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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My daughter's baby that is. Just in case you think it's my baby:). She chose Christmas day to do the test and hurray Miss Career woman will have her second child in August. Our middle daughter belies her looks. Her looks is very trendy, and has all the gadgets like a blackberry, but she is the most nostalgic of the three adult children.
That means that she still has the blanket I crocheted for her in her teens. And it seems a Nana is someone who crochets your kids blankets too. LOL!  I don't mind though  -not the being a Nana, nor being the-crocheting-blankets-Nana's-kind.
Her trendy side says that the crocheted blanket needs to fit the room she will create for her (then) two kids, and emailed me a green  and brown baby room (I think from Babies-R-Us). 

It turns out that her mother is even more nostalgic than daughter who says, "Brown is no color for babies. No brown in my baby blanket!" So, we settled on green. You know how many kinds of greens there are in the department stores who carry yarn?? 
I even involved hubby, who usually does not give a rip about whether something is the "right" color. To him any color is "right." Have to say he's getting better now he's printing paintings -he does see the difference between two kinds of blues or greens. Let's just say he has a good teacher. You all know her.

I already bought this green yarn, but when we went to another store to get more skeins, I saw this very cute and easy baby blanket made with a double strand: buttercup yellow with mint green jelly -of another kind of yarn. They just had one skein of yellow, and in going to 2 other stores I found no yellow. There must be a lot of babies coming -it's usually one of the signs of an economic depression -I'm joking, but it's also a true statistic. 

the beginnings of the blanket

I can't seem to make up my mind, so I'm crocheting two baby blankets now!
Some of you may wonder, why is she agonizing over this -just make a decision! 
It's probably because I'm walking on water -I never had any grand parents, so I'm learning from scratch. Even though this is going to be my 6th grand child, I'm still in the process of learning how to be a Nana. How much to give (or give in!), how much not, and all that jazz.

By the way, this is for Clytie. When I took the pic of my beginnings of the blanket, I saw a heart shape cut out in the tree stump I put the yarn on!
 If you like it for your blog, be my quest - take it off right here, or let me know  your email, so I can send it to you. 
Added later:  Look on Clytie's blog, for she did post it on her blog of Random Hearts...thank you Friend!.


Clytie said...

I can't wait to see your finished blanket(s). I don't have grandkids yet ... I'm old enough, I just got a late start with kids myself ... and I'm not in a hurry since my twins are just 18.

I am absolutely amazed and humbled that you would think of me when finding this beautiful heart! I do believe I will snatch it from you! It is perfect and beautiful!!!

jeannette said...

It will take me at least a month, because I'm going to work on it in front of the TV, or while waiting...! You're right, it's better for parents not too be too young!

You're welcome, Clytie! I like people with a passion for something good:) like finding the heart in anything.

rainfield61 said...

I can feel the excitement, if I am you, I'll be the same.

jeannette said...

That's nice of you to say, Rainfield! What is expected of grand parents where you live? Make or give things to the baby, take care of them once in a while, or other (or more) things?

Zuzana said...

So exciting with a new addition to the family.;) I love the heart shape in the wood, how extraordinary.;) It is a good sign.;)
You do not look lie a grandmother at all, how do you keep so young.;)

California Girl said...

is that photograph of the baby's room your daughter has decorated? If so, it's adorable! And green, my favorite color tho' I'd have never thought to use when mine were little. It's perfect.

My favorite most treasured baby gifts were those knitted or crocheted by hand. I kept them for years and one of my sons yelled bloody murder when he learned I'd sold them inexpensively in a yard sale to a Mexican mother to be. He wanteed his "blankey". He was 9...

crochet lady said...

I love making baby blankets. Hope you have joy in the process as you stitch and think about your grandbaby on the way.

I kind of like the brown and green and the little monkeys.

Stephanie V said...

There's something so strong inside of us that wants to greet the new little life with warmth and comfort. If that warmth comes right from grandma's hands so much the better.

I think my grand-parenting is less prone to mistakes than my parenting adventure. I have my children to keep me in line!

jeannette said...

Can you believe it, that treestump was welcoming us by the front door of our condo when we moved last year and we kept it:)
I keep young because my closest friends are half of my age. Have to admit though that I'm awkward with elderly people

California Girl,
She(my daughter) would wish that was the room in the pic! My hubby was totally shocked when he saw that pic and said "I thought she wouldn't spend any money??" BIG smiles on my part!!

I can totally see your son doing that! Even stronger, for the longest time when we would travel my teens would have their own pillow as their stash to take with them!

It was actually you who showed a photo of the one you were crocheting that reminded me that I needed to do one for the coming child. And I sent a sample of the shell stitch you did to my daughter to see if she like that one.

Guess not only mothers have that nesting urge lol - or rather, once a mother, always a mother?
Yeah - I think also because grandparents do not necessarily have to discipline their grand children (am I glad that is over!).

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I do a lot of that as well.
I have a few put away. I also hope I will have sentimental kids who will appreciate all the time and effort put in After all it could be store bought but its not the same thing like Nana made it.:) I still have my Nana's stuff and I always remember her.:)

jeannette said...

A Lady's Life
While reading your comment I was also thinking if maybe it has to do with the kind of relationship between the (adult) child and parent. This daughter thinks like me "being home made is more special than store bought" (even though it's often cheaper:) ). Others choose functionality over sentimental value, I quess?

Pam said...

New beginnings are wonderful they create beautiful new memories that last several lifetimes.
Happy is as Happy does so crochet away. :)

jeannette said...

Sorry I moderated your comment, but then I forgot to reply lol
Yes, I think I need to make a bigger deal of the memories I create, for 3 years ago I crocheted one for her first one, and I can't remember what pattern I used, or took a pic of it -thanks for the reminder!