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Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring celebrates its season with fresh and new colors
This came up in between the bricks on the driveway ( last Spring) - a gift of the soil I did not plant

 Some are fresh and delicate looking

Others come with a wild passionate look above ground

The Iris is artsy as ever.
Enjoy the paintbox of the season! 



crochet lady said...

Love those bright colors of spring.

Stephanie V said...

Gifts of the soil...I think that describes these beautiful flowers exactly. The colors are so summery and we have expectations of the coming season.

Pam said...

Jennette, the colors of these flowers is gorgeous. Spring is finally here and we can all enjoy the beauty it brings. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Clytie said...

What beautiful vivid colors! Ah, I can't wait!!!

Diane AZ said...

I love your colors of spring, indeed it does look like a celebration! The velvety iris is very pretty.

jeannette said...

I love it when everything looks so clean and fresh (we have only a few months of that in California and then everything gets taken over by summer heat)!

Glad you understood my typo (soil instead of coil, LOL). We can never expect or enjoy the seasons too much!

I am with you, Friend! Isn't it strange that there is a desire in all of us to long for Spring, even though snow is beautiful?

Thank you Pam! Everything in nature has its own beauty, although it is easy to warm up to the beauty of flowers:)

After everything has been bare in winter, we really can appreciate each color that comes above ground! The iris comes from the gardens of the Huntington Library.

Gilly said...

Thanks for calling in at my blog! I rather think Spring in Ca. is a bit more advanced than ours in the UK! But you certainly have some vibrant colours there!

Love your header photo - its great!

Anya said...

Spring is also here
I love it :-)
Lovely flowers on your place
(Heb je ook tulpen hihihihi... grapje)

Enjoy spring :-)


Protege said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!
I love colours and I love flowers, so this was a treat for me.;)
Love the last shot, what a deep blue. Very similar to my Jackomani clematis.;)

jeannette said...

Thank you Gilly!The header was a puddle between the street and the sidewalk:)
Seems you stay "with the time" - hope I'll be as "wit it" when I'm your age:)I know we are as young as we feel, but keeping up with all the technology is a feat in itself!

Tell me how many gebakjes you ate on your b'day (just joking)- hope you had a nice day! I lost my yard when we moved in Aug. to a condo, so these are flowers I see close by (except for the first.
The variety of tulips here are very limited (to buy)...I never grew them -no green thumb:)

Thank you friend! I know that Spring comes here much earlier, because of the warmer temperatures, but hope to see your clematis when it blooms:)

Whitemist said...

Those colors are not here yet, but soon, very soon!~ :)♥

jeannette said...

For you, I hope those colors you will see soon -and hope you'll take to enjoy them:)

Rosie said...

The spring flowers are so pretty! The blue of the iris is so rich and beautiful:)

Joanna said...

I like your image of the paintbox of spring. And the iris is such an elegant flower. But what is that striking orange flower? Have a lovely spring day.

ayamlin said...

Hi jeannette!
Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
I've been learing english for a long time but I don't have oppotunities to use English in usual life.
So Yes, you're right.
It was a very good practice to speak english.
I like speaking English.
So I want more opportunities to speak english.
you know writing English is easier than speaking English.
you could say the same thing to use your own language.
it means speaking Japanese is more difficult than writing Japanese.
Because when we write something, we can go over them and fix them!

By the way today's article is very beautiful.
I like your title's picture, too:)
Do you live in US?
Are you Amercan?
Actually I really like American.
and my English teacher is a American guy:)
He is very nice and a good person.
I respect him and I can know the good things of American from him:)

The Muse said...

i am following all my blogs privately now, wanted to let you know that is why my avatar will not show openly in the google reader. i am continuing to deal with a nasty stalking issue, and so i must take this action, rest assured, i am here ... :) and happy to be...happy to see the beauty that awaits, be it through nature or by your hand! :)

jeannette said...

I know you'll still have to wait a little, but this is a foretaste of what is to come! Yes, I love the blue-purple iris -do you see that there's a pink one in the background?

Did you come back home? Hope to see more of your paintings, dear friend! Don't hide your talent! Sorry, I am very bad at remembering names of flowers. This one grows by my front door. Glad you enjoyed the paintbox idea:)

I know from experience, Ayamlin how it is to learn a foreign language -at one time I was doing the same as you do now (I am Dutch, and then I started studying here in the United States) -so much to learn -you have the feeling sometimes you never catch up! Is your English teacher teaching class in English, or is he a private tutor?
(I'm asking that because my son is teaching English in China, in a class as well as privately).
Thanks for visiting my blog!

That takes part out of the fun of blogging, isn't it? Have you reported him/her to Blogger? (my psychologist-gene arises here:) ) I think you should - what that person does is more than a prank.. Needs to know that it's not acceptable behavior!!
As long as I can visit you I'm fine!
Just in case, my email is Jeannette(dot)Coevorden1(at)yahoo
Take care!

ayamlin said...

Oh, you're from Holland originally?!
I've stopped by the airport in Holland to transit.

I'm jealous of you!
Because you can use English always.

My teacher teaches us English using a video of letterman.
And we watch the TV program and my teacher ask us what they talk about.
Also he (my teacher) have a personal lesson,too.
He can speak Japanese perfectly.
so he can explain each meaning of words in japanese.

Rebecca said...

It is so nice to see flowers popping up on the blogs again!

jeannette said...

Yes, I come from Holland, but I have lived for longer than 20 years in Los Angeles (first for studies, but now my kids have grown up, and two of them have married Americans, and now there are grand-children, so we probably stay stay here!).
You teacher sounds like her teaches well. A video is a very good way to practice, and is not boring :)
Do you need English for your job -is that why you are so interested in the language?
Blogging is also a great way to practice your English!Have a great weekend, Ayamlin!

Wow, I see you spent quite some time on my blog -yes, never can get enough flowers, I also paint them! Have you ever been on my art blog called ART NOTES? Whenever you like to, click on the top text in the right side bar to see some of my painting -periods.
Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Stine in Ontario said...

The colours are rich and beautiful!

jeannette said...

Thank you, Stine! I have this little program I borrow from hubby that helps me with the colors :)

ayamlin said...

Hi jeannette!
I don't use English at work.
I like American music and dramas also movies.
When I was in high school, I started to be a fan of BON JOVI.
and I started to be interested in English:)

jeannette said...

Maybe you need to come and live here (just joking!), but the culture probably is quite different from Japan...

Kerri said...

Hello Spring! These are lovely!

jeannette said...

Thank you friend! In a few weeks winter is a vague memory:)