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Monday, February 01, 2010


Thursday after work at the counseling center we had to run some errands in another part of  Los Angeles. Before we knew it had become dark and it was time to eat.
We decided on a quick bite at Chili's, but it was not so quick. 
To our amazement, there was a waiting line of 20 minutes. We first couldn't figure out why so many people were eating out, because this was the middle of the week.

Later we realized that it might be because for one and a half week everyone had been cooped up inside because of the rain. This extremely long for California! The first day that it was dry, it was still pretty quiet in the streets (great without the noise of traffic!!) 
Then I guess "everyone" had the same idea, such as picking up with city life: running errands, go for a cup of coffer or eating out, a movie, etc.

Something joyful is that after the rain everything is so green and the dust taken off. You can see  it also gave the flowers by my front door a blooming spurt.

The first reflection is on the same flooded parking lot as I posted last week, but in this pic it's more visible that it is indeed a parking lot. Wishing  you a great and dry week, bloggie friends!


Gaston Studio said...

Awesome photos Jeannette, as usual. Can't believe you have azaleas blooming outside your front door when I'm looking at ice and snow outside mine! And I live in the South!

rainfield61 said...

Yes! People would like to have a bite on Chili in the Winter. It gives the burning feel.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jeannette: The January showers do the same thing our April showers do up North. Your flowers are very beautiful.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Azaleas blooming on February 1 st!
I love it! How are you? I'm playing catch up in the blogworld!:)

crochet lady said...

Lovely blooms on that shrub! Hope there is no chance of flooding or damage with all that extra rain.

Clytie said...

You're right - it is a parking lot! At first I thought it was a pond with beautiful reflections!

Glad you're drying off ... and thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful!

Stephanie V said...

Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, we always look to CA for sunshine and warmth. It was quite shocking to see the flooding.
It must be good to get back to normal - with a little extra shine on the flowers.

Beth Niquette said...

Beautiful photography! I love the first one especially--I think you poor Californians got all our Oregon rain. Though it is grey and dreary and dripping cold today, as it has been for the past few weeks. (sigh) Just constant dreary drizzle....


I suppose as an Oregonian I should be used to that by now, eh?

jeannette stgermain said...

I know, Jane -I'm a spoiled brat - where else could I live after California?? Maybe the Bahamas, Caribbean, or Cypress?

So you know chili? I have three recipes of chili -I love it! I didn't know how known the dish chili was outside the USA. But this is a restaurant called Chili, with American food and I don't know if they even serve that dish there.

You are right, California weather skips the coldest winter months. But then I have to go to the mountains to see snow (occasionally).

The azaleas are what everyone sees first! I am painting up a storm, and with getting more followers, it's harder to get around to everyone as regularly as I used to.
I'm glad you started your blog page the Book House!

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you, I'm really enjoying seeing the azalea, every time I go out of my door! Unfortunately people's houses did get flooded, and even some evacuations because of the rain.

A week ago, that's how many parking lots looked like. I am glad it's dry now -when you live in a smaller house, being able to go outside seems more important.

I know, no one could be more surprized than the Californians themselves about this long downpour! Although they say we still need MORE RAIN to be out of the drought.

Thank you, Beth! So sorry! It would drive me nuts to have so many gray and wet days. Hugs.

Kilauea Poetry said...

It's hasn't cold really just yet..but we've been in a drought which just broke! Anyway, its nice to have rain again. Beautiful reflections and flowers- Hope you have a great week as well Jeannette-

Delwyn said...

Hello there Jeanette

finally I am doing some visiting...

I think your rain has just reached us. We have the tail of a cyclone bringing heavy rains but are not complaining as we have had only one other good rain all summer.

Your azaleas look perky and refreshed...Isn't it amazing that you can water from the hose every day but one rainfall and overnight plants green up and look rejuvenated....

Happy days

dogimo said...

I think the parking-lot aspect and the lake aspect are both somehow clearer in this pic. It's a beaut!

You 'shopped it, didn't you.

See, I'm all suspicious now. Once bitten, and all that.


jeannette stgermain said...

Ooh cyclones -I don't think we have those here...what comes from above is always the best!
Am surprised at the Chinese art on your sidebar -I've been in China, because my son teaches there, but you don't look Chinese art part of your interest?

YEEEAAAH, I shopped the 2nd pic, but the not the first.
It's because I'm not a good photographer, but I can't stand see the mistakes when I see 'em, LOL.
O yeah, before I forget, do you know Art Notes is my actual art blog? (click on top pic of right sidebar)

did you read my response after your last one? Are you always up that late? I went to bed after your second comment:)

dogimo said...

Yup, I read it! Thanks for pointing out what you'd changed. The final product is - I'd say - perfect!

(and don't worry about 'shoppin' - it's all post-production in my book! If a photo is indeed art, then all's fair)

No, I wasn't aware of the other blog. I'll need to check it out!

Rosie said...

Great photos - the reflection of the trees in the first photo is wonderful - hard to believe it is a car park or parking lot. We have heavy rain this morning washing away the weekend's snowfall:)

Anonymous said...

There is even signs of spring up here in the northwest, where Indian plum and clematis is beginning to leaf out already.

Sunny days.... after the wonderful rains that help nourish a thirsty world.

Ebie said...

Was the rain awesome? I even love the changing colors of the skies from blue to gray to blue.

About your post of the train ride, I am also a commuter, first the LADOT Commuter Express before the subways. Now I ride the red line to downtown LA at Universal Station door to door it takes only 45 minutes.

Ebie said...

Oh, I was meaning to tell your that the reflection shot is a beauty.

Kerri said...

Love those flowers! And I LOVE it when the sun comes out after bad weather...makes my heart sing :)

Rebecca said...

I can make out the parking lot! I didn't notice it at first glance. So glad you can relieve the cabin fever with a break in the weather.

jeannette stgermain said...

Sorry I went out of order with my response -hope you'll find this!
Glad for your area, that there has been a break in the drought -same here (always at the edge of water rationing LOL)

Oh, I'm not feeling guilty for my photoshop work at all, but I wish I was such a good photographer that I didn't need it, if you know what I mean.
I know, I can't be good in everything!
BTW thanks for the "follow" of my Art Notes:)

Thank you, Rosie! Hopefully the melting snow does not cause major flooding. I remember last year you had some terrible floods there.

Natural Moments,
Really? To satisfy my natural curiosity I have to look up these plants!
I thought of it, but you probably have a job to support your trekking journeys?

Ebie t2 times,
Thank you, Ebie! You're only the second commuter I meet in the L.A. area. Does this mean you work in L.A.? If you don't want to answer it here, you can always email me

Thank you -yes, it's a real pleasure when the sun comes back out again:) Also read my reply to Rebecca (below)

You and Kerri (comment above you) are such good photographers, mine only "report", but you guys do art!
But then, I paint!
Yes, nice to have the outside accessible again!