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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Can I keep it short this time? We'll see!
In between my typing I'm walking back and forth to get another cracker with Brie. Cheese is one of my weaknesses. I must be inherited. Last time at my daughter's house, she told me that she had 4 kinds of cheeses in her fridge! For Christmas I give each of my kids a ball of Gouda cheese.

Everyone here on Blogger seems to understand people talking to their blogs, and I can't tell you how many funny, dry, witty comments I received.
But when I start muttering instructions to my blog, my hubby asks, "Huh?"

He has hearing aids,(it's not the same as your own ears, folks - they are much more sensitive!), and so he thinks that he missed something I said to him.
When I tell him that I'm talking to my blog, he has that funny look on his face, as if he is thinking, "she's really losing it now" or "is she hearing voices?"

Now, how is it possible that when he has his hearing aids off, and he wakes up in the middle of the night, he understands what I'm saying?? At least, he gives the "right" answer, when I talk to him.
No, I don't think he is pretending not being able to hear while he can.

His ear specialist who has recently fitted him with new hearing aids told him that he had more hearing loss, but his brain has adjusted to it better (meaning, his brain has gotten smarter - remember, the brain is a muscle, so the more you exercise it, the more it gets developed).

I have learned some things too. when people have problems with hearing, do not talk to them when you have your back towards them, or they can't see your face. Somehow, even though they can't lip read, it's easier for them to know what you're talking about.

Talking to a person with hearing problems from another room is impossible. Also, increasing the volume of your voice does not help. More helpful is to keep your words separate and speaking distinctively.

Losing your hearing is very frustrating, and you can't get it back!
So when you have an ear-ache or ear infection, please for your own sake as well as that of others, go to the doc to get some meds.
I close with offering you my crackers with Brie, or whatever cheese you like. In my fridge is Cheddar, Dutch Farmers cheese, mozzarella, and feta cheese. Oh, and I forgot, I've also Swiss cheese.


Donna said...

Brie sounds wonderful!! I'm headed to the 'fridge!! Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I too love eating cheese and I like almost any kind, although I have to admit to a weakness for soft French cheeses. I can sit and eat those all by myself without crackers, I only need my fingers for them. You've made me very hungry. Now I must rummage in the cupboard and see what's for dinner.

Michelle said...

I've got mouldy cheese :0(

Time to go shopping!

Dick said...

I like cheese, brie and feta with olives, mmmmmmmmmm. I do have hearing problems but I don't exactly understand the ones your hubby has.
My thing is I hear too much and because of that all sounds are mixed together and it's difficult to focus to one thing.
Dus je kan ook goed Nederlands? Bedankt voor je bezoek en ik kom nog terug.

jeannette stgermain said...

Brie, Camembert, aaah I can't get enough of it! Wishing much fun in the weekend :)

jeannette stgermain said...

Yeah, I know what you mean - cheese by itself, but my crackers have a purpose :) and that is to prevent myself from eating too much - cheese and chocolate are sooo addicting -for me, that is!

jeannette stgermain said...

what is your favorite cheese? Have a good weekend!

jeannette stgermain said...

If feta is with olives, I love the Greek Kalamate olives - only a few, because they're salty - I need to be careful with salt! About your hearing problem, it's the same for my hubby.

But then some hearing aids make him hear sounds far away very loudly, while he can't hear me whispering while sitting next to him (bad habit, LOL) Only the top of the line hearing aids can separate the sounds out for him, in the right way. But they cost I think $4000 a piece.

Ja, het Nederlands gaat nog wel, maar het duurt lang voordat ik een goede zin heb opgeschreven!

Yes, thanks for your visit, and please click on the "Follow" feature-on top on the right.
I notice that the Dutch blogs do not have it, but that way you appear on my blogroll (further down on the right), and I immediately see when you've written something new.
EASY is the mark of the American :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you said it, you have to take care of your hearing, your legs, your joints your heart....

jeannette stgermain said... true. Never knew I had joints till my sciatic nerve started acting up - it has been a year of recovery and faithfull walking and excercising every day since last year Feb.
And for us artists, our hands are super important, since these are our intstruments :)

Shaista said...

Yes I do have a close relationship with him. He is the dearest and bestest of friends. He lost his sight some years ago so our lives revolve around adjusting to that. So heartbreaking, when he himself was an artist.
I'm not doing terribly well. Still have burning fevers every day, at 104 degrees, but going back into the hospital environment isn't brilliantly inviting - so many more germs and bugs floating around on the open wards.
How are you? It's wonderful to have a creative life isn't it? People always expect me to be bored having had chronic illness for so long, but when you are a creative person there is no time to be bored!

Denise said...

I am a cheese person too. In my fridge right now I have Cheddar, Parmesan and Sticky Toffee Cheese. The Sticky Toffee is new, recommended by a friend who just found it in the supermarket. To understand Sticky Toffee Cheese you have to know all about Sticky Toffee Pudding, it's Brit thing ;)

I can also sympathise with your husband's loss of hearing. I am close to going and getting a hearing aid as my whole childhood and again in my early 30s I suffered from ear infections and I know I am hard of hearing, made worse when I have a cold. Don't like crowds too much at the best of times but even more so because it makes it hard for me to hear. Yes I guess it is about time to make that appointment.

Scriptor Senex said...

I'll have the Feta please - are you sure you can spare it? Now, I wonder where I can cadge some olives?

jeannette stgermain said...

It must be wonderful to have a dad who is an artist! If he lost his sight, would he maybe be interested in sculpturing clay or work with wood, so he could feel the form?
I wonder if anything could be done to get your temps down - wish I knew more about medicine! What kind of medications are you on?
You are a trooper Chaista - yes, keep creating, it is healing for the soul!

jeannette stgermain said...

Denise, that sticky toffee cheese sounds so intriguing!! At what kind of stores do you buy it? I like Toffee...yes, please make that appointment for your ears soon, so it doesn't get worse (because it will get worse, when you don't do anything about it).
I know (from my hubby), in crowds everything sounds garbled, which is so frustrating,
But right now technology has come so much farther, so many new inventions, also for hearing problems :)

jeannette stgermain said...

Scriptor Senex,
You're in the UK, right? For olives I would say an Italian or Mediteranean delicatessen store?
Your "cadge" made me go to the dictionary, because that was a new word for me. If you would live here, I always have a can of (Greek)Kalamate olives for people who have a sudden snack attack!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Jeannette! I am also fond of cheese, all kind of cheese! I often eat a piece of cheese with my morning coffee, instead of a bickie ( Australian for biscuit).
Talking about deaf people: once I had a deaf student, who could lip-read and wanted to learn English. He sat right in front of me and understood everything I said. He learnt English this way and was very happy!

Lynda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog all the way over in Africa :) Thanks for leading me to yours - always lovely to meet & make new blogging friends !
Bye for now
Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

San said...

I have some Edam in the fridge. It's buttery good. But I believe I will have a little of your Brie. Thank you very much.

My father-in-law has hearing problems and the conversations at the dinner table can be hilarious. Much is lost in translation. And no, he doesn't get a hearing aid.

I wandered over from Lynette's. Lovely blog.

San said...

I thought I just posted a comment here. Let's try again.

I have some Edam in the fridge. It's buttery good, but I believe, yes, I'll have a little of your Brie. Thank you very much.

My father-in-law has hearing problems. The conversations at the dinner table can be hilarious, since he does not want to get a hearing aid. Much is lost in translation.

I wandered over from Lynette's. Nice blog.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Count me in for cheese and crackers thank you!! :)

This must be awful for hubby to live with but let me also add that men can be very "convienently deaf" when they want to be. LOL!!

jeannette stgermain said...

there seem to be a lot of chees lovers among the bloggers :)
Conveniently deaf - yeah, he admits to doing that at his work, when he doesn't wanna deal with something (read: someone) dumb.

Hey, do you realize your comment is again no. 21, like last week - do you wait till that number comes up? (just kidding)

Simply Heather said...

Hi Jeannette, I've received your note at myspace :o). I don't really understand all of the new followers formatting, but I think that you can click on my picture and scroll down to my links. I'm not works for me (?).

I found your blog through Scriptor. He commented on your artwork and I love to see the talents of others, so I peeked in. You are quite talented...oh, and I also LOVE cheese (and chocolate too, mmmm).