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Monday, January 10, 2011


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Some days I throw away the rules I've set for myself to be frugal, responsible, and to make good use of my time.
One day all I had in mind was to be fashionable and made a bracelet with copper chains and items on it. I started with the four main beads : two peach and two blue ones. 

Didn't intend to, but my bracelet and background fits with Midweek Blues,
hosted by Rebecca at

But I thought  four main beads were too minimal for my descent of nobility, so I added some more...and more...

Haven't found hearts for a while, so I decided to make one for Clytie:)

till deep in the night it looked like this. Where's the minimal style now...  a tad indulgent, wouldn't you say? A little bit much indulgent, Jeannette! That's what I would say to myself. But no guilt, for everyone is a little bit indulgent sometimes (smile) 

On another one of these kind of days I imagine that I go on a hunt with bloodhounds, horses and all. Then when I come home, this is what my staff cooked up for me.

Hunting Dish
Two hours before I came home with game I  shot, they quickly sauteed some hamburger or leftover meat with onions, 

 At the same time they started up some mashed potatoes. Do you see the hot lights reflected in the potato water and on the right? They have been slaving away at the stove!
(The water in the pic below is for, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy : and the lights reflected in the water for hosted by James.

When the mashed potatoes were done, they put half of it in a 13 x 9 inch greased baking pan, and spread  the meat on top of it. Then they layered half a jar of applesauce and 14 oz.boiled or canned green peas on the meat and onions, and top it with the other half of the mashed potatoes. 

To make it even more  delicious -  rusk, the size of a doughnut,

is crumbled and spread  (explanation on bottom) on the top of the mashed potatoes and dabs of butter , to get a crunchy but light crust.

Then it is put in the oven (uncovered) for about 40 min. at 350 degrees F.
I am ravenous with hunger, but that is good, because it's a delicious, filling, meat and potatoes dish. Any typical Dutch person has grown up with this savory winter dish. 
This, mes amis,  is about the extent of my indulgence:) 

What is your tad of indulgence from time to time?

*Explanation about the rusk-crust: the Japanese bread crumbs are not as crunchy as when a rusk is pulverized (by hand). Dutch stores or websites call the rusks "beschuit." I always buy the whole meal or whole wheat ones. But when these are not available, use the Japanese bread crumbs by all means:)


California Girl said...

First of all, I really like the more indulgent copper bracelet with the sassy beads. You made this yourself? And women are spending hundreds of dollars on Troll beads, Pandora & Chamilia bracelets. You clever girl.

Second, I read your recipe with interest. The apple sauce stopped me a moment but I can see how it would enhance the dish. I bet bacon would too. Of course, bacon enhances EVERYTHING.

My indulgences: probably the main one is food. I love to find a great recipe and create a delicious, rich and satisfying dish. It used to be buying beautiful classic pieces of clothing but, where I now live, uh uh. No need.

crochet lady said...

Your bracelet is lovely. I am always entranced by dangles.

That does sound like a good hearty dish for the middle of winter.

Rosie said...

What a very pretty bracelet and so fashionable at the moment - I hope you enjoy wearing it:)

DawnTreader said...

It's a pretty bracelet. I don't wear much jewelry though, I always end up finding it to be in the way!

Stephanie V said...

Indulgent? Maybe, but I like the the way you created it. Embellishment has its place in our lives. I can see you, after the hunt, seated at your fine linen table enjoying that dinner. Dressed for the occasion and wearing the bracelet, of course.

jeannette said...

California Girl,
Went to your blog before this reply, I feel for you that there are so many hard things in life to go through!

Maybe because we have friends on both the lower end higher end of SES I don't even think about $$ :), but when I see something I can make that would be my first option than to buy it, because I can make it a one-of-a-kind (has to do with the artistic thing, LOL)!

Since you make jewelry yourself, I take that as a compliment!
The dish is very yummy and super easy to make (no exact measurements:) ).

You yes, thinking on how much $$ I spent in the end on it, I WILL wear it often -thank you, Rosie!

Yes, that is a dilemma, but the second part of my wedding ring even more -I have to take that off every time I clean or paint!

Thank you, friend! You're my kind of person, I can tell you know how to dream!

Luna Miranda said...

i like your chunky bracelet--funky! and the last photo is making me hungry.:p

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Bracelet? Beautiful.
Dirty cooking dishes? Not so beautiful.

Your hearty meal? PRICELESS!!!

My direct link for Wednesday's issue is in search of the elusive WHOLE sand dollar

EG Wow said...

The bracelet turned out very, very well! It interests me how different the colours look on the two backgrounds.

NitWit1 said...

A very, interesting recipe for this Southern girl. We do things like Frito Pies which are not as many layers but just as many or more calories.

But it is a very cold day here and soup sounds very inviting on the menu.

Carolyn H said...

Jeannette: I love the bracelets! It's not so much of an indulgence since you made it yourself.

For the dish: I thought it sounded like shepherd's pie until I read about the applesauce. It's still pretty close, though--and probably better!

Carolyn H.

Rebecca said...

Minimalist doesn't work for me either...same thing happens.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Beautiful bracelets!! And yes, maybe have your sewing machine looked at (a lot of shops will diagnose for free) or there are a lot of second hand ones at a reasonable price!

The top stitching or quilting on the tulip piece is free motion (meaning I did it with the machine by hand) and yup, I went with random no thought pattern. It's really freeing!! Let me know if you have any questions and join us for the You Can Sew-a-thon if you want to ease back in to sewing! Have a great day!

jeannette said...

Thanks! this dish is for hungry people:) (it really fills you up)

Actually I don't mind doing dishes -it's my time to think about a few things without losing time!

The principle that you're bringing up is used by artists all the time! You're a great observer!

Ummm, frito pies? You can tell, I'm not a Southerner! Am interested what does in those pies?

Thanks for taking my guilt away:)
On a different note -do I have a shepherd's pie recipe for you (totally different from what you expect) -I'll alert you when I post it.

NatureFootstep said...

looks delicious.

NatureFootstep said...

you asked if the water on the image was frozen. No, it´s not frozen but the lake upstream are. And downstream.

jabblog said...

The bracelet, in all its stages, is very pretty.
Your recipe sounds delicious - very warming :-)

Clytie said...

I am honored that you made a heart for Random Hearts! I love it! Your bracelet amazes me with it's beauty, and then I had to go look at what was being cooked and my stomach started growling. Yikes!

Thank you for linking up with Guest Heart Thursday today!

LauraX said...

love your heart bracelet!!! beautiful and quite noble indeed.

Ebie said...

Love the copper tones of the bracelet! The charms are beautiful!

P.S. The boiled ginger is helping me with my cold. Though I am feeling better.

Linda Higgins said...

OH YEAH! my mother use to use the left over pot roast and carrots, she never put it in a casserole dish but just in a huge bowl, plopped it in the middle of the table and then we would pour the watery gravy left over from the pot roast all over it. YUM! boy that brings back memories!

Marvin said...

Your bracelet is beautiful -- and the hunting dish sounds delicious, though the apple sauce would be interestingly different for me. I assume you shot the ground beef on a previous outing. Ground beef can be an elusive prey in the wild. :-)

Inger-M said...

That's a lovely bracelet, and bracelet heart! :-)

jeannette said...

Naturefootstep two times
the visit and for explaining!

Thank you! It's a little like my paintings -it grows and grows:)

You're welcome! Maybe that's what you'll do in heaven: finding hearts:)
Seriously, I think that what we do on earth will have some connection with our eternal life.

Thank you, and for visiting my blog as well!

You made me smile! Isn't it interesting how our childhood memories stay with us so strongly:)

More people commented on the applesauce. Didn't realize that that was typically Dutch! That's quite humorous about the beef, Marvin since you may remember I'm a city slicker:)

Thank you (since you have a necklace on in your profile pic, I assume you take great care in choosing your jewelry...) and also for visiting!
Is your name German? or Scandinavian?