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Monday, May 03, 2010


Since weekends in California tend to be hectic, I often use Monday to reflect on the past week. I keep saying it this year, that California had more rain and stormy weather than in a very long time. This weather gives my camera more cloudy skies than ever - I love it! I'm using every opportunity to get the camera out, because the next few years or more the usual drought may return!

Moving right along, this is the easiest baby blanket I've ever made! Only it took some trying out knitting needles, before I got there (or rather: here), because the gauge on the pattern did not match up with my work! 
So, hubby looked sadly at my repeated ripping out my beginnings. But now I'm on my way: 6 Knit, 6 purl -those are ALL of the instructions! 
Made with a double strand of Red Heart Moonstars buttercup (yellow) and mint jelly (light blue). It's a soft, somewhat fuzzy yarn. Interestingly, the blanket looks greenish (because yellow and blue combined makes green, just as in painting)! 

And my other baby blanket in the shell crochet stitch I saw on Crochet Life's blog is nicely progressing too. You saw the beginnings of that on the post with the green/brown baby room. 

The other news is that I'm painting up a storm, and right now is the time that I should not get too carried away and take proper rest! Also to ventilate my living room regularly, because of all the oil paint and paint thinners. That may be the reason to scale back a bit with my blogposts for some time.


Anya said...

Maar goed dat ik Nederlands kan intikken.
Ik ben ook altijd verslaafd aan haken geweest.
(Ik wist niet het engelse woord voor haken breien hihi....)

Het is hier bijna herfstachtig weer
regen en koud ..... :(
Net als bij jou op de foto of schiderij ik kan het niet goed zien
maar het is prachtig :))


Twain12 said...

wow you are busy,the blankets are lovely and i love dark brooding clouds. I hope you manage to take a break though.

Clytie said...

NO! Say it isn't true! No scaling back on blog posts - PLEASE!!! :=}

We are having a very wet and stormy spring as well ... I'm lovin' the cloud pictures I've been catching.

Your knitting and crocheting projects fascinate and inspire me - I tried both when I was young, but sadly have forgotten more than I ever knew. Sigh. Maybe it's time to get back into it.

DUTA said...

You're very gifted - The baby blankets are just lovely and so is the picture with the cloudy sky.
Hats become you (the photo on your sidebar. keep on wearing them).
Have a terrific time whatever you decide to do with it!

jeannette said...

It's a photo, but I can't wait to make a landscape painting with those colors! Haken=crochet(ing) en knit(ting) is breien. "-ing" is wanneer het je het als een werkwoord gebruikt.

The brooding clouds are unendless in the winter in Holland, but they do make for interesting pics:)
Yes, I hope for a vacation early summer.

Do you know that they now have sites on=line where they visually teach you to knit and crochet? I think, since you have already done it before, you'll get it back quickly!
Sorry, but I feel flattered by your comment (about scaling back)!

Thank you friend! You are always so positive! Keep wanting to read your post about of these days :(

Whitemist said...

Ever try using a Polaroid lens on the camera when taking cloud pictures, they give it a bit more depth, but this is beautiful!
And so your Mondays are like my Saturdays? Very wonderful Monday to you!

neetzy said...

You are so multi-talented! I think the entire world is getting weird weather this year. We had 44 inches of snow in one week. We had summer in March!

Stephanie V said...

A burst of's the rain and those gray clouds, I'm sure.
Your knitting and crochet will be welcome ing for a wee baby. Green is such a restful color yet full of promise. I like to work with it.

jeannette said...

Thank you, I did have a great Monday. Hm, I don't have a polaroid lens...

Hope March was not the only summer you will have this year!:) Neetzy you can't complain, teaching and art are two different talents! By the way, I like you new artsy profile pic!

Yes, it must be the rain and clouds -it's would be a very unusual color combination yellow and mid-charcoal gray (in a painting), but it should work according to the pic:)

Reader Wil said...

How clever you are! I failed my first examination to get a teaching degree for needlework. The second time I passed it. But not very brilliantly.

Cezar and Léia said...

This sky is aewsome!I like this dramatic sky, I imagine it can give great inspiration for your art.
oh girl, more talents...You know how to knit and crochet as well!
wow :)
Bravo, great work!
about your question, my husband is working here now and it's the reason we moved to Europe.And now here, I'm taking the chance to learning another language, French, and I'm really happy!:)
Thanks for your always kind words!

jeannette said...

Reader Wil,
We all have different talents. I'm sure you were better in math and history that I am:) Do you know if they still require needlework in teachers exams?

You have a gift of being kind!
Never paid much attention to skies, until I started blogging:)
Learned to knit and crochet in school - 2nd to 4th grade , so it's something one never forgets.

As long as you are happy! Your life is intriguing. Guess that most people in Brazil are Catholic, but somehow you strike me as Protestant -am I right?

Rebecca said...

You know what caught my eye? It almost looks like you used the photo to help select your yarn colors! They are sort of complementary.

jeannette said...

Oh yeah, I saw it after I published the post -a great confirmation for "the unconcious at work":)