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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


For Midweek Blues and Watery Wednesday scroll to bottom of this post -thanks!

Don't know how many greens there are, but I like the off- greens the most. Why would you be surprized (smile) .By the way does anyone know what this plant is called?  Hubby found this plant with pale mint green leaves and cheerful red wild flowers on his hike when we were in the Sacramento area, close to Auburn. 

On the trail to the bridge where I painted (a few posts ago), were some magnificent variety of light olive green patches of moss

How about sap green for leaves and a little darker for the grasses here, 
and a definite yellow green of the grapes. When I moved to the US,
I thought green grapes were second rate, but my thinking changed:)

Hilly Road, Colorado Springs, Watercolor, 9 x 12, St. Germain

 In watercolors I'm always careful to mix other colors with my greens, 
since they tend to dull a watercolor.
This one is a small 9 x 12 inch of a hilly road in Colorado Springs. 
The blue mountains in the distance 
is my Midweek Blues pic - hosted by Rebecca

But I love the forest (dark green with a bluish cast) on the way to Vernal Falls. Do you see the spray of the water on the foamy stream? For Watery Wednesday, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy.

Green can be combined with any color. The most common with blue, which is called seagreen, and with grey in the uniforms of the armed forces. 

My favorite green is forest green. 
 Which is your favorite?

I keep adding them as you comment:)
(names alphabetically)
Celedon                                               by Brenda
Turqoise                                              by Brenda
Applegreen                                         by Francesca
Dark Bottle Green                              by Gemma
Sage                                                    by Dianne, Jane (G.),  Rebecca
Light Spring Green                            by Carletta, NatureFootstep
Moss Green                                        by Naturegirl
Huntergreen                                       by Patrick
Teal                                                     by Patrick
Lawn Green                                        by Pietro
Blue Green                                         by Rudee
 Forest Green                                     by Sallie
Lime chartreuse blend                     by Betsy, Stephanie
Emerging leaves                               by Weaver



Gaston Studio said...

Some great photos Jeannette and interesting advice on the hues of green, of which mine would be a sage.

Rudee said...

I like the greens you offer today, but the blue green of the forest is so peaceful to me.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I don't think I have a favourite green except that of the emerging leaves here at the moment. Just for a while they all look fresh and new and it makes the heart sing.

Stephanie V said...

My favorite green is the color of new leaves in the spring. Sort of a lime-chartreuse blend. Sounds like a great drink!
In my older age, I'm choosing green more than ever. Does this have anything to do with aging, I wonder.

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Thank you, Jeannette, for stopping by Paree...that brought me back here again. I do love your blog and your photos and especially your painting! You have a special talent and it's wonderful that you share it with the world in this way.

I do believe I know the little women you're talking about that hustle about the Eiffel Tower...begging and pleading. They can be very bothersome!

Re my mother: Her name was Margaret J. Anderson and she painted mostly landscapes plus some still lifes. She died in 1993. We have a number of her paintings hanging in our home, and I think I have some photos of others. I'll check and if so, will email them to you.

Best wishes!

Francisca said...

Funny, who doesn't love green, all greens, in nature, yet green is not a color I normally pick. If I do have to pick a favorite green, it is apple green... bright and cheerful. :-)

Betsy Grant said...

Your photos are beautiful. I guess I'm a fan of the lime chartreuse blend myself.

jeannette said...

Like to WEAR sage green as there is much yellow in my skin:)

I love bluegreen aka forest green because it's a great winter color for sweaters:)

Can imagine your view when you live in the country! (we city folks can be so squeamish-haha)

Yeah, something like champagne:)
Maybe there's something to it (age)! Only last 10 years I've even looked at greens in clothes.

jeannette said...

Jacob and Lois Anne,
The time we were in Paris I did not blog yet, so I hardly took any pics -except of my kids, so they could remember that they had been there (to see the Mona Lisa when you're 14 or 16 is a big thing:) )
Thanks for the info on your mother. Great you have some paintings to remember your mother by!

Haha, you stumbled upon one of the exceptions -when I was a teen I hated green, and few other colors:) Now I like every color, as long as they're not muddy.
I added you name:)

Lime chartreuse it is - I added your name, Betsy:)

Greyscale Territory said...

Great collection of photos and love the sense of soft whimsy in your landscape painting!

My gavourite green must be forest green or dark bottle green!

NatureFootstep said...

my favourite green is the lihgt shade of spring. :)

Rebecca said...

I am generally not a big fan of greens unless they have a little blue in them. (No surprise there I guess.) But I think my favorite is sage green,

I love your water color. And the photo of the mosses is really nice too.

Naturegirl said...

The image of the mossy rocks stunning for me!I get so excited when I see moss on rocks!I feel as though fairies have been there carpeting the rocks!Love your photos and love of too I long to see GREEN here in my world.

Carletta said...

All greens are my favorite - kinda goes with the red hair. :)
Lovely watercolor!
I'm really enjoying all the spring greens that have popped up this week.

~✿~Icy BC said...

I like all shades of green, and your photos are beautiful!

Dianne said...

sage is my favorite too
it's the color of my bedroom, I find it so soothing

your photos are wonderful

Pietro said...

I like your watercolor!
Lawn green is my favorite.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Forest green is my favorite Jeannette (I am catching up, going backwards). But only in nature -- or in your paintings. (I wouldn't paint my walls that color -- and I don't look good in green of any shade.) I think that red plant is "Indian Paintbrush". I used to own a plant book (Probably I still do, but it's back in Oregon.)

Pat Tillett said...

Hunter green and teal for me.

Great photos and painting!

jeannette said...

my sense is that there's probably a little bit more yellow in bottle green?
Thanks for contributing!

Thank you -it's probably more American to think of a name for every shade of green, lol.

Thanks! How about "teal" which is an ocean blue/green, coming close to turqoise?

Thank you! I am with you -I love to paint moss on the trees, or wherever I can...

True, green would look great, but probably also blue, looking at your profile pic:)

Icy BC,
Thank you! If you come come up with a very very favorite, I'll still add it:)

That maybe the perfect color for the bedroom -thanks!

very clever Pietro! wonder if the colors of the lawn are different her from the ones in Italy:)

Thank you - for the Indian paintbrush -so appropriate for my blog since I'm a painter:):)

Hey, I especially like the "teal" for me that comes close to turquoise?

Brenda said...

Just found you via Rudee's blog. We have a fair amount of green in our home, but oddly enough green is not one of my favorite colors. I think it is a necessary color for complimenting decor and clothing at times. Jewelry...turquoise. Celedon or sage would be my favs.

jeannette said...

thanks for visiting and commenting on the green. I hated that color when I was a teen, lol. What aging can do for one's choices!
What is celedon green? I'm adding it:)