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Monday, December 27, 2010


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This is what we saw last week along the way, driving to and from mid-California. Probably not a view you are used to of this state! Posting this for Watery Wednesday, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy, since fog is a form of water:)  A happy New Year to all! May you have peace, be successful and your dreams come true in 2011

 ...and Il be glad when this is a faded memory!

Right after Christmas, we often take time to unwind and prepare for the New Year. These city pics here are "Little Italy" in San Diego.
You see it right - there is a net over the tree! Why?

Isn't the angel on top lovely?

Is your Poinsettia still alive? Mine started wilting already before Christmas, so I am happy that I made this painting of a tree. Not a Christmas tree,
but it points to the Christmas tree and I'm making use of the literal meaning
of its name: Poin-t-settia:)  ).

18 x 36, Oil, St.Germain

As you see, it's a towering tree of a pink, white, and red Poinsettia. The Christmas balls were an afterthought in the design. If you like to know more about that, please click on top of the right sidebar on ART NOTES.
 For me it points to the birth of the Christ Child, one time ago. Like for these two below, it is a delight to celebrate their birthday!

Not quite the age for the Mistletoe, but a kiss is always sweet

Besides, we had a simple but very enjoyable Christmas dinner,
cooked by the youngest women in the bunch! They did a super job! And...the men washed the dishes! What can I is good
For "Food for thought" hosted by Rob and Mandy at

A decorated balcony adds to the festive atmosphere. 

 Strolling in Little Italy  we saw these cute candle holders (?) hanging

and is contribution for Midweek Blues hosted by Rebecca at,
and Weekend Reflections, hosted by James at

What do you do to unwind from all the festivities and get back to "normal" life?


knittingdragonflies said...

how beautiful! The painting is forever!
Happy Holidays

Pat Tillett said...

I love your painting! Very very nice and colorful...
So why is the net on the tree? Maybe it's not a net, but lights!

Rudee said...

That little babe appears to have the most kissable cheeks on the planet. What a doll.

Love those candle holders, too.

NitWit1 said...

The painting and explanation both where beautiful, and of course the kids were precious.

THe candleholder decorations were quite creative.

Since we celebrate Christmas in a different manner and routiine at 70, we are "wound down by Christmas Day." I should add happily wound down.

New Year's Day is anticlimatic with our Southern traditions of blackeyed peas, ham and cornbread. It has never been clear if you eat it before midnight brings in the New Year for good luck, or eat it on Christmas Day.

Since I have to avoid salt, the ham cannot be cooked in the peas and my participation will be a tiny bit.

Happy New Year.

DUTA said...

As usual, children ( babies in particular) "steal the show".
No one can take the eyes off their sweetness.

These adorable little ones , the festive sights of "Little Italy", and your gorgeous painting - are a great delight.

Elizabeth said...

Such lovely photos!
Christmas must be sweet and mild in San Diego.
I unwind by catching up with my blog-buddies and reading and generally HIDING.
They are clearing up from the blizzard here.

DawnTreader said...

I think in Sweden we don't really think of Christmas time as over until we get past January 7 (which is also a holiday here). Right after Christmas is often shopping time because there are sales in most stores.

Anonymous said...

have a peaceful new year celebration.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my gush your painting is so pretty!!
Watery Wednesday

2sweetnsaxy said...

What great shots. Thanks for making me smile with them. And thanks for participating in Watery Wednesday. It is nothing without all of you that participate each week.

EG Wow said...

The fog photo is beautiful to my eyes, Jeannette! The poinsettia painting is very, very nice. I wish I were that talented!

Lesley said...

Oh my, that baby is adorable!!
I have three poinsettias - one is losing its leaves fast and furious, but the other two are still full and gorgeous.

jeannette said...

Yeah, one of the great advantages of paintings! Happy New Year to you, Friend!

Hm, that's a possibility I haven't thought of! Clever you:) Thank you, and have a happy New Year!

Youngest grand child -she's a cutie. Those cheeks seem to grow monthly! (Even though she regularly spits up half of her food!) Happy New Year to you!

Is it a good thing to be wound down? Heard from one of my friends that one eats black-eyed peas on New Years day...?
Anyways, thank you and wishing you an awesome New Year!

Luna Miranda said...

your painting is impressive! gorgeous shots.

eden said...

Such a lovely painting. Love it. Great shots.

Anonymous said...

Love the painting and kissing the baby. My wife like candles, so I try to get here unusual candle holders and this gives me some ideas, thanks!

NatureFootstep said...

lol, glad you liked my meandering river. :)

I like that painting you made. It is great.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. (including that little sweet baby)

SouthernSass said...

Great photos and your painting is very lovely! Maybe they put the net over the tree to keep the ornaments from blowing off? It is kinda strange. :)

jeannette said...

You know the art of giving compliments!May 2011 bring you much happiness, Duta!

Thank you! The Christmas photos of San Diego are from last year -this year it was raining.
You're almost too honest about hiding (if that exists) - maybe I would call it hibernating:):)

Maybe it's a matter of terms - most people here also go shopping after Christmas and New Year because of sales. Jan.7 is only celebrated by some.

ewok 1993.
Thank you friend! The same to you:)

Thank you, Friend! Wishing you all the best for the New Year

it's always a good feeling when I can make someone smile! Wishing all your wishes and desires (if they're the right ones for you) may come true in the New Year:)

EG Wow,
I'm sure you know what I mean when I say, it's only small talent and big determination and persistence to become good at anything:)...but I happily receive your compliment:)

The baby is my youngest grand child. Glad you bought 3 instead of 1 poinsettia!

EG Wow said...

Hi Jeannette,

Just thought I should tell you that the little blue shed is not mine! It was standing in a parking lot where the builder was selling them. :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

That kiss is the sweetest thing ever! LOVE it.

Have a wonderful New Year, my friend!

jeannette said...

Luna Miranda,
Just read that your occupation is in marketing - would like to listen to some of your suggestions from you for marketing my paintings, since you probably have seen a few (also at my ART NOTES, 2nd blog page)? If you rather not, that's fine too -no pressure:)

Thank you Eden, and also for visiting:) Was nice to peruse your blog!

All those things that wives like to collect (I hear the sigh of my own hubby:) ). Wonder if women are more prone to collect than men...

Thanks! Love the way you take your photographs - it's very pleasing!
Even though you live in Sweden, your English is flawless -did you live for some time in an English speaking country?

Southern Sass,
Thank you friend!
I like that reasoning! Maybe the Christmas balls were expensive, LOL!

EG Wow,
I replied already on your blog:)

I have the regret that many grandmothers have: not to have enjoyed their own kids enough!
Yes, a great New Year to you too!

Jim said...

I too think your net is a multitude of white lights, now off during the day.

Little Italy is very active during Christmas time and other festivals isn't it? I remember it vaguely in our morning city tour by bus.

The fog doesn't seem to bother most California drivers any more than it does Texas ones. Another year we drove up to Fresno from L.A. The fog was so thick we couldn't see two cars ahead of us. Everyone was following the tail lights of the car ahead at 85+ MPH. :)

Oh yes I like your blue decorations. Happy New Year! Thank you for your visit and nice comment about our young granddaughter.

Rosie said...

lovely photos and wonderful painting - I just like to 'potter' at home between Christmas and New Year listening to the radio and reading and etc. My best wishes to you and yours for a happy and peaceful New year:)

ayamlin said...

a big tree!
and you seem to have a joyful party!

I wish you a very very very happy new year:)

James said...

Great post! The painting is amazing and I enjoyed the photos especially the top one and the one with the very cute baby.

Happy New Year!

California Girl said...

Jeanette, the oil of the poinsettias is beautiful. I thought it was watercolor, the touch is so light. Wonderful colors and design. I love it!

jeannette said...

The most heart stopping is that here they don't have the brains that cars need more space in between in weather conditions like that! Thanks for all your input!

That seems a wonderful thing to do: pottering:)That some of your wishes and dreams may come true in 2011!

I liked the form of the tree (who knows it was not a real tree, but it looked very nice and quaint:):) ) thank you for your New Year's wishes - hope that this year yo and I will produce some stunning blog posts!

Thank you James! The cutie is my youngest grand child:)

California girl,
About the painting: hank you much, friend! Went to your blog and read about your question about the 11-question. In one my next posts I'll write what I think about it, but it's nothing to be afraid about, so don't worry:)