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Monday, January 11, 2010

DO WHAT YOU CAN DO - A Coffee Story

© Oil, St.Germain

We got to know this family that  made their re-entry in this country after having lived in Austria and Switzerland for the past 15(?) years. It can be tough on one's pocketbook to live in California with a family of five kids, most of them in their teens.  So the mom of this family decided to start catering coffee as a business.
She went regularly to the meetings of the chamber of commerce, she let one of her friends make a website for her business, got some very nice business cards, and practiced making the different kinds of coffee for the small group members she hosted in her home. I'm a Dutchman, who loves coffee, so I was a willing guinea pig! It was about a year before her business started taking off. She even got others  interested to do the same.

Her hubby's work caused them to make a move to one of the Northern states, and I gave her this little painting as a goodbye gift, because she supported me greatly, and made sure my paintings were seen up front  when I started painting for an audience on Sunday. Now it was my turn to encourage her.

Her coffee is as good as Starbucks, so that is why I painted the outside of one of the coffee shops. The palms are symbolic for California. I knew that she could build her own business again, wherever she would land in the future. She had learned so much, and I was proud to be her friend.

Read the end of this story on ART NOTES  not to tease you, but it belongs on that blog, because I believe it's something very specific and great about imagination and art!


young-ecletic-encounters said...

I always enjoy your blog both of them and I appreciate your friendship and advice that you give to me. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but between being in the hospital and than having family for the holidays I was close to being overwhelmed.(see my blog) I am just now starting to recuperate and it's going kind of slow. Thanks for your friendship and concern Johnina :^D

DUTA said...

Lovely story! I'm very much in favor of reciprocity. If someone does me a favor I'm not quiet until I can return one.

Your encouraging your friend in her coffee business & painting one of her coffee shops is exactly what is expected in a reciprocal relationship.

The Muse said...

I will...!

Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful story! It is so precious when people encourage and inspire one another.

Wow--I'm just so inspired myself.

Have a wonderful day!

jeannette stgermain said...

Having gone through something physical myself last year, gives me more understanding about what you go through -although what you fight with is a whole other level.
Left you a comment on your blog, but suffice to say here to just continue doing anything that keeps up your spirits!

I totally expected a response from you like this:) Because your writing attracts so many readers, have you thought on putting your stories in book form? Need to ask people who have already written books for advice from which angle/slant you could write.

But I can surely see a book coming out of your fingers:)

Thank you, friend! I'm curious as what exactly attracted you back to my blog (I know about more time, etc., but I wonder about content on my writing, or the kind of photos/paintings?)
I never cease to be curious about this subject as an artist as well as therapist:)

Whitemist said...

To me, little coffee shops are soooo much better than Starbucks in many, many ways.
Best of luck for her and her new location.

jeannette stgermain said...

Just was thinking while doing the dishes after the first comments, that encouragement and blessing someone is nourishment for the soul. Somehow it changes the chemistry in our body and brain! Thank you for bringing this up;)

In our area there is a large variety in the Starbucks coffeshops - there are very good ones where I love to spend an afternoon reading or knitting, but in the new area where I live in, there are some that mystify me (if you can say it that way in English?) about the lack of ambience and friendly service.

Gaelyn said...

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. Really like your painting, as I'm sure your friend did also. Great encouragement will continue as she looks at the painting.
I don't "do" Starbucks or any others as I make my Lattes at home.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you -Holland where I originate is a coffee-country (coffee is a a few times stronger LOL, and many like it black!). Have to say though in the heat of summer, I'm addicted to their frappucino (and no matter whether I use their coffee/mocha grounds, it never tastes as good:)

Rudee said...

I hope your friend is able to start anew. I love people with that kind of drive.

The painting is sweet.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you! I'm very sure of it -she has a lot of stamina!