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Friday, February 29, 2008

Deep Sea Mystery

Deep Sea Mystery

Descending into the cool blue
deep and deeper still
air bubbles leaving a trail
to the surface of consciousness
fins and tails passing
quietly swishing back and forth
Then light rays fall on countless
secrets kept for centuries
wishing I could stay
to admire and feel the unknowness
but no time to lose
I quickly recover the coral
as much as I can hold
quickly asending back to air and land
keeping the mystery close
wearing my coral necklace
till the next journey to
mysteries of the deep.

copyright, Jeannette StGermain

This poem relates to my travel experience, when years ago I went through the streets of Venice, Italy, scouring the souvenir shops. They all had varients of the dime-a-dozen necklaces of squiggly ends of coral.
I didn't want to look like 12 other people, would you?
Besides, I thought that the necklaces were over-priced.
Then many, many years later I walk with my hubby away from the main shopping streets in Athens, Greece, into another part of the city. Walking, because the traffic is almost as dangerous as in China.
We pass by a small shop that has an interesting window. We enter. A young jeweler holds up a beautiful and intriguing necklace with disks and big beads in...
"What's this?", I gasp, "It's coral! You are mine. I'm not leaving Athens without you!"

(This was 10 years before the beads craze, which means that the jeweler had shaped all these coral beads and disks by hand and made it into an artful necklace.)

The poem "Deep Sea Mystery" also relates to my public painting session with 6 other artists, where I painted a 22 x 30 inches watercolor. I felt that the atmosphere in that auditorium where musicians and artists interpreted blessings for a wide range audience, who settled in a comfortable position with pillow or blanket on the seats or floor, facilitated finding their own hidden treasures, and a peace no money can buy. I felt more energized and refreshed myself afterwards, than before I came in.
I guess it's true that a blessing is more powerful than a curse!

As a therapist, I associate this psychological journey to the deep with uncovering the unknown and hidden treasures of our unconscious. We can only find those treasures when willing to leave fear behind, and travel into a world where trauma may be transformed into sensitivity to help someone else, or where anxiety my turn into a place where confidence is built up. Fill in your own fears.
Traveling into our own deep is worth the effort to find back the whole person we once were, or who we are destined to be.

The more serious Jeannette StGermain

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Wolfgang said...

Hi Jeanette,

I am excited to see how quickly you have lost your fear to enter into the deep secrets of cyoberspace and to use its vast possibilities to spread the word. Be encouraged, you are on the right track. May the Lord bless your art in painting, poetry and writing on the various blogs. may the world discover the art of