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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


on my art web site
this little poem below is the caption of my painting "burning bush"
on the home page

Hope you find it interesting or whatever term you would like to use -
as you can see I love to integrate art forms, rather than keeping them seperate

By seeing the thumbprint of my soul
taking you on a journey of emerging images
I have shown you more than a thousand colors

Enjoy, Stgermain


Alison said...


i'm adding this blog to the artists blogs site as the blog you listed wasn't really an art site,

love your art by the way :)

jeannette stgermain said...

Hey Alison,
wasn't expecting a response yet, since I created the blog in the middle of the night.... thanks!

yea-that's the way I like it, to make it easy for people who don't know about art to respond - also, i'll be blogging about other things than art too

on my website you'll read that I grew up in Holland and grew up with art- it's so amazing to me that so many people here never have been to a museum or gallery - I went in 5th grade for the first time - so whenever I travel I look up some historic or cultural art thing.
enjoy your day - Jeannette

Livecreations said...


it's Alison, just posting under my other blog name..livecreations.

I looked at your website, it's good that you had the opportunity to grow up with art :)

happy creating

jeannette stgermain said...

Hi Alison,
since i am just a first grader learning to read and write these things - what's your blog adress? (or give me your link?)
like to know what your interests are...

jeannette stgermain said...

Hey Alison,
I found your web page - I love your abstract landscapes!! Keep painting!
It looks like you are very serious in exhibiting and selling your work.
The attitude towards art is very different here than in Europe - they gasp at (to me normal) prices for art works.
I did buy a printer late last year to accomodate the late teens and twenty-something admirers who are still in college. Now, Jacob (hubby) has to learn photoshop to make use of the printer - we'll se what happens.
I forgot to look what sizes your paintings are - what size do you use mostly?
gotto go, Jeannette

™pong said...


just dropped by to your site, and I love your 'Isaac's Sacrifice'..

Stay inspired on painting and
God Bless! :)