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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is kind of a silly and utterly vain post about some peculiarities people (in this case moi) have.
My house may be in shambles, cluttered or dirty, but one thing keeps me going to the sink many times a day. Really I'm not exaggerating, but is  to clean one of my brushes. Because... that's where the buck stops for me! 

On an average, I use at least six brushes for a small painting, and more for bigger paintings. That's why  before I start painting, I clean out the sink! Why?  
Because I don't know which chemicals are in the paint, even watercolor paint, like the manganese color, is not something you want to collide with your chemistry:)
Of course this also means that I need to clean my hands with water and soap, 
every time after I clean my brush (sigh).

So my list is
clean sink
clean brushes
clean hands

During my students days, I complained one day that my house was so dirty and I had no time to clean.  My hubby who renovated people's houses then, assured me that it wasn't that bad.
Then he told me about some people, undoubtedly millionaires because the neighborhood they live in. He shared that he had worked in houses where there were little paths cleared in the rooms, making them look like a maze.
"But that can't be", I protested. They have a maid, don't they?" 
"Yes they do," he responded. 
"So, what the maid do then?" 
"Cooking, doing groceries, etc." 
"No cleaning??"
"They don't want their stuff to be touched, because they know where everything is."
I shook my head in amazement, and said something to the effect that I couldn't live like that.

Another peculiarity is that as long as my feet are clean, I'm fine. I can't stand dirty feet. I'm okay at the beach, but when back home, the first thing to do is to head for the shower.

And...when my hair is in shambles, I feel like I'm in shambles. 
So, not clean, but looking good... which sent me to the hair stylist this week.  And it better be a good hair cut, for I don't even want to tell you how much they (generally) cost in Los Angeles.
Some of you may begin to, I'm not an obsessive-compulsive. At least not outside the "normal" range.

The rest? Can be stained or old and reasonably clean (as long as no mold is growing!)

What is your absolutely must-be-clean (or good looking) thing?


NitWit1 said...

Had a hard time finding the comment It was hidden among the suggested posts. May be my 64 bit IE browser which displays things in a weird way!

My kitchen counters, glasstop stove, and sink are wiped down a thousand times a day.

Rudee said...

Great post, Jeanette!

For me, it's my hands that must be clean. While I don't wash them compulsively, I do wash them often. I haven't had a cold in, knock wood, 2 years. That may have more to do with the fact I no longer work in the ICU than the fact that I wash my hands frequently. When I worked in the unit, I was such a germaphobe, I used to strip at the back door when I got home, throw my scrubs in screaming hot water and hit the shower. No real need for that anymore, but I don't wear street clothes into patient's homes--your husband speaks the truth and the zip codes matter not one whit.

My hair is a sticking point, too. While I wear it short, and most may think I don't need it cut, I can tell when it does. And it does.

Lastly, I like a clean kitchen and sparkling appliances.

Clytie said...

Everything else may be in shambles, but my bathroom has to be clean ...

Someone told me once that they spent hours on their hands and knees scrubbing their kitchen floor. "You could EAT off my floor!" they bragged.

I said "Well you could eat off MY kitchen floor too! I just can't guarantee what you'll be having for dinner!"

Tee hee.

knitwit said...

My house is generally a pigsty, thanks to my kids, dogs and husband. But what I cannot bear is a kitchen piled with dirty dishes! I also need a shower every day (or thereabouts).

Linda Higgins said...

oh your hair cut is sooooo cute! I love it! I have been thinking of a new do over with my hair too. It has been pixie short for as long as I can remember except for the past 3 years...but I think I am ready for a mid pixie, not to short not to long...and clean...ah my hair needs to shine and be in place...and toe nails polished! hmm I don't consider myself fussy...LOL maybe I am! my mother use to tell me when she cleaned and taught me how to clean that little dust people also live in the corners of the house, so... baseboards are always dust think I am compulsive after all lol.

Stephanie V said...

Ah, clutter! My kind of living. But, you're right about there being some things that just must be clean. For me, it's always been the bathroom. Even my kids know how to clean one well.

I am also a laundry control freak. No one can do the laundry except me. I always thought it was because I have such respect for fabrics but maybe there's some clean need in there somewhere.

And, possibly it's a sign of advancing age, but I have to have clean hands. I'm always washing them.

Twain12 said...

my hands and the toilet have to be clean...the rest i don't care to much about either

Rebecca said...

I am so with you on the hair thing. A good hair day makes all the difference.

jeannette said...

You're welcome to work in my kitchen ANY TIME:)
sorry about the comment -I'll give it a more distinctive color.

Because of the job you had in ICU I can understand -probably would do the same!!
Come to think of it, probably also has to do with the way we grew up. In Indonesia we had 6 maids (colonial living), so the only thing I insisted on doing was brush my own teeth!

Haha, it's a similar story for my kitchen floor! My bathroom is probably cleaner, only the area near the sink is cluttery because of my make up stuff.

When my kids were little they could only make a pigsty in their room, but when guests came, their chore was to clean it up. CHORE became the magic word for reward:):)

I admire people who can keep their house at least clutterfree! You sound like one of 'em:)
I separate (for my own peace of mind) household chores from personal hygiene:)

I tried to give the laundry chore to someone else, but I had too many of my favorite clothes ruined, so I'll took it back till death do us part:)

Good choice to keep contagious bacteria at bay!

If I would have to choose between a good hair cut and ill-fitting clothes, I think I would choose for the first.
But I'll have to be sick to even think that way!!

Zuzana said...

Hello Jeannette, what a neat post! I recognize a lot of what you say here.;) At times I also feel my house is not that clean, dust bunnies everywhere, but I rather do other things than clean (i hate cleaning). I also remember when I used to attend art classes in the evenings as a young woman, the prolonged cleaning of brushes.;))
Have a great day dear friend,

jeannette said...

Good to hear from you again! Hope that "one time" you will decide to stay for good in Ireland, if you know what I mean...
I'm with you, cleaning is not my favorite thing either -but for the sake of my brushes, I do!!
Oh, it went so fast this week, I can already say, have a great weekend!

neetzy said...

I need a clean toilet. I like my kitchen island to be clean as it is a depository of everybody's stuff. It doesn't have to be clean all the time, just at least once a week. BTW I love your haircut!

jeannette said...

That's not too much to ask -you're an easy one! Thanks,now I have to learn to style it myself:)