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Thursday, June 10, 2010


If you are bored, depressed or having a bad day, come on, what can you lose? 
I suggest you read my previous post "Little Childhood Memories". You can't help but break out in a big smile when you read comments of the readers as they tell about their childhood memories.

Can you believe it, last weekend, the end of May (Memorial Day weekend) the hill sides in California were still blooming -sorry they're all a little blurry, because I took them out of a car that drove at least 70 miles an hour (too dangerous to get out on the freeway here)

Aren't the white big blooming plumes (that's my scientific name for it, LOL)beautiful?
These blooms were a nice surprise after it took us 3 1/2 hours just to get out of the city (Los Angeles), because EVERYONE had a long weekend off (because of Memorial Day), so everyone was out on the road!

When we went back home, taking the same freeway, traffic was not as heavy. This made our trip back home three hours shorter! A first impression was that the sun set this hill ablaze in bright colors around 7 pm 

But when we got a little further on the road and closer to this same mountain, it looked like it was not only the sun, but also blooming pink and purple flowers that made this  hillside so beautiful. It could fit in the series of "God dropped the paintbox" pics!

Whatever you do this weekend, may come rain, hail, or sunshine, your smile is good for the soul! 

By the way, next week I/we are going on a week's vacation and come back on Fathers Day, so  I won't post.  Except for Father's Day I made a post ahead. Have a very good week, and I'm hoping for sun, since I'm also going to paint some.



Nora said...

I didn't use to think that hills around LA were pretty, but you made them look so.

Diane AZ said...

The hillsides look amazing with all those blooms. Enjoy your vacation, I hope you find time to paint. :)

Stephanie V said...

Beautiful textures and shapes. The folds of earth are so wavelike.

Pietro said...

Very beautiful views, Jeannette!
The two evening images are really attractive!
Happy weekend!

NitWit1 said...

Have a nice vacation. Look forward to the regaling thereof.

crochet lady said...

How beautiful, that certainly does make me smile.

Rudee said...

That last picture is absolutely stunning. What a treat for the eyes!

Enjoy your trip.

Clytie said...

The wildflowers are gorgeous, and I really like the evening mountain photos.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation, get rested, and paint as much as you want. It sounds like heaven to me!

jeannette said...

It's the grapevine, Irene. I catch the hillsides in the first half of the year, when they're not brown yet:)

Thank you, friend! After setting up camp and seeing the sights and hiking, painting is a priority for me!

Just didn't know what I was missing in Holland!

Yeah, these sights would be explosive in watercolor!

jeannette said...

Thank you -I'm sure of it -anytime I can paint, I feel great!
I love your blog btw!

The hills are still special to me, because I come from a 99% flat land!

Aren't they out of this world? Since we traveled a lot in the past, the central thing in our vacations are now to soak in nature:)

I like it that you're getting more and more guest participants to your heart page!

I'm too driven to rest, but I know I'll have a great time, since I will paint:) and eat ice cream every day (a tradition we started when the kids were still going with us)!

Eki said...

The hills and the flowers look grand, Jeannette.

Have a great weekend!

jeannette said...

Thank you Eki - hope your weekend is as great as mine!

Lillie said...

Loved the scenery. Amazing.

Lillie said...

Wow!the hills looked amazing. Thank you for sharing. Happy weekend!

Doowmée said...

J'aime énormément la dernière photo, celle ou dieu a abandonné sa "boite de couleur"
Effectivement mieux ne pas descendre faire des photos sur l'autoroute risque trop grand de ce faire raccourcir.
Quelques temps que je n'étais pas venue dans l'ouest ...chez toi. Il fait plus beau que dans ma Drôme, pluie et vent, cette année le temps est vraiment très bizarre.
Bisous de France

I like a lot the last photograph, or god has abandoned his "color box"
Actually better not to get photos on the highway this risk too great to shorten.
A long time I did not come in the west ... to your home (blog). It's look more beautiful than in my Drome, rain and wind, this year the weather is really weird.
Kisses from France

California Girl said...

Are the hills in LA Co? They look more like San Diego Co or north, Sta Barbara Co. So undeveloped.

I didn't read the comments but the white blooms are Yuccas. typically, the hillsides are only green through April, depending on the rainfall. That's probably what you meant about them being green in May?

Nothing like California in Spring...

jeannette said...

Thank you Friend! Even better, I had a great week of painting in Yosemite -you'll see my posts about my experiences there.

Thank you! I am so happy you translated it for me, because I couldn't even have guessed what you were saying! (I used to have a translation gadget, but I got a comment that was kind of creepy!)

Here the weather is weird too, unusually much rain for California (which has a desert climate) - but we need it, because for the past years Californian government had to buy water from other states.

California Girl
These hills are at the very end of the Grapevine (towards Bakersfield).
I wouldn't have guessed that these are flowers from the Yaccas because I only know yaccas as a palm with white flowers on it:)

Yes, that's what I meant, green even at the end of May (some of my sentence constructions still reveal that English is not my first language:):) )