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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Snow may never come at sea level in California, but in the higher altitudes 
snow mostly falls around this time, right before the New Year. 
Let it snow -  that's my wish. 
We then go up to Big Bear Lake 
(up to 9000 feet) and breathe in the cool air, 
and take a walk on the road closed off in the winter for cars.

If you click on the image to enlarge, 
you may see in the left bottom corner 
the reflection of a little stream that is not frozen
(it's the pic of my header)

We never come very far, because the road 
is pretty steep, and I go crazy taking pics. 
Always have to remind myself that at higher altitudes, 
it's good to breathe slowly, to prevent getting 
too much oxigen  to your brain!


rainfield61 said...

Beautiful slope in the second picture.

So white and clean.

Barry said...

I like the idea of a place for snow, where you can just go to visit it on your terms. And give it its proper appreciation.

Here it's like the uninvited guest who doesn't know when to go home.

Love your new header!

jeannette stgermain said...

One of the reasons I love snow is that it looks so pure and un-mixed!

jeannette stgermain said...

Since I've lived many years in Holland I know what you mean - dealing with cold, storms, slippery and hard to get around in a car without bumping into another car!

Hard to want to go outside and go to work, because they're all things that make one want to stay inside and read a book by the fireplace!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I remember the snow at Big Bear. I remember enjoying going there and also liking leaving it again and being down hill in the warmer temperatures.

Beth Niquette said...

My husband is a Californian. He loves to tell stories of the groups he drove up to Big Bear. That was the only time he would see snow!

Someday I'll visit Big Bear--it sounds like a lovely place. Your pictures are delightful!

It is only 150 feet above sea level here--and I'm just as nuts about picure taking as you are! Woohoo!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful photographs Jeannette. A Very Happy New Year to you and your family - here's to another year of reciprocal blogging.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly nothing like exploring a winter wonderland. I love snowshoeing through such landscape all day long, when I used to live near the mountains. I would follow all of the animal prints and would imagine what they were doing and thinking.

When I grew up in the Bay Area in the seventies, there was actually an inch of snow or more on the ground one cold morning. I think it has only snowed there once in all those years.

Cynthia said...

Oh, this looks like a wonderland,
truly. A place to free the mind
of the straight jackets imposed
in real life.

Have Fun!

Clytie said...

I also like the idea of a place to go play in the snow - and then go home without it!!!

Beautiful pictures. When I looked at them I felt peace. It must be a wonderful place!

Eki said...

really beatiful photos of the snowscape, Jeannette. Happy New Year!

Einbildungskraft said...

hi, greetings, schoen dass du bei mir besuchen hat, and when I use my German you will always see that the grammar is bad!
thankyou for visiting my site, i wonder how you found me.
There are artists in Santa Cruz for sure... I am more of a gardener i think :-)

jeannette stgermain said...

Irene - that's why I like it -I can leave the cold whenever I want too LOL

Beth - it's as with any other place -all the memories make it more beautiful and special! And the pics are the memories:)

Cynthia -thank you for visiting! when going on vacation that place is filled with wonderful relaxing things -of course, I don't know how it is to live there!

Clytie - maybe that's why so many people have their cabin there -lake, fishing, hiking, small touristy town - in the winter skiing, sledding -perfect for a long weekend

Eki - snow is always so serene to look at - do they get snow in Bandung? Happy New Year to you too!

Beth(Einbildungskraft) - I saw the title of your blog on another blog -since I've lived in Berlin I had to click on! And I love your blog:)