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Sunday, March 27, 2011


When my parents decided to move to Holland, together with their three children, I was five years old. That was a big change in weather and culture. With thousands of others we moved out out of  Indonesia. After half a year we were "mainstreamed" and  given a house for rent in a small fisherman's village. We had always lived in a big city. So this was an even bigger change.

There were many rituals that I discovered. The most peculiar I thought as a five year old, was that one on Sunday when I would hear church bells. 
That bell tower was not as cheerful as this one at Old Town San Diego:)
Then after a while, I started seeing men and women, all dressed in black, walking to the church.
As I got a few years older I found out that this was "the black stockings church"  
nicknamed by the villagers. Since a young child does not concern herself with theological differences, the only thing I thought was that it looked depressing. 
Every Sunday it felt to me like someone had died.

 the little rebel as I was, already back then,  I begun to love white
white in furniture, in the kitchen and garden, walls,
white in every nuance (value)
maybe that's why I love a white canvas 
and white paper before I begin to sketch or paint

I know black is chic, and I have a few black items for official occasions, but even with my sweaters, I have three, oh no, four white ones. White means also " lived in " for me (like an old comfortable shoe or something else you become attached to)

White also means new, or a beginning to me. 
That is why I requested lilies of the valley as my bride's bouquet. 
(another reason than the color was the fragrance of this little white flower).

For me, Sunday is the day for white. 



NitWit1 said...

Some of our more unique faiths in USA wear black almost every day but definitely on SUnday.

I wear any color that suits me, I like white, but it seems I always am spilling something on it.

Rudee said...

You make white look and sound like the perfect starting point. As usual, your photographs are beautiful, but that Lily of the Valley photo is just gorgeous. It makes me look forward to ours blooming (if winter ever goes away).

Nora said...

I'm too messy to wear white. I would have to change my clothes at least twice a day and have much laundry. I own mostly clothes in darker colors and a lot of black.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Jeannette, thank you so much for visiting my blog for it led me to your lovely blog. I enjoyed reading this post, not only for the photos, but for your words about the "black stockings" church. It was told with a sense of humour and I can see a quirky smile on your face as you wrote your thoughts.
Fortunately, my experience of Sundays was different - no-one wore black (that was reserved for funerals). Thanks for brightening my day and I look forward to reading more of your posts.
Melbourne Daily Photo

Rebecca said...

I love the fragrance of Lily of the Valley too! Such beautiful little things that pack a big punch.

Cildemer said...

Loved to learn some more about you;o)
Black or white? I don't know which i prefer! I sometimes wear black and rarely wear white.
Most of the time, I wear purple or green;o)

Have a nice and happy week, Jeannette****

Anonymous said...


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jeannette said...

I've gotten over the fear of spilling, because I almost get anything dirty when I paint, lol! Fortunately, hubby gets almost any stain out:)

Don't know if I still would like white though if I would work in a hospital environment like you (at least here, hospice is a floor of the hospital)...?
Hope with you that your lilies of the vallies will bloom soon!

Oh I understand the problem with stains!:) Please also read my reply to Nitwit:)

You read people well:) Me thinks that especially in later years of life it's important to have humor! Love the adage on your profile to "always listen to your mother!"

Like to wear purple too, only 2 kinds of green: olive green and dark forest green.
You have a great week too, Friend:)

jeannette said...

Meanwhile we have already connected -thanks for visiting!