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Saturday, February 27, 2010


At least for me it's Saturday afternoon. It's raining again, bleh.
I've washed and folded my sweaters three times now, planning to put them away till Thanksgiving. But no! I'm wearing them again. And because of the rain I put up another reflection picture, so I don't have to do it afterward.
But I have nothing to complain!! I am not in Chili where an 8.8 earthquake hit - fortunately while most people were probably still sleeping -around 3:30 am.

But I do have some good, no great news. I paraphrase the article I read from the Associated Press. An Argentine young man, now 32 was stolen when his pregnant mother- who was a 28 year old surgeon -was kidnapped by the Argentine forces 33 years ago. 

She and her husband Madariaga were members of the Montoneros, a left wing group being targeted to be killed by the government. M. went into exile, and made finding the children of 
missing people his cause.
Francisco was born and taken from his mother the next day. An intelligence officer took him.
The biological father Abel returned to Argentina in 1983 and became the secretary and its first male member of the grandmother's group, who lobbied for DNA tests in finding missing people.

This group was instrumental in finding Abel's son. 
Francisco said, "To have one's identity is the most beautiful thing there is." Don't you love a story like this?
Okay, I gotto go start diner now!


Rudee said...

On one hand, you don't have to shovel the rain, but on the other, it's not as pretty as snow. It's snowed here every single day for a week. It's old and cold.

I am hopeful that the damage in Chile is not as bad as it was in Haiti--hopefully more modern buildings will have prevented that.

Stay warm.

Terresa said...

That is an amazing story. I used to live in Uruguay, so anything Argentine I, too, have an affinity for.

I just heard about the earth quake in Chile and now I'm worrying about my Chilean friends...

The Muse said...

glad for the blessed ending...
so rare these days (sadly).

now with the many will feel a loss. :(

jeannette stgermain said...

Hope that your hope materializes! -Chili is one of the more developed countries of S. Am., so maybe their buildings will hold up better? ...although it's a very heavy earthquake...
I'm glad that the rain is not as cold as snow.

I knew there was something different in the way you approached things, but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know you've lived in different cultures, it makes sense:)Hope your friends are safe Terresa

Yes, I like to have some GOOD news, next to all the dreary, depressing and bad news we're bombarded with every day! I think the good news is out there, but the media is of the opinion that people aren't interested in it... so wrong!

Marinela said...

Amazing story,your blog is really nice!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Hi Jeannette,
I'm just responding to your question about free patterns of stuffed animals. Try this one:


Ily said...

Amazing story! Thanks for sharing...and what Francisco says is true. To know who you are is everything.

Btw, I'm in Miami wearing a sweater, two pairs of socks and boots today. It's in the 40s...but it's also sunny and beautiful and I'm meeting friends for breakfast at a place called The Cozy Corner in 10 min. Life's good.

Happy Sunday!!

PS - Nice hat! :)

The Green Stone Woman said...

Argentina has many, many sad stories like it. People are still waiting for justice. Our future queen comes from there. Her father was not invited to the wedding because of his political connections. There's much sadness left in Argentina yet.

Floss said...

What an amazing story. We take things for granted in our relatively stable lives, don't we?

The Sagittarian said...

I love happy endings, such a shame to have missed out on such a chunk of his son's life but better to have been found again eh?

Clytie said...

I agree with Floss - we really do take things for granted when we have fairly stable lives, and our government is not so overtly intrusive.

crochet lady said...

Really like your picture.

Wonderful story and that is so true our identity is essential.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thanks - also for visiting! How did you find me?
Oh I forgot to mention on your blog -since you are already so deep into doing poetry: you hopefully know that you don't have to rhyme for it to be called a poem?

Thanks so much -I'm going to check it out! Pretty large following you have...or was it a blog of note?

wow, even cold in Florida? Guess since you are Cuban, you can relate to the story...hope you had an enjoyable breakfast!
Thanks, in a few weeks I was planning a post about hats, so you might want to come back for that:)

Thanks about the info -since I was here in America during their wedding I didn't know about these details -you know they're horrible here about covering world news decently!

Yes, we are very very spoiled and protected in the Western world.

the Sagittarian,
The deeper the night, the greater the joy in the morning! I don't know if someone can ever recover completely from such a long period not knowing who you really are...

Hopefully this government doesn't have death squads of people who are a threat to them, like in Argentina and other countries. I think blind fear may be one of the big motivators of such horrible things.

Thank you, Friend! Yes, this story really brings this truth home, doesn't it?

The Caffeinated Globe said...

Thanks for sharing the article and the picture.

Gaston Studio said...

What a wonderful story of hope and never giving up!

Patience-please said...

Amazing story! Thank you for sharing it.

jeannette stgermain said...

Caffeinated Globe,
Thank you! For some reason when you became a follower I had difficulty visiting your blog, but since you commented, I tried again, and voila -it happened! Now I'm looking for a recipe for the whoopie pies (Amish) that you mentioned:)

These stories make my day - one of my wishes is to steer the media in this direction and to cover more stories like this one!

Angie Muresan said...

I love this story! It is so full of hope and love. I wish them a happy reunion.
Sorry about your rain.

jeannette stgermain said...
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jeannette stgermain said...

You're welcome! Too good to keep it for myself! That your work may go smooth this week:)

So true - a good reminder to never give up!
Just don't pay attention to my complaint -it will be like this for a while (I think). Have a great week!

Ebie said...

This is a great reflection shot!

Anything is possible and I love happy endings!