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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Knitting and other creative works most often comes in spurts with me. Except for painting. That has become such a second nature, that it's like waking up and making a cup of tea.
But now I can't stop myself from knitting. It seems the season to finish some things that I have not had the motivation before to finish.

This light blue Undulated Waves scarf  with beads in the holes is almost done. Oh my, no pain, no gain! The pain was that that I had to string the 425+ beads beforehand on the yarn that you knit with. My only comfort was to sip from my mango tea (loose leaf tea) while putting on the beads. When you look at my skein, you may see (or click on image to enlarge) that the beads are on the yarn.

 I also knitted same pattern but without the beads and heavier yarn while watching TV.
I couldn't do that with the beads -I had to THINK! This one is finished as I'm writing this.

Even knitted a summer scarf from Vogue in between. For the first time, I'm not behind with knitting summer things! Of course, here in California I would wear this in the Spring. Who wants to have anything around their neck in sweltering 90+ degrees weather? 
For the scarf itself I choose a thin and smooth yarn (Grace from Patons).  I had to tweak the sides, because it would roll lengthwise to a tube, so I crocheted picots on the side edges. The problem is not totally solved, but at least it won't look like I have a tube around my neck. The leaves are knitted with leftover yarns. My artsy scarf is also finished.

What's next? My Grocerybag...
My blue bag in the Turkish Fagotting stitch needs to be finished. I showed some of the bottom (that one doesn't see while carrying it). I made it bigger than the pattern and I'll put something water resistant on the inside of the bottom, also to make it stronger, so heavier groceries can be carried in it. And I've purchased a strong shoulder strap (like the ones on backpacks), that I'm going to put on with a D-ring.
The part where I'm working on now, is with double yarn like I did the bottom, and I'll make a drawstring, so the eggs won't fall out!

For friends in the USA:  in Europe many use "fancy" grocery bags they made or purchased. Already for decades they have eliminated the plastic bag in stores.  The Dutch Store 40 min. away from me (Los Angeles) charges 10 cents per plastic bag!

My BIG question: is this knitting fever or Spring fever?...or a need for closure?
Anyway, I'm in the mood for it and it's fun!


midwesttomidlands said...

Wow, you are one talented lady. They are all beautiful. Funny thing, I just came back from the grocery store and this is a small thing, but I like taking my own bags. Mine are generic, not nearly as pretty as yours. But it does make for easier carrying and more eco friendly shopping. You are inspiring me to get creative again.

Clytie said...

These scarves are absolutely beautiful. I tried knitting once ... it didn't work for me. Crocheting was my thing for a while. Life got in the way. Maybe it's time to try it again?

PS - I've noticed an increase in permanent grocery bags here. They are becoming very popular. I have only seen a few 'made' ones though, and was envious.

Rudee said...

You've been really productive. Work with beads is tedious, but oh, so worth it!

Patience-please said...

Oh you've been quite the knitting busy bee! And such sweet results! You've had a honey of a winter, I say - good for you!

Stephanie V said...

That wave pattern makes a beautiful scarf - and I like the idea of beading it. Your colored leaves and picot give a unique look to an ordinary scarf.
Good solution to the curling/tube problem. I hate it when that happens because the solution isn't always as graceful - or successful - as yours is.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you Jane! It is so satisfying to create your own grocerybag(s) -it's worth the work:)but it may take some practice before getting the hang of it.

Learned to knit in 2nd grade (at school). But I imagine, that it takes longer to learn knitting/crocheting as an adult -so be easy on yourself and give yourself time!
I really think that eventually plastic grocerybags will be ousted, because they're not eco friendly.

Yes, so true! But as I've seen your knitting work, you won't avoid a difficult or tedious project -I'm still a "lazy" knitter (quick and beautiful results, haha)

Hubby sometimes shakes his head because of all the projects I've usually going on (he forgets that he has that at work:) )

It happens regularly to me, because I'm allergic to wool, so I always have to adjust and find what works. My brain muscles are well exercised that way;)

Stine in Ontario said...

Your knitting is beautiful. I haven't knit anything in a very long time and I do have yarn for socks. (I LOVE handmade socks.) Hmmmm. Maybe you have inspired me!

Yes, please just take the award free button. To tell you the truth, I don't remember where I got it from.

Joanna said...

Hi Jeanette,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Although I'm not a knitter I'm interested in your pieces, but also I like your ART BLOG. I am returning to painting after a long long break and am doing water colours here in Mazatlan. I'll be posting some on my blog when I get my nerve up.

jeannette stgermain said...

Thank you, glad you like it. Looking forward to your paintings!
Give yourself a breather: when it doesn't turn out, you just start over again -in the beginning, when I came back to art, now in watercolor, that's what I did for 1 1/2 years straight!

jeannette stgermain said...

Just started last year making a pair of socks. The thing I haven't quite down how to make the leg part snug, without cutting off blood flow:)
Thanks so much for allowing me to use the award free button -it's lovely!

Reader Wil said...

This is awfully clever! I have the greatest respect for you to knit such difficult patterns! And beautiful too!

DUTA said...

Knitting is such a beautiful craft!
Unfortunately, Where I live people have almost given it up because of the warm weather.
Your knitting is art at its best.

jeannette stgermain said...

Reader Wil,
It really is not as difficult as it looks (with the pattern next to me, of course!). Thank you -it is fun!

Since knitting and crocheting is the "in" thing to do now, there are still a lot of people who do it -even in the Californian heat in the summer! Thank you, Duta!

Protege said...

That is absolutely lovely! Love the second scarf, the colours are beautiful.
I used to knit a lot when I was younger, it has truly been a while.;) It is actually a wonderful activity during the long winters.;)

Knitting Out Loud said...

Your knitting is awesome!

jeannette stgermain said...

Here in the States there are I think more knitters in the North than in the South (and they have all those awesome stores/websites where you can get everything you can't get here in California). Maybe it will pick up here a little bit more, now there are so many light weight and lacy things to make:)

Knitting out Loud,
Thank you for your kindness! I still have a lot to learn, but one thing I do wish is that my stitch becomes more regular!
Thanks for visiting!

Pam said...

your knitting is gorgeous. I haven't knitted for years but I always found it to be very relaxing.
I like the idea of charging for plastic bags, we carry our own bags with us.

jeannette stgermain said...

Just read your post about sea turtles, you are probably too busy having outdoors activities (also photography)to knit!
Although I've gotten so used to plastic grocery bags, all that plastic is damaging for the planet!