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Friday, April 04, 2008

My Favorite Pancakes

Sunday evening I wasn't feeling too well, and my hubby was so nice to make the pancakes I requested. At our house pancakes are like potatoes or rice, you can add anything to it.
My son-in-law introduced me to pancakes with chocolate chips - heaven! (since I'm a chocolateholic) My favorite variation of that is pancakes with banana slices and chocolate chips. My middle daughter makes crepes, and folds them into an envelope to hold the filling, which is applesauce and cinnamon. Much quicker and cheaper than going to a creperie!
If you like a hearty pancake, my next favorite is to add a slice of mildly salty cheese like Cheddar or Fontina. Dutchmen (I'm one of them) and cheese are best friends. I even manage to put cheese on my waffle batter. There is a Dutch recipe of pancakes with bacon and cheese (fry the bacon a little beforehand). Good, but filling.

When we lived in Holland and MacDonalds had not taken up business yet, we used to make large chocolate pancakes, rolled up, with vanilla custard as filling for our daughter's birthday party. Even filling enough for the most ravenous little boy. They were a big success with the kids.

Last but not least. It goes without saying that you still can eat healthy when you eat pancakes. I like the multigrain and baking Pancake mix from Trader Joe. I have never forgotten what my friend once said to me, "Go ahead, just add a teaspoon of bleach to your flour, because that's what you do, when you eat white flour." At that time, I din't know anything about health and nutrition, so I thought it was kinda blunt.'s true, and I want to be good to myself!

Don't eat your pancakes drenched in maple syrup if you put fruit or chocolate or cheese in the batter. It takes all the flavor out, you just have put in, and might as well eat syrupcakes! Just a sliver of butter is enough to make them tasty!

Hungry yet? Send me your favorite pancake recipe. I LOVE to try out new recipes!

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