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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mixed media, 16 x 20, St Germain.

Little Star

The night was in the room
the toys on the floor, scattered
the starry sky was in the room
I carry you till rays of dawn
flood the sky in the room
and my little star has gone asleep

Poem also by St.Germain

What I wanted to convey artistically with this painting is the wonder and the mystery of the universe. A night sky full of twinkling stars had come into the room. That is also the reason why no furniture is indicated. Only the curtain and the window sill, marking the boundaries of the room.

At the same time, this young father stares into the night, being exhausted and feeling numb after his child has cried for hours, and finally fell asleep on his arm. In the poem, where the meaning of words may be on different levels, the word "scattered" also could apply to the father feeling "scattered" after so many draining hours. A familiar feeling to all parents!
This scene looks realistic, but is not. As you can see the stars are also inside the room. The room has become part of the universe. Also, the body of the child and the arm are collapsed in one (as if they are one and the same).

Psychologically seen, a mother is at first the physical provision and extension of a child; in the womb and later when breast feeding. Then, there is a special bond between father and child as well (Attachment Theory, Bowlby).
I am glad that today more attention is given to the attachment of the child with the father.
My findings as a clinical psychologist are that for a boy a father is important, because the father is a model of what manhood is: his identity, the role a man plays in the world, how to be a provider, and a husband.

For a girl a father is the first man in her life. How the father is (his character and identity) and relates to his daughter has far-reaching effects in her relationships with men in general, and what kind of a man she is likely to marry later.
Percentage wise more people seek counseling having grown up with one parent.

A story that illustrates a father's relationship with his son is one that effects me like a ton of bricks is falling down.
This story tells of a son who squandered his father's inheritance in another country. Then, when all is gone, he got a job as a farmhand, taking care of the pigs. There was a famine, and no one gave him food. Coming to his senses, he realized that his dad's workers had plenty of food.
The son decides to go home and work for his father as a farm hand.

In this sketch the gesture of the hand above the father's eye is one of straining to look as far as one can possibly see. The other hand is half way raised, as if he wants to say, "Wait, I first need to see if he is coming..."
I imagine that the father made this gesture day after day. And when he made himself ready for bed in the evening, he prayed fervently that his son would be safe, and he would return soon.

The story goes that the father saw his son coming from far. This means his wayward son had been continuously on his mind. All his father could think of was to run towards his son and throws his arms around him.

This sketch focuses on the son. He was drawn purposefully smaller, because I imagined he felt small and remorseful, and may be even inadequate, with thoughts like, what do I have to show for? Nothing! The way he hugs his dad is almost half-hearted, as if he is not sure about his father's reaction.
On his face one can read mixed feelings. Is it really true? Is my father truly glad that I came home? But then, there is also relief that he finally did the right thing in returning home. He can hardly believe his ears when he hears,
"You are back!
All is forgiven.
Quick, bring the best clothes and put it on him.
Put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet.
Let's have a party and celebrate!
For my son was dead and is alive again;
he was lost and is found!"

He had forgiven his son a long time ago for going his own way,
squandering what he worked so hard for. His dad receives him as his son. This is the love of a father.


adebanji said...

I can see pure unhindered passion flowing through in your sketches. When I see your paintings they are also good but a bit laboured, try and keep them simple just like the sketches and that will help.

Great work!

Jeannette St.G. said...

Thank you Adebanji, for redirecting me - very helpful, I appreciate your comment!

DUTA said...

Very touching.
Father & son need each other, complement each other, depend on each other.
In the painting, the child is a ray of white light in the darkness of the night. His father looks weary, and it seems as a if the little child in his arms could bring him some peace of mind and comfort even though it was the crying of the child that made the father take him in his arms. It's mutual,each one of them brings quiet and comfort to the other one.

jeannette St.G. said...

Thank you - you understand this very well! I couldn't agree with you more.That is what a relationship is: giving and receiving. And children in the innocence of their young age bring much happiness.

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful poem and the paintings, especially the first one is wonderful. I've always liked the story of the Prodigal Son.

The Gossamer Woman said...

It's true what you say about fathers and daughters, I guess I looked for my father especially in my second marriage. He was there, but I lost him in the end, like I lost my real father. Not out of meanness, but out of incompetence.

Jeannette St.G. said...

Hi Reader Wil,
It's actually your post of saying goodbye that inspired me to look up these sketches and post the painting. Because, after all is said and done, it's our relationships that we have left:)

Jeannette St.G. said...

Sad, how if a parent is not whole, he or she has not enough to give. Thank you for your honesty!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Jeanette. No problem getting onto it. But I sugest to archive some things. You can do it in Customizations. Hope this helps. :)

Shellmo said...

When I saw that first painting of the father w/ his baby - I instantly thought of my husband and my stepson - that is how he must've been as I witness their loving relationship today. I love how the stars have spilled into the room...lovely.

Jeannette St.G. said...

It makes my day when people have an instant recognition with my paintings - thanks for sharing that!
I'm in suspense about your latest blog, or was that a pic you fiddled with, like the horse??

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It does not matter what our children do or how far they stray, they will always be our children, missed by us when they are gone and welcomed back when they return. The bond between mother / father / child can never be broken.

I am not sure if the info helped Jeanette, but you are welcome. :)

Jeannette St.G. said...

I have met people who disowned their children - I don't understand that. I think it's up to the parent always "to leave the door open" so to speak.

I guess you'r referring to the archiving - I tried that before, but I only get the last 2 posts with a title, and the rest only dates. Is there another way?

How to Sell Art Online said...
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Jeannette St.G. said...

I guess there's a down side to having comments in the pop up window...spam :)'s not one of you!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

My computer has been out for 24 hours Jeanette, sorry to only get back to you now.

You have a choice as to hown many days or blogs you want to keep thing. You may have days so it will only show you those you did for that week. Change it to blogs and then you can choose how many you want to show.

Because I have one every day, I put my on "week" or "7 days" I am not sure which.

How did you get spam?? I have been on the blogs for over a year now and have not received any. Thanks goodness!!

Jeannette St.G. said...

No problem! Thanks about explaining about the archiving, the way it would only serve my needs though is to have the titles stay there (forever) - I know, I'm a perfectionist LOL
Well, In consider it spam, I had my hubby as well as my web designer check it out the offers, and they both say, don't react to it.
they say that certain words attract spammers, but I don't have the luxury of an editor.