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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


 Weekend Reflection -the Beach at Huntington

Yesterday it was a balmy day, so we went to several of the beaches.
Is this my last time at the beach? Slightly hazy, but still warm! Apparently some others must have thought the same:)  - a gentle intro to November...and...scroll down for the rest of my VERY eclectic post!

Click at the http://
The Beach pic for or Midweek Blues, hosted by Rebecca
and Watery Wednesday no. 112 by 2sweetnsaxy
and Weekend Reflections hosted by James 
 and Tree pic for  Skywatch, today hosted by

From my childhood friends I know that people on the farm and in the country really need to prepare for winter.
Our (middle) daughter lives in a small house on the land of a farmer. And this last Spring temps dipped at night in the house to 40 degrees. Now her baby was born in Sept. we suggested that her hubby puts insulation on the bottom of the house before winter, so it will be a little more comfortable!

this pic is for Skywatch

But even in the city people, like moi,  prepare (I know when you live on the country side this "preparation" will probably put a grin on your face) Here is goes anyways... (ha)

 I actually do need to prepare, because since last week, everything changed! Hubby said goodbye to his employer, which means he works on his own now, so his clothes are an itsy bit dressier.
What do you know, the next day  I also said goodbye to the group (psychology) clinic where I worked, because after I moved last year, the commute is too long (more than 1:15 hr).

Where I've painted before, they had need for someone to advise and coach, so I offered to help out. Only, now it's not called "therapy."  Whatever word works legally, is fine with me!
This means though I need some dressy clothes.
Went to the store last weekend to get in on their "50% off for second sweater" sale.

 TAN Cardigan -great to be worn over a short or long sleeve top. A great versatile color!
Blue, purple, rust and brown, gray and black seem now to be the main colors.

Already some red for Christmas time. I couldn't get in that frame of mind yet. Do you?
I must be losing my touch, because my oldest daughter sent me an email last week "Mom, what do you wanna have for Christmas this year?" Maybe that's why I began my prep for "winter." Again, I know you who live for months in below zero degrees, this seems too silly!

When I choose clothes, I go through several stages.
The first is "which color fits my present ward robe?"  All my blues seemed to be for stuff I wear at home. Since office clothes are on my mind now , I exclude the blues.
This yellow sweater is cotton. Last year I hesitated about this color and stores sold out fast! I won't let this one slip by again.

Looks great with this necklace I made a while ago. Even though it was a lot of work,  I'm considering to cut off the cross, made out of seed beads. The cross bars (the horizontal ones)  keep flipping backwards...unless someone has an inventive suggestion to keep them straight!
(if you do, I like to hear it!)

Second is to read the label.
30% or more wool is out, since it's too itchy, and California does not get cold enough( in the valley) to wear wool. Cotton, silk, rayon and small amount of nylon, viscose and spandex is okay.

The third is, do I want to pay this price?  When I like something very much and it's very practical it's worth it to me, as long as I stay under a 100 dollars (I try!).

Is that ALL of my preparation? Yes, that's all! 

What about your"preparation" for winter?

P.S. Some of my replies may be slow in November,because this whole month I have relatives over, so  I won't sit much behind the computer.
But I'll catch you here and there, bloggie friends,  because I love your blogs and enjoy your comments!



Rudee said...

Lucky you. Our high today was 46 degrees. I'm so cold.

Perfect new work plans for you. Good luck with your new group therapy!

Jim said...

Hey Jeanette, shall we see which of our beaches comes to a halt first? Our Galveston, Texas, beach is still doing fine.

The water at Galveston Pleasure
Pier is 73.8 right now. That is a degree or so warmer than the 11 PM temperature. We are 56 up here 100 miles to the north.

Happy MW Blues! I am sorry about your hubby's job. I had a 75 mile commute my last two years of work and it also took me one hour and fifteen minutes in the mornings but at least two hours coming back home.

Luna Miranda said...

i love your photo of the tree...lovely colors, great angle.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Here in Cali we don't get much of a Winter so there's not much prep. I had on a turtleneck yesterday. Tomorrow it's supposed to be near 90. How do you prepare for that?


J Bar said...

Great beach shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

cHe said...

I love the Midweek Blue picture:)

Zuzana said...

I cannot believe it is warm enough for you to go to the beach... Amazing...
Preparation for the winter? Please do not mention that word just yet.;))
Have a great day;))

Maboe said...

Great shots! Thanks for your comment!

Greyscale Territory said...

A lovely warm beach photo! So wish some warmth would come our way! Spring seems to have forgotten where we are!

indicaspecies said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving behind kind words.
The Boat House can be big (meant for day trips for many people), medium, or small (meant for just a couple, with night stay too), depending upon the needs.

You have a lovely blog here, and I hope to drop by more often. Have a lovely day.

SouthernSass said...

Beautiful beach shot and I love your new sweater! Good luck to you and your husband!

EG Wow said...

Tee hee. I'm always prepared for winter. It's summer I prepare for as I'm not fond of extreme heat. :)

Gaston Studio said...

Amazing how we all prepare for winter differently, depending on which part of the world we live in.

Love the sweater choices, which reminds me that I could use a couple more this year.

Dianne said...

we finally have cool temps here in NJ
lasy week was like summer, now there's a freeze
I love the beach shot, the lifeguard stations in a line and the haze
those sweaters are pretty

NatureFootstep said...

to the beach for a swim? NOW? You must live much more south then me.:)

Kim, USA said...

I so love to be in the beach (asap) here in MI we are getting cold the temp hardly go up to 50F!! Your sweater is awesome love the first one!
Thanks for the visit!
At the creek

Carolyn H said...


i hope all your new ventures are wildly successful!

Carolyn H.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Of course you may use my header photograph for reference. Are you able to print it off from my blog? If not and you would like to do so, then please let me know in my comments box, send me your e mailaddress and I will e mail you a copy. Delighted to help.

Cildemer said...

Great shots!
Love the perspective in the second picture and the colour of the leaves.

Have a nice day****

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Hard to think of the beach in NY today, but love the tone of blue that you captured! Very soft and pretty!

jeannette said...

Oh, I don't envy your weather...thank you for wishing me well:)

You're on! Right now (Wed) it has gone up to the 80ties -maybe we're getting a late summer after all (it was wet this whole year).
Hope you don't have that long commute anymore?

Luna Miranda,
Thank you! I've seen your profile pic on many blogs I visited:)

I have mys summer clothes back on last 2 days:):)

when you live in the city like I, the beach is always a welcome RXR (stands for rest and restoration)!

Thank you! love your blog -so ctre!

Will not mention THAT word...:) because today I'm back to summer clothes (it's in the 80ties now).

You are welcome:) and thank you for visiting -come any time!

jeannette said...

Wish I could send you some degrees Fahrenheit:) Hope for you Spring will still come!

Th boat looks so romantic- thank you for answering my question, and also my thanks for the "follow"! You're welcome here any time:)

Southern Sass,
Thank you for wishing us well:) -these are such strange times! -anything can happen (that we did not expect!)

Then it's good you live up North! I remember a class mate of mine, who really had a hard time on hot days here in CA.

Haha, I'm saying that every year (that I could use a couple more sweaters) - somehow for me it's easier than shopping for summer tops!

Thank you for all the things you referred to! Sounds like you like cooler weather better?

Nature Footsteps,
Live in the Los Angelos area.The water was pretty cold though. But most of the people who were in the water were the surfers:)

jeannette said...

Brrr, sorry, I quess you have to wait a while, unless you're someone who likes to walk on the beach:) I like your blog, so it's a pleasure to visit!

Yes, thank you! my life was never boring:)

Thank you Weaver, you're so kind! Since it's a header, it's big enough. And if I want to see more detail I can even see it bigger when i put the pic in photoshop!

Originally I started my post with the big pic you referred to -but since I have some visitors at my home, I put it all the memes in one post.
You have a nice rest of the week!

Your comment verbalizes exactly why I posted the beach pic:)

Irene said...

Great shot of the beach :o)

San said...

Love those sweaters. I need a new cardigan I can wear over different things. One of my own preparations for winter. Here we get snow and ice, so I have to get out my snow boots and stock up on Mexican hot chocolate.

Rebecca said...

Oh no...not winter already. I can't believe it is November already. The beach looks surprisingly active.

Dave said...

excellent series!

hi jeannette,

sorry for the late response, the cocktail glass is a light painting, shutter speed was around 20 seconds and i used a LED flashlight to paint, the final image was a combination of two photos, its to balance the light within the frame

JM said...

It's still very warm here and the beaches look just perfect now, no summer crowds, just the way I like it! :-)

George said...

As we prepare for a freeze tonight, I would very happily settle for a hazy beach where it is warm.
Thanks for visiting my site.

DUTA said...

November is indeed 'preparation for winter' month. Living in a warm country, there are no big preparations because our winters are usually moderate.

Nevertheless we have to take care of the roof and replace the summer clothes with more thicker ones.

I like the cardigan displayed in your post, and find your buying tips (especially the advice to read the label) very helpful.

jeannette said...

Thanks for visiting! Have lived here for 20+ years and this is the first pic of the beach:)

Am still baffled about your prison story! In the valley here is no snow, but I still wear (fashionable) boots:)

There were even people laying in their swim wear out in the sun!!

Wish I wasn't so curious!
Have to ask hubby how you did that LOL! Thanks for the explanation though:)

The same here -it was only because my brother from Holland is visiting that we went to the beach (so he can brag when he comes back what nice weather it was here, LOL)

Oh, I don't envy you -it's already freezing there? Keep warm!
That I visited and commented means I like your blog:)

Thank you, Duta -always nice to "see" you here! Hope you don't have to repair the roof! (expensive!)

Ebie said...

Its 90 degrees today in downtown LA, and my office window faces west so its like the Sahara!

My sweaters are still put away, but I keep and extra at the office, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Here in northern Michigan, just 2 blks. in from Lk. Michigan, the winter clothes have long since come out of hiding and we are currently putting plastic on the inside of the windows and plexiglass on the outside of the two big picture windows. The wind is wicked here blowing in off the great lake.. Oh, and it snowed today. :)

Cezar and Léia said...

Wow I like your new layout, it's modern and beautiful!
Here the weather is not so good, it's raining a lot.You are right, it's time to be prepared for winter.Those cardigans are very beautiful, my favorite is the first one.
So...enjoy your time with family, it's important!

Diane AZ said...

I love your tree picture. The yellow house behind it reminds me of my first house in California where my kids grew up. Sweet memories!

Y. Ikeda said...

Hi Jeannette,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
I like the first image of the beach. It looks like film and is so beautiful. I see the blue huts have odd numbers...
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Francisca said...

I'm the EXACT opposite of EGWow, I am totally paralyzed in the cold, so now I've lived in tropical paradise for the past two decades and need to think about winter clothes only when I travel. I like your SkyWatch photo a lot.

jeannette said...

I feel sorry for you:( Somehow I thought you were retired...Maybe because most of my work is in the evening when it has cooled off, I still wear sweaters in winter months.

Woman in Midst,
Oh, no!! Can't think of snow when here I'm walking is shorts. An icy wind makes the cold so much worse! Keep warm this weekend!

Family has become even more important when you live in different countries (you'll probably start feeling the same way). Thank you! Changed my blog look mainly because I couldn't post big pics without getting into the sidebar!

Thanks! I know what you mean -last year it was really hard to move, because my kids grew up in our previous house...lucky I've a lot of pics of that time.

Thank you! - the huts on the beach are platforms where life guards sit on, so they have a good overview of people getting too far into the water. Enjoy your weekend!

After so many years, I noticed my blood is running thin too now. Was in Holland 4 years ago in winter, and it felt like it was even too cold to breathe outside!

'Tsuki said...

At least you took a picture, cause it is quite difficult to believe that the beach was that crowed at this time of year...

arabesque said...

oh my! such a beautiful weather and your skywatch post was all too perfect, good shot! ^0^
i wish you a gr8 weekend.

Randi said...

I love your beach shot ... the colours are so crisp and beautiful.

NitWit1 said...

I am having trouble accessing your blog some times, do I need to redo the blog log list, maybe?

jeannette said...

It was in the 80ties that day - as it was today!The beach is often totally empty.

We're so lucky with the weather in California...and the skywatch pic that was "a happy accident"! Enjoy your weekend too:)

Since your profile pic is one with a camera, I take that as a compliment:) - so thanks! Also for visiting!

Sorry, you're asking the wrong person about a technical question, LOL -it may also be my large pics that make it harder to access...