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Sunday, September 04, 2011


For Mellow Yellow Monday

For a mommy-to-be my yellow yarn is waiting  patiently for a some hours I can sit in a chair to start this project.
My yarn knows that once I'm hooked on the baby project, I will finish it,
because several babies in my circle need some winter clothes.
First tried to find "Baby Stretch" from Bernat, but was not in the stores.
So my next move is to go on line.
It would be kind of cool to have a stretchy yarn for a baby.
It would probably more comfy and maybe able to wear it longer. Who knows I'll find it!



Nora said...

You're lucky that you can knit so well. I never learned it properly and am not interested enough now to start. Maybe if I had a friend who knitted well...

Life with Kaishon said...

Your yarn is so lovely. I always thought that would be a fun hobby to have : ) I am sure you make lovely things!

Stephanie V said...

Good luck finding your yarn. Have you tried ravelry?

Baby sweaters are such fun to knit - being so small. That is such a delicate color. Someone will be lucky.

Karen said...

I wish I could knit! I never could get my hands co-ordinated.

jeannette said...

Yes, it would be a lot easier if you would have a friend who knitted (or crochet-ed)!

Life with Kashon,
For adults it's actually more expensive when you knit, but for babies knitting makes such nice gifts!

Thanks for the idea -I hadn't thought about Ravelry!

Thanks for your visit! Most things are easier when you learn them young -I was 7 when they taught us in school...