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Monday, February 08, 2010


The dark gray clouds were still there on Saturday, but there's light on the end of the tunnel!
See those little patches of blue? That's where I'm banking on!

Seems every time  a new blanket of snow falls in the North, 
we're getting a bucket of rain. Everything is still wet, but it's drying up! 
Pretty amazing to be able to say that in a desert climate

Still puddles everywhere

but there's also art in puddles

People are ready to walk on the beach 
and enjoy the sunset in between showers.
Oh joy, Sunday we were basking in the warmth of the sun light.


Reader Wil said...

The weather is very strange. I saw a photo in my newspaper of the heavy snowfall in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I hope you will be okay!
I love your photos, especially the one of the purple/ pink flowers!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

...and a cute hat :)

Stephanie V said...

Lovely photos. I live in a rainy city and your rain doesn't seem as gray as ours does. Maybe it's that bright pink.
We are alike in seeking solace and hope in those small patches of blue!

Rudee said...

Your photos are beautiful. I'm betting you'll have a spectacular desert bloom this year.

Protege said...

I envy you the flowers. I should really move into Southern Europe.;) We are still under inches of snow...
The header pictures is absolutely gorgeous.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have more or less forgotten what the words sunlight and warm mean here in UK where it is dull, cloudy grey and very cold.

Clytie said...

Beautiful photos! The first one almost looks like an eye.

Whitemist said...

For me - no more snow and cold, for you no more rain (or at least only little bits of it)! :)

jeannette stgermain said...

Reader Wil,
fortunately for me, Maryland is much more North than California:) So, I'm okay. The flowers are azalea (growing here outside by my door).

Thanks, I'm planning to post another one each month:)

In California we desperately need rain (we are still officially in a drought), but everyone here is tired of rain after a few days, LOL!

Hopefully! Because of your last post I became a member of ravelry. In Calif. there are not many among my friends interested in knitting/crocheting hats and purses (I knit sweaters too, but I often don't fnish them LOL)

I kinda like to see flowers dripping wet:). Yes, if the winter is too hard on you, might be you need to consider moving soutward. But it means a move, and another culture...

Yes, when it's cold and gray the sun seems unreachable -I know that feeling from the time I lived in Holland. Hopefully the sun won't stay away much longer!

After your comment I went to see my first pic again...and you're right!! Wow, you're a good observer:)

No more snow for you! How about till the weather gets here above 80 degrees? Then I would like a downpour:)

The Muse said...

i am encapsulated in snow...
but i bare no grudges..
and hope your much desired sunshine comes your way :)

Rosie said...

Love the sky over the beach - wonderful photo. The weather is crazy at the moment - we have a sugar icing dusting of snow again this morning in my part of the UK:)

rainfield61 said...

Sunday is always beautiful, but it is short.

jeannette stgermain said...

You made me smile with your comment about grudges:) This is Tuesday and it's rainy again - uuugh, it used to be like this all winter long when I lived in Holland (but now they have freezing temps too).

Read your comment before I went to bed on Mon. night, and I should have known that today I'm waking up with rain! Thank you - Hubby took the sky pic.

So true! Glad we had one part day of sunshine, but today, Tuesday -we're back to rain:)

Linda Higgins said...

Love your photos! We are getting so wet here in the desert! I don't ever remember this much rain! But, it will be amazing this Spring! Can't wait!

Stephanie V said...

Me again. I've left the link you wanted over on my post for today - in comments.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you! Isn't it amazing -it seems everywhere on the globe it's raining or snowing a lot!

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank so much! I'll go look:)

matthew houskeeper said...

I like that bottom photo very much.
I would guess all the rain will make for a nice desert bloom this spring.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jeannette: There is always art in the sky.

jeannette stgermain said...

There's nothing like a walk at the beach to get all the cobwebs out of one's mind:) Let's hope that the desert will bloom like a rose around April!

You must do a lot of looking up at the sky:)

Natural Moments said...

Its spectacular to appreciate what we call good weather, but when we redefine what good is, we can have the best time singing in the rain.

jeannette stgermain said...

Natural Moments,
It seems this last year I had to redefine what is "good" (together with many others)! And it is an enviable capacity when one is able to switch gears quickly so to speak.
Regarding the weather, I come from a wet country (Holland), but I've lived now for more than 20 years in CA, so my brain says "dry" is good, LOL!