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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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For my own peace of mind, I have gone over from buying vegetables in the big stores to Direct Growers and Farmers Markets where they sell most of the organic grown vegetables and fruit. Since I'm a city kid I am still learning. 

In my absence from the blog last week I saw a movie on Netflix at my kid's house of Dr. Gerson, a Jew who moved to America during the war. He found out that when one juices carrots and apples, it gives the body access to all the nutrients. He has centers in several countries (Mexico is closest to us) where people who have cancer come.   When we eat vegetables and fruit whole, it takes  longer time for the body to be able to access the nutrients. This means when we juice apples and carrots our body can immediately use the necessary ingredients to heal itself.

 in our handy dandy heavy duty BLUE grocery bag
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This way of living (juiced vegetables and salads without meat) has cured many cancers (they boost a 98% rate) in an incredible short time - a few weeks! 
But you don't have to go to another country. The movie shows that it's so simple that you can do it all at home! 
Much healthier than the longer and very expensive radiation therapy, which not only kills the cancer cells, but also attacks the rest of the body. Also, the disadvantage of radiation is that in many cases the cancer comes back.
my pastel paper
Thankfulness for healthy food has become a new life style for me, and has spilled over in other areas, such as being thankful for paper (which comes very close to me, because I make use of paper when I do watercolors, pastels  and sketching!), 
so I also use a heavy duty BLUE grocerybag from Trader Joe(on pic above-market) instead of their paper grocery bags (below the Wallis paper)

 Isn't it amazing that we can enjoy blossoms before we eat the fruit?

think this is the American river, somewhere between Sacramento and Auburn, CA

being thankful for clean water, which comes even closer, because my body consist of at least 70% of water!
For Watery Wednesday, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy

Enjoyed following this river last week


Greyscale Territory said...

A healthy lifestyle is great for the body and the mind! Somehow happiness seems to linger a little longer too! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I love that tree, it's SPRING!

NatureFootstep said...

Beautiful river shot. :)

Dianne said...

lovely photos
I really like the blossoms

ayamlin said...

Hi jeannette!
watching news on TV, I learned the potassium-iodine pills.
now we don't need it yet.
if the radioactivity reaches hundred thousand μSv, we'd better take it.
but now in Tokyo it reachs 0.070 μSv.
also it could debilitating effect on growth for babies and kids.
Thank you for your kindness!
BTW I hardly learn English now.....

The Weaver of Grass said...

I do agree that a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, is very important - but so is a happy existence and a positive attitude.

Rebecca said...

Terrific post. We eat pretty healthy, but I just can't seem to eliminate those binge moments. Ugh.

Kerry said...

Makes me want to go drink some apple juice. I love carrots, too, but miss the crunch when they are juiced!

Trees are just beginning to blossom here, but with the rain and wind and gray skies they are difficult photograph; you got a beautiful shot though.

jeannette said...

Agree a 100%: when one feels healthy, it certainly does have an effect on one's mood and attitude!

Thank you! You would like the post beneath this one too!

What is nice about this river is that it's a place not discovered by tourism!So, it's fairly quiet.

Thank you, you would also like my post below (more blossoms)!

How many miles do you live from the radio active generators? Yesterday I read at Yahoo and was also on the news that rescue teams are being pulled out of that area, because of the increasing radio activity.
They advise people to stay inside (with windows and doors taped up) or move to the South.
Yes, I keep writing you, because I know about the effects of radioactivity on babies - hope and pray you and your hubby and baby will be safe!
Don't feel bad if you really think it's better to leave! (Better safe than sorry)

So true, Weaver! They say that cancer survivors are the ones who have a positive attitude!

Your comment made me smile...I think we all have those lapses:) Mine right now is Macademia nuts - I went to several stores to find them! If your binge is fast food, replace it by a healthy one:)

The juicing doesn't mean that you can't eat whole foods too!
On our trip there were two unusually nice sunny days,so we stocked up on shooting pics, lol.

Martha Z said...

One of the nice things about living in California, we can enjoy fresh produce year around at our farmer's markets.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Jeanette,

Wow. This is good info to know. I didn't realize that was why people juice their carrots; I thought it was just easier to drink carrot juice than eat a bunch of carrots.

Your water photo is wonderful, but your cherry tree photo below took my breath away. Telephone poles are one of my favorites.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Luna Miranda said...

i wish i have more access to organic fruits and vegetables. there's a weekend market that i go to when i have the chance. terrific photos.

Midweek Blues

Rimkogeren said...

Thanks for your greeting :-)
I'm skeptical, because I know several who have followed the cure, and are dead.
If it is a documented miracle method would also be spent on hospitals.

PS Lovely pictures and interesting blog.

Jim said...

Hi Jeannette ~~ My kids eat healthy, each in his or her own way. One consumes only juice she has extracted from the various fruits and vegatables. One eats only turkey for meat and keeps all foods no or low fat. Another is a vegetarian. Still another eats only once a day and then all is no or low fat. He will eat three or four sandwiches in that one meal. Another is low fat and keeps a food plan. The last (of five kids) eats pretty much like I do, watching fats and keeping low on sweets, high on fiber, etc. Their spouses all are different still but eat healthy too. We won't go into the grandkids' eatings.

Please do wash that reusable store grocery bag quite often. They are great for harboring various harmful germs. Some have high lead content. The major ones are listed for lead content.
We use various ones, Kroger, Whole Foods, H.E.B, etc, and we don't practice what I preach.

Happy MidWeek Blues. Thank you for your visit and nice comment. Though not a part of your Blue post I like your blosoms and spring pictures a lot.

Dani said...

I so enjoyed this post.

Thank you for sharing.

Merisi said...

Hi Jeannette,
I thoroughly enjoyed your images of spring in full bloom! We are still waiting.

I put a link to Mahler's Fourth Symphony on today's blog post. I am looking forward to find out if you like it. I love Mahler. ;-)

jabblog said...

Very nice post - lots of information and lovely photos to accompany.

Erik "Semlan" said...

The light on the river bank and water looks for me like summer, and hot. I like water, of all kind.
Thank you for your comment. Nice to notice my photo composition. :-)

Naturegirl said...

jeannette; I love your thoughts on healthy eating and style of getting your point across with the photos that you post.As one who has had a journey with radiation and chemotherapy 5 years apart for 2 different primary cancers you have touched a nerve with me. I am living a healthy lifestlye in that I try to stay with organic and juicing is something that I am seriously thinking about and you have confirmed its benefits with this post. Thank you. I shall keep in touch with your blog. Anna

Pat Tillett said...

Great photos and words to think about! Have a great weekend!

Catherine said...

juicing is fine and wholefoods and fresh foods are fine but as a nurse who has seen people die who followed a non-chemo/radiotherapy route I would never advocate these alternatives as complementary therapies - rather as a means to keep the body healthy throughout the treatment period as long as there were no contraindications medically to any of the foods - macrobiotic diet and coffee enemas and other kinds of dietary alternatives to conventional therapy are not cures for cancer and shouldn't be put across as such to vulnerable people - I don't mean that you are promoting the juicing as a dangerous alternative but it should be seen in context - an easier way of getting vitamins. Of course the fibre is lost with juicing and often it's fibre that protects against bowel cancer.

jeannette said...

Yes, aren't we lucky!

Oregon gifts,
Thank you for noticing all the details!

I live in the midst of cities, so I do like you once a week (or 2 weeks) for fresh vegetables:)

As to your skepticism: we all will have to die at one point, but "how" is a question of quality of life to me. My brother is a (normal) medical doctor, but when it comes to "prevention" as my title says, I think he would agree with me.
At least here in the US the pharmaceutical industries would hold back discoveries if it's a threat to their own pocket, just like the car industries with alternative energy like electricity, water, and so on.
Thanks for your reply -my blog is actually more a platform for my art.

A good point about washing the grocerybag!

Glad yo enjoyed it -have a great weekend:)

Thanks so much for that link to Mahler -I'll listen at a quiet moment during the weekend.
If life here would not fit my personality as it does, I might get homesick for Europe a lot more - the very things you post on your blog -coffee places and classical concerts!

Thanks so much for all these compliments!

These pics were taken last week at 60-65 degrees F. At least here, there is a lot more light in the summer:) Thanks for your visit!

jeannette said...

You are a brave one!! As title I choose "prevention" because the so called "causes" of cancers change by the day. We all still have to learn a lot about our body, lol.

Thank you Friend!Forgot to ask how far the relatives of your wife live from the nuclear reactors - hope very far!

always good to "see" you!
Can't remember if I told you that my brother is a medical doc. But you and I know that the so-called "causes" of cancer change by the day. Hence, also the "cure:)"
For me personally, because radiation is so invasive, and aggressive- it's hard for me to see that as a "cure", so I keep my eyes open for something better.