure.

Ms. Becky said...

I'm truly in love with that last photo. they're all superb, but that last one is just perfection.

Dianne said...

love the costumes!!

jeannette said...

If it wasn't that you have shown us several post with costumes, I would have never thought of the idea!

Whenever we're there, we have to go by there -so refreshing in (dry!) California!

Meanwhile I saw your post -great pics of the costumes, Tsuki!

Bare Mio,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope your weekend was good too:)

Aware writer,
Easy if the subjects are having fun!

Ms. Becky,
One of those happy accidents! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I do too! Glad you like them.

Jim said...

Jeannette, did you stay and watch the players until dark when the misquitos drove you away?

I would have, I like Shakepeare. I quoted him in my latest Sunday poem (Little Photo and Poem Place blog).