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Monday, November 15, 2010


Originally we bought a big professional Epson printer to print my paintings.You may have noticed that I like to do big work with canvas. So after some research and consulting printers whose prints we liked, we bought this one, and we are very satisfied with it. 

This Epson can print on paper as well as on canvas, 
up to 48 inches wide and a few feet long!  

This year other artists who had heard what printer we had, asked hubby to print their paintings. We thought, why not? He likes a challenge.I choose three artists whose work ranges from emerging to very experienced. One has already published books.

This 18 x 24 inch painting represents the feeding of the five thousand. And this painter actually put 5000 dots on the painting! Good luck if you want to make sure if there are really 5000:)

This24 x 26 inch acrylic  painting represents Blooming. The painter painted this at a time that she felt that everything would start blooming, not only flowers, but also talents, business, etc

.And a very nice 11 x 17 inch sharp black and white print  for this artist.

So, if you like to have some prints made,  
let me know and I'll write you an email.

Hubby needs to know 
- (1) the exact measurements
for the print and how many inches you need the margin to be
(depends on how/if you are going to matte and frame it)
- (2) a print on paper or canvas, 
-(3) and a professional photo.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I can only see two of the prints on your blog Jeannette but I like them both. What happened to the third I wonder.

Clytie said...

That is one heckuva printer!!! But my eye was really caught by the 5000 dots. Wow. Double wow. Amazing wow!

Midwest to Midlands said...

I enjoyed those pictures of other artisit you posted. How great you are doing the large scale printing.

Rebecca said...

Love the feeding of 5,000. Kudos to the artist?

jeannette said...

Last week I just messed up on the dates to pre-post - that's what happened, lol. I'll go your blog to let you know about the re-post:)

The story behind it that this is a man in his 50ties who started building and helping out orphanages in Mexico. Then he "remembered" that once he was an art major in college, so he painted a few paintings for the orphanage. When his friends saw his paintings, they wanted a print -that's where our printer came in.

I went way beyond my dreams on this one (a printer). It tells you to never dream too small:)

Some of these wouldn't want their name on a blog, because of their "other" jobs, so I decided to leave all of them anonymous:) For the story behind the feeding of the 5000, please read my response to Clytie:)

Art Fortune said...

You have a very interesting style! If you would like more feedback, exposure, etc check out ArtFortune !

knittingdragonflies said...

Wow, good info. they look great!