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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


When I lived in Europe, I had never heard about Diego Rivera. But when one lives in California, one is bound to run into a painting of him, sooner or later.
 The naive painting style of some of his paintings is not as popular there (Europe). Rivera also experimented with cubism, but Picasso is such a giant in Europe. But Diego's revolutionist murals definitely stand out. For the sake of being short, I keep it in this post to the painting style in which he painted the Calle lilies, the flower seller, etc.. 
© 16 x 20, Oil, St.Germain

You and I
Your colors are my country
my home is wherever you will be
you are always around me
your voice and touch
as far as the horizon
I see.

© St.Germain
This painting is a wink to the style of Rivera, described above. I only did two or three paintings in that style when I started painting with the oil medium. 
By the way, that the baby is blue does not mean that the baby is dead, or that it is a boy! You may remember that French ultramarine is my favorite color. And I added the poem to indicate that this is about the bond between child (named him/her "I")  and parent (named her "You).

How I managed to paint this on the day that one of my best study friends delivered her first baby, I do not even want to explain. Even stranger, she is Hispanic, and her family lived for many years in Mexico City. When she got pregnant, we saw each other only every few months or so. So I probably remembered the month, but certainly not the week, and even less the date her baby would be born.
Of course, she bought the painting, and hung it above her baby's bed. She now lives in England with her British hubby and children. That is how my paintings end up around the globe:)

For more specifics on symbols of the painting -such as why there is a rounded horizon, please go to ART NOTES (click on 2nd pic from the top -on the right side bar).


midwesttomidlands said...

What a great story, with lots of meaning.

Stephanie V said...

Your painting has such a tender, Pieta-esque quality. I actually think the blue contributes to that - and possibly, the position of the child.
I like it very much.

Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful painting. I've only done a few oils in my time. Someday I shall take a class. (grin)

Since both Mum and Babe are blue I thought they were just blue people. I like the idea of blue people--its one of my fav colors, too. (grin)

jeannette stgermain said...

Jane (Midwest),
Thank you, friend:) Being exposed to different cultures does make us think, doesn't it?

People like you are widening my horizons, and rethinking where I come from myself!

You have a sense of humor, Beth. How about "the Blue Tribe"? I must be one of them -I never tire of blue!
Since you already do art, for you it's just a matter of starting in another medium (really -you know more than you give yourself credit)!

Clytie said...

I really do like this painting - and the poem to go with it. They made me feel peaceful inside. Thank you for sharing them!

crochet lady said...

So interesting to read why you paint, how and a where the paintings end up. Thanks for sharing that great painting and the story behind it.

Beth Niquette said...

Hello again--I wanted to thank you for your kind words the day we discovered our beloved Crickette' had died.

Your sympathy was such a comfort. I have created a badge celebrating our little friend's life--and I'm offering it to all those who have been such a great comfort to us this past week.

You can pick it up on my art blog.


Lillie said...

Beautifully written and very touching.

jeannette stgermain said...

You are are very good in catching what other people mean! There is a peace about a close bond -they say the closest bond is between mother and child.

Thank you! I know from van Gogh's letters that people are interested in the stories behind the painting. Maybe he wouldn't have been so famous without his letters...who knows?

Thank you, Friend:) Am glad you enjoyed it!

It's not so heavy when we know there are others to lean on! Thank you so much for the gift of the badge! Hugs:)
I'll put it on the side bar for now, before I put it in my keepsakes' folder.

Silver said...

My dearest Jeane!

Thank you for the warmth and love, and prayers you have sent my way. I feel it so. Sending you loads of love and warm thoughts too, and promise to write more soon ;P . Still single ..haha.

Great Big Hugs,


jeannette stgermain said...

Are you holding up in daily life, or is it still hard? How are your kids?
Take care and hugs:)