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Monday, August 29, 2011


For Midweek Blues
For WateryWednesday
Mellow Yellow Monday

Just in time to post the pansies I saw in Solvang last year
for Mellow Yellow Monday at 3:00 am because I woke up from an earth quake! Glad that it was just a minor one:)


My Course materials!

It seemed these past few months everything that worked before, broke.
It started with my Viking which was a present from my mother the year I married.
After I pushed the reverse button  it continued to work only in reverse.
I'm not good in "reverse."
My stack of mending, putting hems, etc. in, started piling up till I couldn't postpone it anymore. Saw "the thing" on line for 800. "No way," I thought. Looked at Craigs List -nothing that would fit my wallet.
Called a few stores, and to my surprize annoyance they told me that they could not sell me that brand, tell me the prize, or even suggest anything! It had to be a representative from that particular brand.

Trying to figure this out I can only do with a cold cup of water!

About three weeks later, I was looking for some yarn at JoAnn's World. Hubby who was with me wandered off, since I had some guestions, and the sales person had to ask someone know how that goes.
When I finally had the info I needed, he took me to another department. To my surprize...they had MY machine, which I had never seen there before (they just had started carrying "that thing" brand.
Happy as a clam, I walked out of the store with the thing, instead of the yarn!
Cause it wasn't as expensive as the on-line price, and hubby knew our clothes would not get fixed if I was unhappy with the machine!

This was not the end of story.
Oblivious that we were now almost 40 years further in history, I thought to just start hemming my pillow cases, and what have you.
When I opened up the BEAUTIFUL thing (the contrasting color is more blue than came out on the pics:) )  I wanted to put the thread on the bobbin.
But hey, HOW do I open the lid of the bobbin case?

WHERE do I put the cotton thread to wind it on the bobbin? How do I THREAD the machine so I can even put the thread on the bobbin?
YES, I did have the instruction manual in front of me!!
About ready to scream,it occurred to me that this thing was too expensive to break on the first try, soooo...
I had to SIGN UP FOR A CLASS to learn to do the most elementary stuff on the thing.
To me it was hilarious, because I used to sew dresses, pants, even jackets 
when I was for a year in school to become a sewing/fiber arts teacher 
(in Holland they used to have  a 4-year school with a degree!!).

Of course a representative of the thing with a very authoritative voice and piercing eyes did the class.
"Tell your name, and what you want to sew," was the instruction to everyone.
I knew my name (oh joy) and told about my experience.
Then the question came, "And what do you want to sew?"
Am I back in girst grade?
"Nothing!" almost came over my lips, but I swallowed my adolescent rebellion, 
and said after thinking a moment of a more non-committal response, "just mending."
I saw the disappointment on her face. "Oh," she said limply.

After coming home I felt victorious, having mastered the ins and outs of a Viking!!
All in a day's work, mes amis:)



Tess said...

I love to work with my sewing machine, its my best friend! I used to make dolls and bags when my boys are still young to go to school.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I have to say, Jeannette, that I only have to leave my machine for a couple of months without using it and I find myself totally unable to thread the thing. A refresher course would be a good idea for me.

Stephanie V said...

So funny - sort of - to have forgotten those basics. I remember the day my sewing machine called a halt to its career. I'm still not used to my new one and I'm convinced it's not as good. That's loyalty :)

Rudee said...

It's a beautiful machine. I hope it lasts you a very long time. Happy mending!

Betsy Grant said...

Thanks for the laugh Jeanette. I know most of us can relate to this story in one way or another! Good for you for seeing it through!

Sallie (FullTime-LIfe) said...

So glad you remembered your name ;>)~ That teacher doesn't sound exactly right for an adult class. But isn't it great that you found the machine you wanted so unexpectedly.

jeannette said...

Yes, I used to sew a lot more when my kids went to grade school (primary school) -saves many dollars! Thanks for the visit:)

Am glad I am not the one:) Thinkk it just is that we have our mind focussed on other things!

Yeah, we are creatures of habit:) I agree with the loyalty (giggle)

Thank you Rudee! I hope I'll do more than mending:)

Isn't it those little quirky things in life that bring spice to our week?

Yes, I love it when that happens (going for yarn and coming out with a sweing machine)!

knittingdragonflies said...

Oh the joy and pitfalls of new machines. Glad you got a new one. I agree those husbands are pretty good after 40 years, they know to keep us happy!!
Cold glass of water?? I had to laugh.

Jim said...

Sew Jeannette, where was the bobbin?

Mrs. Jim had to get a new machine as her old one developed a knock. She has to practically learn all over how to thread it and set the tension, etc. every time she sews. It is a Kenmore.
I liked your materials list. What are you sewing in class? Can you bring your mending?

Gemma Wiseman said...

Your machine is quite stylish! Sewing machines are not good friends with me, but I so admire the creativity of people who master their eccentricities!

Dianne said...

you conquered a Viking :)

I love the pansies

Ebie said...

Ms. J, I love your story. The Viking lived up to being a Viking.

I gave up on sewing a long time ago. I will just content myself with straight stitch, LOL!

P.S. Did you make the noodles yet? I did it again last Saturday, same place star gazing party, and it was gone in seconds!

Anonymous said...

I've never used a sewing machine. Our pansy's have given up from the heat, but they will be back soon!

This past winter, we had a lot of snow. When it melted, some pansy's were growing, so they are pretty hardy

Rebecca said...

Congratulations, sewing machines are so frustrating to me. I just threw mine out. I couldn't get a decent stitch out of the thing, the bobbin constantly knotted up and I gave up on it.

jeannette said...

I was surprized, these things are not cheap:)

It was a one-time class with all the basic stitches one can do on the machine. The best I liked was an automatic buttonhole maker! I have enough on our own mending, lol!

don't know why every brand has a completely different method of working!

Yes I did! Love the pansies because of their wild colors:)

Exactly, I had the feeling to conquer the thing! Now I need to buy is Asian noodles!

Pansies in the snow! Wow!

Sorry! Seems to me something was definitely wrong with the bobbin!