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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Balboa is a small island off the coast in Southern California. In 1916 it became a part of Newport Beach. This island is an enchanting vacation place for the summer. A century ago,  they began to build the vacation houses. 

Back then these vacation houses did not have the modern utilities - that came all later. So, no wonder that houses are small and built very close together. At first there was a one-car-ferry to get a vehicle from the mainland to the island, but later a narrow wooden bridge was built. 

Later that was replaced by a concrete bridge, roads were widened, restaurants and shops appeared. This is the backside of (I believe) a restaurant. In the summer hotels and pubs provide entertainment and events take place. In the 1920 and 30ties many movies were shot on this island. Since hubby works here at times, he took me one day on a day trip and showed me the sites.

Showed this pic before, but this is where I was knitting a hat at Starbucks on main street where numerous little touristy shops, some with a Cape Cod theme! Even though it is very busy in the summer, it still has the feeling of a small town with quaint little houses, close to the harbor.

One can see little boats sprinkled around this area in yards, and wherever possible. I loved this boathouse, and will show you the painting of it when finished (I'm dragging my feet because of all the little details!). 

Since it is still a vacation island, relaxation exudes in every street, house and brick. Don't these patio chairs look inviting?
When you click to enlarge this photo of the front patio, you'll see that the little girl with the parrot is...
Now you can dream a little of your coming summer vacation. That would be very Dutch, you know, - they plan their vacations a half year in advance!  


The Muse said...

my sister was born in newport beach...and our family has strong ties there!
i loved glimpsing little pieces, here and there...and yes, planning a vacation is part of the fun!

SMILEs (about the "girl" and parrot!)

Rebecca said...

I does look like a wonderful place to vacation! I would love investigating the area too.

crochet lady said...

That looks like a wonderful place to relax. I could go for a little island vacation about now.

Stephanie V said...

How wonderful that the houses haven't gone with the coming of bridges and roads. That porch does look inviting. I love the soft red brick (?) wall behind them. Perfect place for reading or dreaming and, of course, knitting.

Protege said...

The Danish do too.;) Right about now all the Scandinavians are making plans for the summer. And in contrast to the americans, we take about 4-5 weeks off.;)
Lovely pictures and a great narrative.;)

Clytie said...

I think what I like best about this series, besides those amazingly comfortable looking chairs, is the way they have incorporated so much nature into their scenery.

The houses are very close together, like you say, a little cramped. But still there is greenery in nearly every shot! I really like this. It feels homey.

DawnTreader said...

So do the Swedes! (start planning their summer vacation in the winter, I mean) Your island does look like an idyllic place to spend a relaxing vacation.

jeannette said...

Aaah, I knew that there was something Californian about you:)
Yes, they couldn't be more than glimpses here and there because even one can't see it from the pics, it was cold and windy, and got a hot coffee to warm up!
Isn't the little girl beautiful?

You would have a blast shooting pics here! And on your photos I'm sure would speak of the atmosphere here so much better:)

jeannette said...

When one has kids, you could go on a little vacation every month LOL -I know the feeling!

I'm glad they kept the houses -that's why it still looks quaint. There are not many patios there,so I took my opportunity - also to remind myself to enjoy life more!

Yes, all of Western Europe and Scandinavia does:) I always wondered how it is possible that even though they have longer vacations (at least the Dutch), the stress level of the Europeans is often higher -from what I've seen.

Very accurately seen! California is big on landscaping. Landscapers make a good living here (I'm not counting in this economic depression, because now everything is haywire...).
Who knows, it's a place to visit for you some day:)

jeannette said...

Yes, in my post I should have been more precise -the Western Europeans and Scandinavians - life in the USA is not as predictable as it is in Europe - except for the very wealthy ones here -that's a definite factor,
Also has to do with the length of vacation
-people would be fired if they took 4 weeks off, or they just hire someone else
-only the ones with a very very cushy job (beyond many doctors!) can afford it.

Jo said...

Omigosh, that looks absolutely exquisitely beautiful...! Thank you for sharing that. I had no idea it was there.

DUTA said...

This picturesque place appears to be full of options both for the residents as well as for the visitors.

I like the picture of the front patio with the girl statue and the "inviting" chairs.

Stine in Ontario said...

Looks like such a perfect spot for a vacation. It sure would be nice!

Gilly said...

Looks a great place for a holiday! But in a way its a pity they built a big concrete bridge and widened the roads. Keeping it small and perhaps a bit difficult to get to would have kept the old charm.

But then I like old places which the madding crowd never gets to! ;)

Reader Wil said...

It looks all very inviting to spend a holiday there! Thanks for your visit and kind comment!

jeannette said...

You're welcome! My photos don't do justice to the atmosphere -it's quite enchanting! Thanks for the visit:)

You are right, it's one of those places everyone likes to go to- also because in the heat of summer it's cooler because it's an island:)
Yes, just those chairs alone make me think of vacation!

You are so right! Well, since it's in the South maybe you decide to visit Balboa some day:)

"Convenience" is the key word for California. And people here are city oriented - that's probably the reason why they live here, while people who like remote places are more likely to live where you live:)

Reader Wil,
You're quite welcome:) Yes, it's inviting -that's why so many show up here!

Coastcard said...

I love the Scottie dog on the table! Greetings from Wales, UK. I followed your link from Weaver's blog...

jeannette said...

Wow, you have an eye for details! I only saw the doggie when I had added the pic to this post:)
I heard about Swansea, Wales, because I've read the book of Rees Howells (WWII) a few times!

Angie Muresan said...

It is a beautiful place. Perhaps someday I will visit it, too.

Pam said...

You make it sound so inviting and your photos are wonderful. It looks like a great place to visit.

Maya said...

Balboa island sounds so interesting..., it must be beautiful out there. Even though I have been to Newport Beach, I didn't know about it!

jeannette said...

Yes it's worth visiting, when you're in the neighborhood, like going to Disneyland of something like that:)

Hope I did not come over as negative at your blog yesterday, I just was wanting to go focus on which priorities we should have -so, no harm intended!

Glad I made it inviting to visit -you are doing a good job of that for Florida:)

And at your blog I read about places I haven't visited yet in California! So, we're even:)

Sreddy Yen said...

Hi Jeannette! So glad to be back in BlogLand and the first post I read is yours about vacation :) This island seems so picturseque. I hope you enjoyed your visit there. I do have one complaint though: why did you have to visit a Starbucks? LOL - They seem to be plaguing the planet!

Barry said...

Those patio chairs do look inviting.

Now you have me hoping my vacation destination this summer is have as beautiful and relaxing.

Joanna said...

This reminds me of the Balboa Hotel near San Diego. We visited there last year on our way home from Mexico. It is also a place with a laid-back vacation feeling. Your photos are lovely.

James said...

Hi Jeannette, Balboa Island is a nice place to walk around especially around Christmas time. It's good to see photos of Orange County. I moved away over three years ago and I only go back to visit about once a year.
Coincidently I came very close to posting some pictures of Balboa Island today. :)

I lived in Costa Mesa longer than any other place. (Near Harbor and Adams) I also lived on the Santa Ana/Orange border as child and Fountain Valley in my teen years.