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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


When our( then future) son in-law came to our house for the first time, he exclaimed, "I don't know how to be..."  We have two of these floor to ceiling book shelves in our living room. He kept looking around.

When I asked him what he meant, he responded, "So many books! I've never seen so many books in a house!
Little did he know that we had some more in the room where he would stay! And when he would wake up this is the first thing he would see. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had just done a major clean up in the garage and living room where I had given away four-fifths of our books. Oh boy, what a culture shock! But he made the adjustment to Bookish family!

 Do you see that look in the head of this household's eyes?
 "Don't ask me to do anything...I'm READING!"
When I paint on our vacations, hubby is reading, hiking, or fishing.
I'm reading when I'm not painting.

Five minutes longer, dear...
I hate forgetting to bring something to read when I have to wait with hair- or doc appointments. On a long car trip my stash of books and magazines is a must. 
When we go out for a cup of coffee we preferably go to a store where they have coffee AND books! Just a few indications how much reading is included in our life.

When parents read, their children read too, because children mimic the parents behavior. They think that this is how the world works. When I got my allowance as a teen, I always spent it saving up on how-to draw books and psychology books. I was one of these geeks who read Freud and Jung when I was sixteen. But it paid off double and triple, didn't it? 

Seems that a number of friends on Blogger  read literature and novels. A few read poetry. I used to read those too, but what I read most of nowadays are books to gain knowledge on different subjects. 
It may be psychology, such as dreams, cross-cultural problems, various disorders, and so on, or anything about various branches of art, knitting and crocheting. Although I do not read as much as in grad school, I still have difficulty to find places to put my books and art magazines.
What do you like to read?


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jeannette: I must admit I listen to books. so much easier on the eyes. I liked to hear your husband fishes.

Clytie said...

I thought I was the only one who keeps a book "stash" in my car! I hate to be caught waiting without something to read!

I read a little bit of everything, from religious to fantasy to hoo-dun-its to romance to how-to and ... nearly everything. Our house is also decorated in Early American Bookcase and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Rudee said...

I like to read great blogs like yours, of course. And lots and lots of knitting books. Lately, I've been reading self help books about anxiety--they've been incredibly helpful. I should drift down that aisle at the bookstore more often.

Instead of a sleeping pill, I usually read patterns.

DawnTreader said...

I have bookcases everywhere too (i.e. in my study, in my living room and in my bedroom). And they're all full.

I have some difficulties now holding books for too long because of neck problems. But I also listen to audio books so I still read quite a lot.

Besides novels I like books about history, psychology, dreams, theology and mythology. I also have quite a few dictionaries! Probably at least one third of my books are in English (the rest Swedish + a few in German).

Janelle Goodwin said...

Just looking at all your books makes me happy! I've always loved reading and being in the presence of books. Funny, because it must have been passed onto my daughter. She's almost done with her Library of Science degree.

DUTA said...

I also read books "to gain knowledge", not fiction, which is more suitable in adolescence not in the later stages of life.

I'm under the impression (based on blogs) that the american nation is one of fiction readers. This might explain to me why they elect young people for Presidency. I think Presidency is a serious matter and as such not for young people who could offer mainly beautiful faces such as the Kennedys or Clinton.

crochet lady said...

I like to read all kinds of books. Usually I have several going at a time, a couple fiction, and a couple of nonfiction which are either history or a craft book. I find myself going on reading binges, where for weeks at a time I'll read everything I can get my hands on in a certain genre or on a specific topic. Of course working in a public library gives me endless inspiration in book selection.

neetzy said...

Hi Jeannette,
I'm snowed in again. We now have over three feet of snow! I love to read. I am now reading Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, about right brain thinking. It confirms everything that I've been thinking for years! I do like to curl up with a good novel as well. Most recently I finished the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. My teenage daughter recommended it to me!

jeannette stgermain said...

About hubby: when he was a child, he used to be able to fish from the house where he lived in (a river was streaming along) the back of their house. The same son-in-law in the post is a fishing fanatic!
Have you heard about auditory and visual learners. You probably belong in the first category.

I'm glad I found a compadre in book-stashing:) Wow, you have many interests! It's good keeping those brain cells excercised:)

jeannette stgermain said...

So you read patterns just for readings sake? You also have many interests! Are you anxious and you can't sleep? If you like music, the music of Teresa Griffith is great in getting people relaxed and falling asleep (she plays several kinds of flutes).
Of course your work maybe anxiety-provoking (always on the alert can easily spill over into anxiety).

I'm not up on the latest, but I remember a while back they had book holders (looks somewhat like the one for a recipe book) -it would be great if you could get a hold on one of those.
Yes, I'm seeing my bookcase in your list, we also have quite a few dictionaries an reference books, and several languages.

Chuckle, yes, books give that "lived-in" look. Oh, I am sure that we pass on the love to read to our children. When my son packed the first time to go to China to live there, he had at least 10 books in his duffel bag "to tie him over."
Your daughter must be smart too, I worked in a library -these people have to go to oodles of info!

jeannette stgermain said...

Yes, a lot of (futuristic) fiction is read here, probably more than novels. Interesting to hear your view of these presidents. They can't be too young though -they usually have a political science or law degree. And they have to travel a year or so to all the main states to gather support to vote for them in the election.

Yes, it would be hard to work in a library not liking to read LOL. Do you have to run through the same hoops as for the adult library?
My first paid job was to work for a library on wheels.

The snow is a nice excuse to read some more:)Three feet is a lot though!
Do you like to read biographies or autobio's of painters? Have you read I WAS Vermeer (the forger of Vermeer) and The lost painting?
Pink's book sounds interesting!

Whitemist said...

I love reading and have so many books, but I also read (even with the strange vision) at an astounding pace. It was a great day after surgery that I saw my eyes take in whole paragraphs at a glance and it has been that way since i was a child.

The Muse said...

i cannot say i have one distinct genre or subject...i adore reading...and thrive on the input.

if there is a letter, then there is a word...then a sentence...and then...more...

whole be explored :)

i just have a passion!

The Muse said...

most happy to read your comments, and know that for a moment in lingered over a small bit of my prose.
thank you so much.

jeannette stgermain said...

You must be a very thankful man to still be able to read! I had to take speed reading for 2 semesters because I was doing graduate work in another language, but reading a whole paragraph at a time?? That's amazing!

Muse, two times:)
And I can tell your passion by reading your blogs -how do you keep up with them all? Or do you have a lot of time to yourself?
The next post (for Valentine) I'll talk about the flower that started a series of paintings of 15 other flowers.

Chrisy said...

Oh yes loves a bit of joy when I don't have access to a good particular genres for me...I enjoy so many...must admit to a current enjoyment of detective novels....didn't expect to ever enjoy them but have fallen hook line and sinker! Happy reading dear girl...

Rosie said...

Like you I love to read and hate to be anywhere without a book. I am off to the dentist shortly and will take a book to read in the waiting room! I love book shops that have coffee shops within - that is absolute bliss to me:)

Rebecca said...

Love to read too...but I am more of the type that haunts the library quite frequently - (except where children's books are concerned.) Love to read historical, English novels and biographies.

I added the shortbread recipe to my post - I hope you make it as it is delicious!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I like to read literary novels written by English writing female authors. I never read a Dutch book. I'm not interested. Once in a while I'll read a male author, but I do limit myself to females, because otherwise there are too many novels to read and not enough time to read them.

DawnTreader said...

Jeannette, I have two or three different kinds of bookholders. You still have to frequently turn pages and each time fasten the pages somehow to keep them in place for the very short while it takes to read them. Holders are great in some situations, and with certain books; but real "pageturner" novels (the kind you don't want to put down but just keep on reading) I prefer as audio books now.

jeannette stgermain said...

I love detectives too, but I like to see those on TV or DVD instead of reading, like Agatha Christie, Grisham, Bones, and so on. Here you also have Mystery Murder Plays...some in a restaurant, where the customers become part of the play. Have an outrageous murder mystery weekend:)

Am so happy that here in the States they finally caught on the last 5 years that people like to drink coffee outside their house! And when weather is bad, or it is evening it's the best entertainment I can think of!

I used to take my kids to the local library all the time and spend a few hours there. But now I like also art magazines to keep up with the newest in art, so that's why Borders is a perfect solution for me. have a happy library weekend!

I like historic novels -but that's the only kind of novels I read. So, you must read in English all the time, Irene! It doesn't bother me that I can't read all the books on subjects I like -actually it would be a frightful thought to have read anything there is to read -then nothing would be left for me than to read them again LOL
Happy reading!

Oh that's good! I'm glad you found a solution -so you are not hindered in reading (it would be a real must for me, when you live in a country where you can't get out much in the winter because of the cold!) Happy reading this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading anything that expands my point of view and awareness. I resonate with that which holds the key to unlock those forgotten and locked up tensions that wish to see the light of day once again.

Whitemist said...

Way back in 6th grade my reading speed (without any courses) was well over 12000 words a minute (they timed me). I think i am close to that again after my eye set back.

Diane AZ said...

I have always lived in homes with lots of books, mostly nonfiction. But, nowadays with so much info and books online I probably don't need so many bookshelves full. I like the idea of cleaning up and giving some books away.

George said...

I have to admit that I love to read also. I read mostly history, but will read in just about any area to learn something that interests me. I don't think I have quite as many books as you do, but they do fill several rooms.

Thanks for visiting my site. I was in Bali as a stop on my way to China to teach English as a second language over the summer. I was part of a team on an exchange program with a Chinese university. I taught Computer Science at Heidelberg College in Ohio.

jeannette stgermain said...

Natural Moments,
I like that - expanding my awareness (only in good things though).
...those forgotten and locked up have a way with words, friend! With "tensions" do you mean feelings?

You must have had much time to yourself in college then? I've never met anyone who had that speed in 6th grade! Was that speed (back in 6th grade)also with about 85% comprehension?

I still like books because I can thumb through pages. I very much dislike sitting behind a computer, and staring at a screen (no romance in that, LOL)

You have many interests -history, computer science, English...:)
Interesting - friends of mine also did some exchange teaching English. My son is also there (for the 4th year) to teach English, but he went on his own. There are many teaching jobs available, because American and UK teachers are preferred.

Whitemist said...

Actually Jeanette, it was 99 % comprehension and they did not know that i read it twice in the time span given. I grab whole paragraphs and make sense out of them. It does not do good for picking out misspelled words though. That I am lousy at. Even technical journals I would sail through. Those classes with 50 books to read were all finished in the first 3 weeks. It left me time to figure out that physics was just a bit off center and did not like it.

Poetikat said...

Jeanette - Are you on Goodreads? I have all my books listed there. I couldn't really narrow down what I read because it's all over the place.

I can relate to that look in your husband's eyes; it's the same one I shoot my husband when he's interrupting MY reading.


P.S. Love what you've done on the blog; it's very fresh and inspiring!

Paula said...

I'm with you, a hopeless book addict. I collect them and then I give them away to make room for new books. I have to say that I don't really trust people who don't have lots of books in their homes. I tend to think they're uninformed and narrow minded, I know that's not fair, but books are just that important - and symbolic - to me.

Pam said...

I also hate to be anywhere without anything to read. I have a book of short stories stashed in my truck, for emergency reading!

jeannette stgermain said...

-my first thought was to envy you, but on second thought, no, because it meant that I would be waiting for people all the time for them to finish reading. Since I'm not a patient person....

it's good for the mind to stay active (I think). I didn't know about Goodreads (thanks for mentioning it) so I looked it up -I really like it -more links available than amazon:)
Thanks, Kat, I especially like the frivolous middle part (but not too girly:;) )

As long as people have one passion (addiction excluded) they probably keep their mind exercised.
I never thought about people who do not read at all. Some people may not read books, but they read the paper or watch the news. Others I know love comics, and don't like to read "words." Have to give it some more thought about what you said:)

Haha, when I'm in such an emergency I'll be looking up your truck ;)
You have quite a number of followers...has it been a blog of note?

Kerri said...

I LOVE to read -- since childhood. I remember reading Charlotte's Web and crying. That is the first book (that I remember) that made me FEEL something. I LOVE to be transported to another place and time - and to FEEL. I am a mystery lover!

Angie Muresan said...

Oh we are a family of readers too. Since we do not have a TV we read a lot. It is quite lovely gathered around the family room fire, each immersed in our own books.

jeannette stgermain said...

It sounds books appeal to your imagination and emotions! It enriches our lives so much! I would not be surprised if they also encourage our creativity:)

The description of your family reminds me of when my kids were young! We also went almost every week to the library. We did have a TV, but I restricted it to one hour per day during school week.