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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Rain, fog and mist are rare occurences in my neck of the woods. 
So, I am glad i saw some wet leaves today in front of my window. 

On the path to the house, puddles like this one.
Not to deep yet to splash and make someone else wet:).
I'm trying out hubby's Tamron lens. Why doesn't it do what my eye sees??

And not to forget the Chinese rose, dripping  wet, 
I know what some of you are day of rain is nice,
but weeks on end is a little bit much!
Stay dry bloggie friends:)


Pat Tillett said...

Same rain here today also. The hills are turning green! more rain!
nice photos...

Francisca said...

Dag, Jeanette! I can read Dutch quite well, but I am shy to write it, not having been schooled in it beyond a semester when I was about 7 years old. I'm glad your son is enjoying Shenzhen and taking the time to travel around China. It has so much to offer beyond the things people generally gripe about (although those are real too). I'm short on time today, but I wanted to let you know I scrolled down your blog a bit and found much of interest. I love art, of course, and you do nice work, and I also have a degree (not PhD) in psych, so I still am attracted to that topic, too. Not to mention your personal migrant story! Gotta run, now. Doei!

Francisca said...

PS. Oh my! Forgot to mention your nice raindrop macros! And I agree, too often the lens just doesn't capture what my eyes do! :-D

Nora said...

I imagine your rain is warm and gentle compared to ours.

Zuzana said...

Beautiful images dear Jeannette, they instigate a feel of spring.;)
Here the threat of snow is now in the air.;)
Hope you will be having a lovely Sunday,

Whitemist said...

A few days of rain a year is not so bad!
We get the rain and the cold and the snow (not yet!).

Beth Niquette said...

Hi, Jeannette! I LOVE these photos. I LOVE the rain--and I especially enjoyed that last photo of raindrops on yellow. It fills my eyes.

Stephanie V said...

That lens has captured so much more than our eyes (or brain) see. Wonderful photos, Jeanette. The last is quite stunning.

I agree that days of rain and gray skies can be difficult. We do get used to them, though. And better than what we have now: wet snow followed by freezing temps.

jeannette said...

Thanks, Pat. It'll be some time that I don't have to put my pics in Photoshop anymore:)
That's the nice side about rain -everything turning green!

Francisca 2x,
Thank you for taking the time! To me it doesn't matter whether its English or Dutch -actually right now the last goes rather slowly;) Often interest in other cultures as well as prejudices is something one grows up with. Thanks for perusing my blog!

Surprisingly, our temps have been dipping into the 50ties lately (finally I can get those sweaters out, LOL).

Somehow this year I have difficulty thinking about lving with snow...hope you are prepared?
Yes, I had a lovely, but too busy Sunday - since the stores are open, I was haunting for Xmas presents:)

So true, it's all written from a Southern Californian perspective:) Have a good week, friend!

You are so kind and encouraging! I love the rain for a few days, but then I've had enough for a while -maybe because I cam from a rainy country (Holland).

Thanks for the encouragement! It will be a while before my pics turn out the way I want to (I'm Ms Particular, haha)
Oh, horrid -so I guess it's slipping and sliding around (dangerous conditions -be careful!