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Monday, October 31, 2011


© A Fall into the Sea, Oil, 24 x 30, St Germain

With a wordplay on Fall as in the season, and fall as in the movement of falling.
This painting represents the movement  of a mountain falling into the sea, where John 
wrote this revelations, banned to the island of Patmos 
(a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Greece).

If my jetlag is not too bad, I'll land in blogland tomorrow, bloggie friends:)

With so much water we saw on our trip to Holland, it's easier to think 
of the consequences if a mountain would fall into the sea. 
One thing is that it would raise 
the water level around the rock and dry land with houses
would be flooded immediately.
In that case, keeping my fingers crossed and sending up prayers 
that there would be minimal losses.



Clytie said...

It's beautiful! I love the wordplay of "Fall" - perfect!

Stephanie V said...

The title prepared me for the explanation. I had wondered at first if it was a reference to the tsunami in Japan. I can imagine it might feel like that - if I were a mountain!

Ebie said...

Welcome back Ms. J. My daughter just got back from the Philippines last Saturday and she went back to work Monday.

Nevertheless, get enough sleep.

Betsy Grant said...

Wow! I love the freedom of this painting. If you hadn't titled it, my imagination might have gone a different direction in my experience of it. The brown area almost invokes a sense of flight of some winged creature.

jeannette said...

Thanks so much, dear friend!
It refers to Revelations.

I painted this before the tsunami, but I also have a painting called Tsunami (are you clairvoyant? just kidding)

jeannette said...

Have no fear, I fall asleep right now as soon as I close my eyes, lol! Hope your daughter's jetlag was worn off by Monday:)

Something like a bird in flight -I would go for that! But since you are a musician I wouldn't expect anything less than that:):)

NatureFootstep said...

that painting should be great on a white wall sith some greenary or pots on the floor beneath it. :)