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Friday, June 19, 2009


Since I will be gone for a week, my mention of fathers day is a bit early.
This young father adopted me and his hubby as his parents. He himself began his experience of the joys and hardships of parenthood 3 months ago.
With this I like to encourage all fathers to be the best father you can be. A good father is a tremendous source of joy in a child's life, and his absence can be very painful.
A twenty-something song writer told his audience that as a 6 year old he would sit by the window at night, gazing at the stars, and wish that he "could see his father one more time."


Wat do directions in dreams tell us?

Directions are important since they tell you if it is a good place you are heading, or a direction you would want to avoid!

Directions are in the context of your dream story.
That is why it is vital to write down these details immediately. You will be surprized that your dream will give you all these details LOL

When you make a right turn in your dream it is a natural turn. Not so with a left turn. It makes sense, when one thinks about it that most people are right handed - that is "natural" for most people. Sorry, left handed people you are in the minority, so a left turn is out of the ordinary.

RIGHT TURN - A natural turn or change; authority; strength of man

LEFT TURN -a turn out of the ordinary, or a supernatural turn or change; human weakness

Front and back almost speaks for itself. When you see the front of a house, or when you are
standing at the back door, or look in the rear view mirror.

FRONT - immediate, current, new OR future

BACK - past, unaware, hidden, memory

East and West is easy to remember.

The sun comes up in the East, and goes down in the West.

Once I had a dream that played itself out being on one of the islands of the West Indies - it is still Dutch property. While I was born in Indonesia, then a Dutch colony and called the East Indies.
The message of the dream to me was that I had come full circle, because I live now in California, not far from the islands of the West Indies ( Curacao, Bonaire, etc.)

East - first, beginning, birth

West - end, grace death

North and South. I told you in one of these parts that I had a dream where I went South, and it was disappointing - a deal gone sour.

North - judgment, battle

South - world, temptation, trial, deception, corruption


The type of vehicle you see in your dream tells you the involvement in a certain kind of organized structure. Something that brings you from one place or level to another. Sorry my English is too limited to be able to say it in a clearer way. But if you'll read on, you'll catch my drift.

A BIKE is showing the works of a single man's endeavor. The focus is on much human effort.

A MOTORCYCLE - independence, rebellion, selfish

A CAR - a person

A VAN - or stationwagon - natural family or fellowship

A PICKUP TRUCK - natural work

A BUS- working together; sight-seeers

A MOVING VAN - change

A TRACTOR - powerful work

A TRAIN - continuous, unceasing work

A ROW BOAT - working out one's life's problems

A BOAT - support

A SHIP - a big structure/organization, capable or influencing a large number of people

A BLIMP - weak, powerless

A HELICOPTER - an individual's mission; versatile

A PLANE - a person or work (job, business)

TIRES - where the rubber meets the road

TRANSMISSION - change of purpose of direction

AUTOWRECK - strife, conflict.

When you think about the meanings, it is actually self-explanatory. The type and size of the vehicle, what it is made for, all tell what kind of structure is meant in your dream. A small vehicle symbolizes a small one man operation. A big ship need many skilled people to get to its destination, while a sail boat needs one or two people.

Not too long ago one of my friends called me.

She asked me point blank, "What kind of change are you in?"

I was perplexed, because hubby was the only one who knew about our moving plans.

I asked her, "What did you exactly see?"

She responded with, "I saw you driving a car, and you were handling the stick, and moved it from second to fourth gear."

I asked her some time to think about my answer.

When I called her back, I did not tell her what kind of change I was involved in, but I did say,

"Not only are things changing in my life, but I think the message is that things are going to accelerate as well." And told her that especially the acceleration was important for me to know.

Now I am going on a week of vacation, dear bloggie friends. So, hope to come back with loads of material to paint. Don't know yet whether to continue every end of the week with "dreams", or I should give it some time to let you digest all this stuff. Please, give me your suggestions while I'm gone.


Whitemist said...

wow! fascinating! I once dreamed I was a small bird and flew and flitted around with great freedom. It shortly after that I had one of mu great spiritual experiences in my life. Right now I back to not remembering my dreams, but feeling that I am having them. Oh well things come and go (ebb and wane as they say), but you can ask me about "they" one time.

crochet lady said...

Hope you have a restful week.

Your posts on dreaming are always interesting. Lately, I have had crazy dreams that leave only a lingering impression that is unsettling. I've awakened myself moaning and talking in my sleep, which I hardly ever do and I usually remember dreams, but not this week. I wonder why that is?


VioletSky said...

I have been enjoying this series on dreams. I have needed time to digest each part (partly why I haven't commented).

I recently started writing my dreams down in a dream journal again. It does seem to help with remembering them better. And I have noticed an unexplainable change in the nature of my dreams which is kind of exciting.

Enjoy your vacation!

WV "stash"

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You know Jeannette, until you started this series, I had never given much thought to dreams and their interpretation so these articles have been giving me a lot to ponder upon.

Usually dreams come and go but even after more than 40 years I remember a time when I had the same dream almost nightly.

In those days we had a very big black woman who worked for us and my dream was that she was trying to catch me for some reason. Outside the house we were living in at the time, there was a courtyard with a 6 foot wall around it and in my dream I would be standing on the wall flapping my arms trying to fly away from her, then just as she was about to grab my foot, I would take off. I had this dream for months on almost a nighty basis and I have never forgotten it.

I wonder what it meant and what I was going through at the time for me to have it but of course it is too long back to remember. I will say that my mother let her go as she was stealing and she cast a spell over the house. Living in the islands, you will probably know what I mean by that.

Thank you for a wonderful insight to things to use in interpreting dreams.

You are so right about fathers. It always gives me great pleasure to see one interacting with their children especially in todays day and age.

Have a WONDERFUL week. I will miss you. Relax, take it easy and paint to your hearts content. You deserve the break. Hugs.

jeannette stgermain said...

what a nice dream (sigh - wish I had more of those). Maybe you can't remember your dreams right now, because your brain is still "readjusting" from your surgery.

You know how curious I am, so I probably will ask you sometime LOL
Talk to you in a week!

jeannette stgermain said...

It seems that you are going through "some unsettling stuff" while you dream. Since you are a believer, you know where to go for answers:) Put some music on before going to bed that is lifting your spirits, or read something that if your favorite.

If this is out of the ordinary, ask yourself, why now? Is this a time of year that certain events in the past took place? Or are you or people close to you going thru hard or upsetting things?

jeannette stgermain said...

Am glad that this series is beneficial to you. Yes, a journal helps doesn't it? Most us lead such busy lives that there is just too little quiet time to contemplate and remember what we all went through.
I've also said it to others that you are welcome to print out the posts about the dreams.
Thanks - I will have a great time on my vacation!
By thew way, what does WV "stash" mean?

jeannette stgermain said...

You were a child when you had that dream, right? Children often are more sensitive to spiritual things going on than we adults, because we like to reason things out.
I sounds like you had good reasons wanting to fly away (escape) from the person working for your family! Oh yeah, I know what you mean!
From the response to my comment on your blog: I am only going to be gone for one week, not a few -I wish LOL
Thank you for wishing me well and I'll miss you too, but it won't be for long, dear friend!

VioletSky said...

WV = word verification
every now and then an actual word pops up and it seems funny.

Susan Tuttle said...

A very intuitive blog -- I enjoyed this post:)

thank you:)

Lynette said...

Jeannette, I hope you have a wonderful and restful vacation week. I had an intense dream the other night and I can still see it. I dreamed that I kept trying to get my husband to look at the sky. The moon was behind the clouds and lighting them from behind, but there was a shape almost like a clamshell and it had rainbow colors in it. I know I'm going to have to try and paint that vision I was seeing in my dream!

neetzy said...

Hi Jeannette,

Wonderful insightful information. When I was a rural mail carrier, the route was based on right that makes sense. It is logical and safe. I am leaving for Cali Monday morning. Unfortunately I will be in the northern parts. San Fran, Santa Cruz and Yosemite. I'll take lots of Photos.

jeannette stgermain said...

Violet Sky
Thanks for the info. (I'm still not good in abbreviations:) )

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you Susan! Of course it is collected wisdom from all the other people who write books and have seminars about it LOL

jeannette stgermain said...

That's a neat dream!! Do clam shells have a particular meaning? (do you like clams, do you clam up in certain situations, etc.) Hope you share the painting with us:)

jeannette stgermain said...

Glad it's helpful! That's where I just came back from - 6 days of Yosemite - there's a lot of water this year - and ever so beautiful - you would want to paint, paint, paint:)