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Friday, August 23, 2013


Hubby and I have traveled a lot, but my niece and her hubby 
living in  the Netherlands take the cake! 

When they married they decided last minute to change
their honeymoon from the area where (and when) the tsunami hit!!
to go to Egypt.

A few years after,  they made a trip around the world 
and  had their end destination in the USA with us
and met her sister in Canada for Christmas. 

One of the things they squeezed into their luggage were
two boxes of cereal:):)

bougainvilla in yards, or serving as fences
Showing local, the gorgeous (San Diego), touristy (Beverly Hills) 
as well as fun places (beach)
in our metropolis Los Angeles

 From "safe" San Diego" at our fave coffee shop "Upstart Crow" 
we went into unpredictable territory

walking South of the Border 
(sorry - no way to make this a "nice" pic!)
Hubby is 6'3" so these fences are pretty high

into Mexico.
Adventurers in their own right such as hiring an RV and touring down 
New Zealand and Australia
but they didn't feel like  doing this on their own:) 

Modified for Mandarin Orange in
Rough Pastel/balance

bright colored tiles

the art and building styles in San Diego
are much the same as in Mexico

Good we did it then, because now there are other "things" to take care of! 
When we were in the Netherlands a few months ago 
we saw Lise and Esmee "live" for the first time.

Every time I'm there it boggles me how Green the Grass is there:)