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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You know the expression "blue water", or" the blue ocean", but we all know water is colorless. This pics shows that water takes on the color and reflects  what is on the bottom of the ocean -green, dark red-brown, purple, etc. 

You see the guy on the right? While we were there another man on that side got caught red handed by the  police scanning the coast with her binoculars (he was going to be cited), because he was scraping something  off the cliffs  that is essential  for ocean life. Don't ask me "what" because I don't know anything about marine biology:)
This was very interesting for my brother and sis in law from the Netherlands, who were there when we took these pics. 

Taking it easy with blogging this week because I'm trying to finish up some paintings, 
but I still don't want to miss the fun with the following memes,
so this is is my contribution for 
Midweek Blues hosted by Rebecca at,  
Watery Wednesday hosted by 2sweetnsaxy at  
 and Weekend Reflections  no. 74 hosted by James at Enjoy your week, mes amis!


EG Wow said...

I wonder what it was that he was gathering! I'm glad he was caught!

2sweetnsaxy said...

I wonder what he was taking too. I like this spot though with my luck I'd slip on the rocks. :-)

ewok1993 said...

good shot.

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Beautiful photos. Where in Germany did you live?

Genie said...

I agree...I am glad he was caught. Your picture with its water, seaweed, rocks, and gorgeous colors is absolutely beautiful.

Diane AZ said...

Beautiful colors! I wouldn't feel safe walking on that cliff. :)

Luna Miranda said...

i wonder what the guy was gathering. but it's good that the police caught him. beautiful textures in this photo.

Midweek Blues at Live in the Moment

Everything And Everywhere said...

Beautiful photo. I love the color.

jeannette said...

In such a big metropolis, I'm really glad there is the police - there's always something going on!

Don't expect misfortune... Expect success and favor! It's in the same book that you're quoting (smile)!

Thank you, Friend!

Went to your blog to answer your question...

Thank you! Water is such a thankful subject, for the waves are never the same!

Diane (AZ),
There are some daredevils around here:) (I'm not one of them, lol)

They are pretty protective here of our beautiful coast-which I like!

Everything & Everywhere,
Thanks for visiting -browsed a little on your blog -I love Indian food too, and because I live in the Los Angeles area, there are several around!

Carola said...

Love that blue. Love the Ocean. Great shot.

Deep ocean blue is the best.

NatureFootstep said...

true, water can look very different from time to time. It is fascinating!
Great shot.

DawnTreader said...

Intriguing. I like looking out over water. A bit tired of looking at snow by now... ;)

Jim said...

Hey Jeannette ~~ I like your pretty rocky beach find. It reminds me of La Jolla, San Diego, CA.

Does this mean that I should stay away from that beach if I wanted to use binoculars? I do hope they had reason for suspicion here.

Cecilia Artista said...

Great shot! I love the blue color!
And yes - there are similarities between our photos!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Looks like a lot of seaweed washing in to shore too.

Turtle Soup

I hope your Wednesday is treating you well!!

Kim, USA said...

Hmmm same here I wonder what he took that it will go to the extent of getting him caught. But what ever it is the police has a good reason to do it. Great shot Jean and thanks for the visit. I do appreciate it very much. Happy Wednesday!

Watery Wednesday

JM said...

Yes, it's a lovely blue and I also like the redish algae.

P.S. 1 - I took a look at the elephant painting and it's really cool. Great work.
P.S. 2 - King fernando II was known as the 'Artist King'. No wonder why! :-)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shot.

Debbie Smith said...

Beautiful shot! Good thing you mentioned the guy to the right. I missed him completely!
Have a fabulous day!

Rebecca said...

Interesting that you arrived to see the incident! Really makes one curious, doesn't it?

The Weaver of Grass said...

All that is missing from this ocean shot is the lovely sound it makes as it moves the pebbles on the shore.

Carletta said...

Lovely shot!
Doesn't look like much to take except rocks that look too big to carry.

jeannette said...

When I went to your blog today I forgot to comment, so I'll do it here - how much time does it take to drive from N. - to S. Africa?

Nature footstep,
I didn't check closely but I didn't see you on WW past two weeks -hope everything is all right with you?

I imagine that by now you want to see something else than snow! When you come to California this week, you'll see rain!

It's only an hour North from La Jolla! Yes, we need to protect our environment with such a big amount of people in the Los Angeles basin!

Thank you! Have a good rest of the week:)

Everything, even seaweed is abundant here:)

A one time thing would not be so bad, but here people are (commonly aggressive, so just a warning wouldn't have an impact!

Yes, isn't the red cool?
PS 1. thank you!
PS 2. King Ferdinand...he may have driven some people mad:):)

Thank you! Do they have internet cafes along the road of your trip?

In comparison to other parts of the country and of the world, we have a lot of rules, but with so many people all from different ethnic groups it's a good thing:)

Wherever my hubby is, something happens! I'm joking, but it's also true:)

Yes, you're right! Maybe I'll get my courage up one time and get a video blurb:)

Cindy said...

Very nice photo! Really beautiful. I love the ocean, I can never get enough of it. When I am there, I could stay forever!
What was the man taking?
Hugs, Cindy

Doreen said...

very pretty. love all the rocks too.

Stephanie V said...

I love the changing blues of the ocean. You can stay in the same place and watch it change color.

A Lady's Life said...

I had no idea Cali had such rules.Here in BC people walk and take a lot of things washed up from the sea. No one minds.
In Florida this one man would come every day to this group of rocks which contained small multicolored fish.
He would bring one back and take another one home. He did this every day for years and he always had a small green bird on his shoulder.
This is what made going to this one place very dear to me because it was like coming home and knowing the people and their habits.Can you imagine if he would be cited for it?
Here in BC we have laws for female crabs and the width you can take.
But if he wasn't fishing maybe he took something he meant to return later. Some laws are stupid.

knittingdragonflies said...

Love the photo, I can smell the ocean! Also like the header!

California Girl said...

Wonderful to see the Arboretum in Balboa Park. It has always been one of my favorite places in the park; it's so tranquil.

We were taught, as children, never to take things from tidepools. Now, we certainly picked up shells from the beach but tidepools are ecosystems dependent on everything contained within. Was he disturbing or stealing from one?

jeannette said...

Thanks, Vicki! Yes, I love that smell too:)

California Girl,
Thank you, I love all the orchids they grow there.
I overheard he was scraping off a certain substance off the cliffs essential for the ecosystems there (probably for his fish tank or something like that -don't ask me what, I'm a first-grader in that:) ).
What was new to me was that they DO check, which I think they should, when we pay taxes for that, lol.

jeannette said...

Thank you for your visit! The coast her is very beautiful.
I overheard that he was scraping something off the cliffs, probably for his own fish tank, but it was something essential for ocean life -since I'm not a marine biologist, that's all I understood....

I've lived here more than 30 years, and this was the first time I saw this park, just an hour away (because my brother was visiting, lol)

Yes, that's why I love the ocean too - constantly changing!

Lady's Life,
Here, the situation is probably a little different than where you were - with so many thousands of people living in close vicinity together -there is a LOT MORE crime, so they make the rules stricter.
I agree that some rules are stupid, but they're often made for a good reason, and I rather had strict rules than anarchy.

Pat Tillett said...

Very nice photo Jeannette! I'm also glad the guy got caught!

forgetmenot said...

Sort of a "3 in 1" shot!!! Very pretty--- but the ocean alway is! Mickie

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

That coastline is stunning and the eco-system is fragile. We want it to be here for many generations (centuries) and the rules are usually communicated by signs in parks and protected areas.

The colors in the water are from a section of the rainbow with purples and blues and greens... nice shot.

Genie (other one)

Leovi said...

Excellent photo with the sea in motion and beautiful tones. Wonderful.

'Tsuki said...

Nice reflections... And great text, once again !

Reader Wil said...

The ocean is always a great place to paint or take photos of.
Thanks for your visit to my post about electricity. Wasbord= washboard. I had to look it up too.

DUTA said...

That's a stunning picture!
Such a superb mixture of colors: brown, blue , white, green! Great capture!
(I tried several times to enlarge the photo, but no luck. Each time I got some weird ad in hebrew instead).

Dick said...

Natuurlijk heeft water geen kleur maar toch is de zee bij ons nooit zo blauw als op deze foto, zelfs niet als de lucht helder blauw is. Het water is hier meestal licht tot donkergrijs of groenig en ook wel eens donkerblauw. Dat groene komt denk ik als er veel algen in het water zijn.

jeannette said...

Thanks! Still am smiling about your grand daughter's outburst! Only later she will understand how philosophical she was then:)

Yes, I like the three in ones! Also, because the different memes attract different kinds of people, so I get different reactions - which is fun!

Thank you! You caught the idea behind the seemingly strict rules:) On my pic all the different colors come out more pronounced actually than in reality (not editing).

Thank you -I think the same way about the color tones:) That crystal landscape was a stunning post you did!

Thanks, Friend! Since I'm an amateur in photography I have to make up for it with the text:)

Reader Wil,
Sorry, I didn't mean to give you work with "het wasbord."
Although I lived in Zeeland, I experience the sea here in a different way -you may have the same when you're in Australia:)

Glad you enjoyed it, Duta!
Sorry -I tried the enlargement out, and it does work here. Since my computer skills are very limited, I couldn't tell you how to remedy it!

jeannette said...

Maybe the sun has to do with it too. Remember that Vincent van Gogh wrote his brother about admiring the light in Arles, France (which is a lot more South than Nederland).It's similar here -it's overall much lighter.