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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


 6 x 4 feet painting about love surrounding -painting (not mine)

Have you ever been to an event where it took you weeks to process all that you saw and heard? For me this was one of these! This two hour art event was a collage, as a matter of speaking, of instruments, handmade drums and percussion instruments, poets, writers, singers, dancers, and painters using all kinds of art mediums. The pic above was the only thing that was staged as a prop to draw inspiration from. About 40 people from teens and up, participating, and some just came to drink in all the stimuli!
Do you see that the fur is still on the animal's hide?

The art event began with the call of a rams horn. The drummers followed with an impromptu rhythm, as well as the percussionists, and everything went from there.

These two sat in a corner where people were working more quietly, but nonetheless, just as powerful

On the Left the poet in the green jacket, writing her poetry enlarged,   so people could see it from a distance. 

 Below a painter, now taking a break from her small abstract painting

A Safari outfit is all that lacks!

 Although slightly  intimidated  by so many adults, a few teen participated. This one was mesmerized by painting an animal in pastel.

This painter below loved the mountain tops, obviously

But did not come very far, like this artist you all know below, because she was too busy looking what other people were inspired by. 

 And she was clicking away with her camera!  And not too long from now (I hope) I'll post the watercolor that I started on this pic.


Jo said...

I would have loved to hear the drums. Did you ever see a movie called "The Visitor"? The drums were wonderful.

Your blog looks gorgeous, by the way. :-)

The Green Stone Woman said...

I'm curious to see what that event inspired you to make. It sounds like an odd day, all these white people trying to go ethnic. Back to their roots?

Clytie said...

I think I would have loved to go - just to close my eyes and "feel" the drums. Something about the sounds they make go straight to the inner part of my being - in an almost eerie way.

Can't wait to see the watercolor you -- I mean that person who kept stopping to take photos - when it is finished.

Stephanie V said...

I'm curious, to.
It would have been fun to just let the drum rhythms pulse through my brain and see what they jogged loose.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you Jo! No, I haven't -Drums are such an intense instrument! -gotto see if it's out on DVD -Only watch movies when I'm bored, so that's not too often:)

California (probably) went more ethnic since you left:) But you know artists are in general more accepting to blend in with the art of other cultures. And since most Americans have a mixed background anyway...

You must love music, if you can feel that right away. I have the same about drums as you have - it is a great imstrument to gets things stirred up inside and get the imagination going!!

This is part I, next week I'm going to finish with the event and I'll show at least how it progressed:)

Since I can tell from your blog that you have lots of imagination, it probably would shake loose much inspiration -also for knitting!
About the watercolor, in the next segment I'm going to at least show some progress -if you miss the post, I'll alert you!

Protege said...

Sounds like a very inspirational event. I have never been to any place that was playing music, displaying art and let you participate as well. No wonder you were busy with the camera.;)
Looking forward to see your artwork soon.;)

The Muse said...

what a little of heaven... :)you have experienced.

Art is a sonnet of souls ... and i can hear its melody.

jeannette stgermain said...

I had never heard of it either, so I see myself as privileged having discovered such a place of inspiration! Thank you friend!

there is something about drums, poetry and painting that give us whiffs of things usually invisible:)

Pam said...

Oh my, there is so much talent in one room, I'm sure you could feel the inspiration in the air.