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Monday, March 21, 2011


 Still in the farmers market mood...
Is she grabbing a grapefruit? Yes, I think so!
Somehow I don't mind the tartness of grapefruit, but sour apples make my face wrinkle. Linking to Mellow Yellow Monday. Hosted by Drowsy Monkey.

"You mean, I can't be on this post because the birdie on my bib is not yellow?? Believe me, it's yellow!" 
And that is how little Kylie already now winds us all around her little finger. We better do somethin' before she can talk!
Not that grapefruit and Kylie have anything to do with each other....:):)



NatureFootstep said...

of course the birdie is yellow. :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Many of those grapefruits are HUGE and, I imagine, deliciously juicy!


They say just a touch of the gold
Will make even timid ones bold;
Try yellow, not blue,
And bright amber too—
And don’t be left out in the cold!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Old Man, Yellow Background

Mel Cole said...

Those grapefruits are sure big. I love eating them.:) My Mellow Yellow Monday post

Elizabeth said...

Well, we let grandchildren in whenever and where ever they want!
She really is stunningly beautiful

Stephanie V said...

That's a funny thing about grapefruit, isn't it? Sour but not inedible.

Your Kylie has the most amazing blue eyes! I think that she doesn't need to use any words at all.

Kim, USA said...

I remember my grandfather has this sweet grapefruit tree and I haven't tasted like it anymore and anywhere. Great shot!! Happy Monday!

Rudee said...

She's adorable! Those eyes--so blue--are gorgeous.

VioletSky said...

Kylie is cute, with those baby grapefruit cheeks.

Luna Miranda said...

our grapefruits here are sweet and juicy. it's my favorite fruit, well, second to mango.:p

Mellow Yellow Monday

jeannette said...

Smile -if/when you have grand children, I know who will spoil them!

thanks for the poem! Since I'm a painter have to tell you though that ultramarine blue is my fave color!

Mel Cole
In California they grow everything big! Just kidding:)

From one grandmother to another: I never understood the spoiling side of grand parents till I became one:)

Alas, my dear, that's the dilemma of a grandparent! When she's able to melt us down without words, I can only imagine in what predicament she can place us WITH words:):)

Lucky you - sweet grapefruits are even more delicious! But they're the unexpected surprise I'm not counting on (except for the blood colored ones).

Thank you! The non-dominant side in our families tend to win! With blue eyes, that is.

Yeah, hope those cheek stay for a long time:):)

Luna Miranda,
Mango I eat because it's delicious (but quite expensive here, lucky if I can get 3 for a dollar), but grapefruit I eat for my the amount of vitamin C :)

Joyful said...

She's so cute! So if she says the birdie is yellow, it's yellow, lol.

EG Wow said...

Of course the birdie is yellow! :)

Marvin said...

When I was younger, I did not like grapefruit, but now I do. Does that mean I've grown more tart with age?

Anya said...

Ziet er erg lekker uit die grape fruits :-)
Tis alleen altijd ergggg bitter !!!

Wat een schatje dat kindje

Groetjes vanuit Nederland

Carletta said...

Kylie is a cutie!

jeannette said...

Uh-oh,that's a grandparent's instinct;) are you one?

EG Wow,
We'll talk again, dear bloggie friend when she's 10 and she doesn't want to clean up her pigsty, because she calls it "clean!"

Haha, you wanna be more tart? Quess some grow more tart, some more mellow, some more relaxed.

Meer vit. C dan in een sinaasappel, Anya:) (it's really true), sorry geen suiker erop, want dat neutraliseert de vit. C.
Kylie is mijn jongste kleinkind.

You know with kids, everything is cute when they're little, but when they're older it's suddenly not so cute anymore:)