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Friday, April 23, 2010


At Balboa Park in San Diego is a courtyard, surrounded by shops and restaurants and museums. Here a door with two decorative side panels

A close up from both door panels. First the left one, and below, the second.

And underneath the panels a series of these stone embossed tiles 

The back and side of a sculpture, serving as a fountain

Still haven't been able to figure out if this androgynous figure represents a man or a woman...what do you think?

On the bottom of the fountain, are these tiles. 

In the same courtyard, also this metal work tile on the floor

With trees and flowers nicely framing the edges of the buildings of the courtyard. Now, I'm getting a cup of coffee here with a huge pastry:)


Twain12 said...

just beautiful....looks like a man to me but it is realy hatd to tell

jeannette said...

Thank you! Appreciate your input -yes, I see the male side, but...the backside looks female to me! Maybe the one who sculpted this was a female? Have a great weekend!

Twain12 said...

i meant to say hard to tell :)
To me he (?) looks Native American so that could explain the braids but it is a mystery for sure

Twain12 said...

ok i did some googling (was intrigued) and some people describe it as a Native American woman and from the front it is really hard to tell, what a beautiful park though.

Twain12 said...

mystery solved

hope you don't mind me getting this involved, but i love a mystery

jeannette said...

Twain 3times,
Glad I'm not the only one -that's why I called my blog Mysteries, because I can't rest before I've solved it LOL - not I gotto go look at that website too -THANK YOU!!
Now you can get some coffee/tea to celebrate (smile)

rainfield61 said...

That's how we solve problems, and this makes a friend.

jeannette said...

So true, Rainfield, you want to join us for coffee,tea? Have a great weekend!

California Girl said...

This is in the courtyard of the old Pacific Exposition bldgs that used to house many of the offices of the park. Are they now filled with shops? The Globe was one of my accounts for years when I lived there. I love the park and those bldgs. I am positive that sculpture is a native American woman. The bldgs were built in 1915 for a major exposition. Same in San Francisco @ the Presidio location.

You are making me homesick.

Whitemist said...

Very tough call! Obviously native American and despite the masculine looking features, I would say a woman.

Nora Ibsen said...

It looks like a man to me, built like a man, I think. Very pretty photographs. Nice details.

Vigor said...

I don't know man or woman. I did try to look into it. But what I noticed is you took a very good photos. all the details are there.
Great pic.
Cheers... :)

Clytie said...

I love how you brought to us the up close details of what you saw. What a beautiful place! I absolutely enjoyed the tour!

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hi Jeannete, came by to catch up on you. I think it's a woman just a feeling. I love that tree ! XOXO

jeannette said...

California Girl,
Only some of the spaces downstairs have become shops or restaurants - I don't know what's in the upstairs. You are right, Twain refers to the website where it's stated that it's an Aztec woman.
You had quite an eventful life! Sorry, after going to your blog I can imagine the home sickness:( Hope you'll get it resolved quickly:)

Without Twain referring me to that website I would not have been able to figure it out, because the face looks masculine, but the way the back side is shaped is feminine. And you are accurate, she is the latter.

Thank you, Irene! Yes, I like the sculpture too. If you go to the website Twain recommend it, you can read who the sculpture is as well as who sculpted it.

Thank you -some of these pics may have been taken by hubby -I forgot... When you go to the website that Twain suggested in one of her replies, you'll find out!:) Have a great weekend!

Thank you, Clytie, I always enjoy that spot, and I was lucky that I could circumvent all the people that are always milling around there (because the courtyard also leads to the restrooms!)

Thank you for visiting me! Now I have more followers blog-life has become more complicated and busy, also with my 2nd page ART NOTES -I'm sure it is the same now you're posting Book House! Your feeling is right! Have a great weekend, Carol!

matthew houskeeper said...

I would guess female.
Also, I agree with California Girl: Balboa Park is a beautiful place.

Nihal said...

In my opinion, it is a man.
I like having this tour with you Jeannette, your description is great and I found myself in the tileworks, so beautiful! Fountain also calls me.. what a meaningful investment for humanity.

Ted Roth said...

What a lovely walk you lead through these mysteries! From this view it looks like a man, but in the round it might look different.

jeannette said...

Yes agreed! love to visit there whenever I'm in San Diego. You can look up the info that Twain12 looked up, to be sure if it's a man or woman:)

Thank you for visiting me! Beautiful parks are a worthy investment, because it lifts the spirits and widens people's horizons:)

Exactly! (about the sculpture). Glad you enjoyed the walk:)

Angie Muresan said...

The way the figure is seated, seems like a man.

Rosie said...

What a lovely place - love the photos - I see you solved the mystery of the gender of the staue:)

jeannette said...

Sorry, I forgot to reply - yes, the sculptor gave us very confusing clues!

Thank you,it's always nice to come back here:) Maybe I should more of my questions on my blog -then everyone likes to pitch in to solve the problem:)