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Saturday, November 01, 2008

A DAY out of the Life of an ARTIST


Often people ask me what my daily life is like. Here it is...

My Breakfast
on the couch
really (haha)
a glass of my favorite
green tea, a rusk with
butter, sprinkled with
chocolate flakes.
(a rusk is a Dutch
toasted biscuit)

A Look in the Front Yard
to pick some flowers
admiring the clouds
on a rare overcast day
(for California)
and the mountains
in the distance

Flowers are a part of life
I do not want to do
Colors and form
are needed for my
well-being. Besides,
in Holland (country
of origin), flowers
belong to the weekly
grocery list

I meander to the computer
to see the latest on my

Meanwhile I make sure I get up regularly like a good girl (!)to keep myself from getting stiff and guzzle the mandatory 8 glasses of water a day.
I usually eat My Lunch while I'm on the blogs, or take some pics, or do some errands.

My Studio?
"wherever" in the living room.
That started when my kids
were still home, so they could
see my progress - they were some of my best critics! Now my easel stands next to the computer, to keep an eye on my reference pic while painting. A real artist is dressed in a T-shirt especially when the canvas is almost as big as I am!

5 pm - Time for My Walk
in the neighbor-
hood; a Must if
I want to keep
my health

6 pm Dinner Time
with my hubby. Today it's
Easyman's Lasagna with a salad.

In the Evening I work
on my necklace. Seed
beads are more work than I
anticipated! - finally starts
to look like "something"!
Or, I might
knit hats which I give
to the homeless in colder
regions. Like most
artists, I have 101 projects!

My Journal
at the end of the day
to keep up with
the things that have
inspired me -
All in a day's work!


justin hallstrom said...

hello and thanks for commenting on my profile yes i am new but i think im starting to learn my way around....i see your a fantastic artist i happen to draw a lot and im almost pro.... well anyways thanks for the welcome

best regards, Justin hallstrom

jeannette stgermain said...

Hi Justin, thank you for writing me back - hope you'll continue to draw!! Do you know the magazine "Drawing?" - it's very inspirational to see others' people's work (and learn from it too :)
(sorry, I couldn't find your blog back - i'm hopelessly computer-challenged) Visit me again, okay? jeannette

Archita Singh said...

Very Interesting!
Please visit us at the India Art Summit. Following the inaugural success of India’s international art fair in 2008, the second edition is slated for the 19th – 22nd August 2009 in New Delhi, India.
Do visit our website for more details at

jeannette stgermain said...

I looked at your web site -this is the fist time I saw modern/abstract art from Indian artists - very impressive! up till now I only knew work of watercolorists. India is a little far, unless I'll visit our son in China...But thank you vof visiting my blog :)
A curious question, how did you locate my blog? (via google, myspace, or blogger?) My art website is - (some of my newer paintings are at myspace) - please, visit my art website sometime -enjoy! cheers, jeannette

Barry said...

Very interesting look at the life of an artist. Now if only I could learn to eat with the same moderation you show!

jeannette stgermain said...'s only PART of my daily life - at night I munch and munch, so I'm not very hungry till noon.
I only came back to this blog in Nov. since I couldn't figure out how to make friends at this blog. Since you are in the consulting business (smile) how did you get people to follow your blog??
(I'm hopelessly computer challenged, so the only thing I've figured out to do is to start following the blogs of note - are there other things I could be doing to get people to read my blog at this site?) thank you for responding! jeannette

Barry said...

Hi Jeannette,
I found blogs that interested me and made sure I followed them and commented on their posts. I also visited those who left comments on their blogs on the assumption that I at least share a liking for this other person's blog. Before long I had a nice little ground of about 20 people dropping over. We read each others stuff and were happy.

Being named blog of note is a nightmare. I am currently getting 400 people and hour visiting my blog, over 200 have started following my blog. I work for a living and have limited time, or rather no time, to maintain relationships with over 200 people. I need to be more careful what I wish for.

I'm not sure if this helps.

jeannette stgermain said...

yes, thank you for your response, and it helped for me to make some kind of analyzation why it's going slow - my quess is that I haven't found enough blogs yet that really interest me enough that I keep checking back with them.
I also may be because I have friendships established during the time that I fled to Myspace.

Yes, I know what you mean - success does not always turn out to be what we dreamed for, but instead turns out to be a nightmare.
The pressure to keep up with everyone - you probably will keep up with the ones who you really connect to on an internal level.
Have you though of writing a blog explaining your dilemma? Just a thought, just do whatever is good for you.
Now I'm really even more thankful that you responded to my question!!! Thank you! Jeannette