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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


 Before World War II, it was highly uncommon to be outside without a hat. Hats said something about one's station in life. Now, hats have become more of a decorative function - and to protect against the sun. People who are high risk for skin cancer, like one of hubby's friends, you do not see without a hat outside. I like hats because it adds to one's personality. Who would Miss Marple in the Agatha Christie series be without her little demure hats?

I draw inspiration from hats. Maybe you noticed that in January I had a cabled beanie hat on the side bar, which I knitted and was sent to the needy. In February I changed it to one of my own hats. And if I don't forget I will change it every month. They are all mine, and I don't just wear them for the photo made for the side bar either.

To wear one hat all the time would become boring, So I have hats for a variety of occasions. I wear my hat when it is cold, or when it is hot and I need a cap with some shade from the sun when I'm painting. I know that they have those painting parasols, but it's just too much stuff to carry around when you are hiking.
I may wear a hat to go shopping, do my exercise walk,  at an art event, and so on.

For the wedding of my first daughter to be married (12 years or so ago), I chose this little hat, for it probably would be the only occasion to wear a voile! How far have we come with photography! This was 12 years ago and on the non-digital photo you can't even see that my clothes  and hat were creme colored!

When I did a fund raiser for the hats I knit for the needy, I knew that many of the people I would meet would be young, but it was also in the month of December, so I wore the Irish patchwork hat that was in the sidebar for February.

Sorry for the messy pic. While we were setting up the booths, someone who didn't have her glasses with her, took the pic. By the way, I made the necklace that I'm wearing there.
Do you wear a hat or cap or beret sometimes? 
What's (mostly) the reason to wear your hat?


Rudee said...

I love all of your hats, but the hand knit hats are the best!

I wear a hat if it's sunny and hot, but mostly wear them when it's cold outside. For those days, only wool will do.

Stephanie V said...

My hat use is purely functional, I'm afraid. I have a Tilly that I wear when I walk in the rain, in the forest - and anywhere in the sun. I have my many woolly hats that keep my ears warm and a ball cap - rarely worn. I used to love to wear hats but as I aged my hat-genic face seemed to fade away.

Clytie said...

I have lots of hats, but usually forget to put one on!

I love it that you make hats to give to the needy. You are indeed a special person! And beautiful as well!!!

PS - LOVE the necklace!!!!!!!

DawnTreader said...

I wear hats when it's cold, or to protect my face from rain or to shade my eyes from the sun. I like hats, I wouldn't mind if they were more in fashion.

Protege said...

I love all these pictures you look great in hats! A lovely beautiful Lady.;)
Although I would love to wear hats, I look ridiculous in them, my head is way to small and they make me look silly.
I do wear a hat at the beach and a hat in winter, when it is very cold.;)
Have a lovely Easter dear Jeannette.;)

jeannette said...

SORRY Irene, Carol, Eleanor, and James!
I should do this when I'm fully awake, because...I pushed the wrong button ...
and LOST YOUR COMMENTS! Didn't know how to retrieve them, but have seen the beginning of your comments, so here are my replies to you:)

I am like you, why should I be cold when I could be warm? In Holland it's hardly warm, so it's nice to catch all the vit. C's we can!

Wow, Carol, twenty? I could see you wearing them though!
Hope we'll get to see them sometime on your blog:)

Thank you, friend! since I am short, it gives my appearance more "umph":)

Yes, like you, I love seeing people wear hats. It's hard for me to pass a hat store, and not go in it(nine out of ten times, I buy one too)!

jeannette said...

I agree with you -handmade hats are the best. My sweaters are not up to the point that I can say that, but my hats: yes! I'm slightly allergic to wool, so if the wool is less than 20% in a blend I'm okay.

So sorry for you! I've noticed that not all hats do look good anymore on me either, now I'm getting "a little around the corner." On my exercise walks I use my cap the most.

Hats are handy on bad hair days -and I have lots of them!
Ahem, somehow when I make a necklace I end up spending lots of $$. Good that my hubby never looks at my receips -he would have a cow LOL

Since knitting and crocheting has come in vogue for the past five years heree in the USA, one sees also more and more hats in the streets. Right now, berets are a real fashion item.

Then you haven't been shopping with me -I could find a hat that would look good on you, friend!:)
I have the opposite problem, so I have to be careful with which hat I'm wearing -maybe you notice that they are all flat or little?
Have a blessed Easter, or even better, Resurrection Day!

crochet lady said...

I like hats too, but feel self conscious in them if I don't have a great reason to wear one, like keeping warm.

I guess I mostly wear hats in the winter that I crochet myself...beanies, cloches, stocking hats, and slouch berets.

I do wear my share of ball caps in the summer to keep my hair in check and the sun off my forehead when I'm mowing or doing garden work. There is a straw sunhat that I wear often in the summer too.

I used to have a hat like yours in the last picture. It was bright pink and I wore it with a coat that had a bright pink fake fur collar. Sounds a bit tacky, but it was fun to wear.

Silver said...

I am not really a hat person although i don;t mind caps. You're right, they are so useful!

Spring is here, already? The pictures you took in one of the recent post are gorgeous!


jeannette said...

Sounds you still wear a hat regularly.! - and with good reasons:) I always try out a hat when we go somewhere where no one knows me, that way if I look silly, I won't be embarrassed LOL
Yeah I could see you wear a pink hat with a pink coat - it's okay, Jen, we all have different personalities...have a pic of you wearing them?
A happy Easter to you!

Since your blog looks so romantic, Silver, I could see you in a straw hat decorated with flowers or ribbons, but maybe you don't like that?
Thank you -I love blowers anytime have a happy Easter!

Barry said...

You look great in a hat and wear them well (of course you also look good without one).

I lost my hair to chemo just at the start of winter and was shocked to discover just how cold a bald head can get.

I wear hats all the time now.

jeannette said...

I can imagine -our good Lord has given us hair for a reason:) But now you have an excuse to buy a dozen hats! For the cold, for the heat, for a BBQ, for a concert, etc.....

Anya said...

Wat leuk om allemaal je hoedjes te zien ....

G_E_W_E_L_D_I_G :-)

Fijne paasdagen

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

Reader Wil said...

Your hats are lovely! And you look beautiful wearing them!
I only wear a hat in Australia for protection. Have a great and safe trip to your daughters! And a great Easter.

jeannette said...

Reader Wil,
Yes, that's how I started wearing them, for protection..Thank you Wil, and I'll be thinking of you when I hear the Mattheus Passion!

In Holland I never wore a hat, but here with so much sun, it's great to have some shade! In China, I/we started walking under a parasol -at least 20 degrees cooler that way!
Nogmaals een fijn Pasen toegewenst!

Twain12 said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
As for hats I mostly wear them for practical reasons . wintertime I wear my favourite red maple leave Alpaca hat. In the summer I wear a pink (fight against cancer) visor with a mosquito net draped over it . Both of them are worn walking my Dogs, so yea not exactly a fashion statements :D.

Merisi said...

Oh, you are one lady who wears hats beautifully!

I am tall and have a big head,
so I don't even look anymore for a hat.

I wear French berets in winter,
to keep warm and not have to worry about the hair getting blown all over the place.

Merisi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jeannette said...

Your pink with mosquito net hat sounds cool! Doesn't necessarily have to be a fashion item to me, to add personality! Hope you'll visit more:)

O my dear, it would limit the kinds of hats would look good on you, but (like another of my commentators) I think I could find one if we would go shopping!
Although I consider berets also hats (to me a hat is anything one has on his/her head -whether it's a bow, or something with beads or fabric)! Since it can be very cold in the winter in Austria, I'm glad you'll at least wear berets:)

matthew houskeeper said...

This post is like some of those Julia Roberts movies where 10 minutes of the film is devoted to her standing in front of a mirror and trying on different hats.

I haven't stopped by here in a while, so I have some catching up to do.

jeannette said...

I don't recall that I've seen that movie -which one is it? Thanks for catching up with my blog!