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Monday, April 12, 2010


A few weeks ago you saw a posts here about a steam engine train.  Easter weekend we heard the whistle blowing, while we were strolling through Old town, but did not see it, till we saw a steam cloud moving along

Sorry not the most clear pic, but the train is right at the end of the bridge. The cloud in the tree is the steam blowing into the air.

And this is the building on the platform... Is this where one in the past could buy the train tickets?

And some buildings close to the railroad tracks. 
The shade of the trees makes an interesting pattern on the railroad tracks.

After our walk at the railroad we go to our favorite tiny Indonesian restaurant called Indo Cafe, to eat our lunch. We're too hungry to take pics! Next time, folks I promise some pics of the delicious (Indonesian) food! Afterward we do manage to capture one of their decorative pieces with masks

Our son-in-law wants to show his two-year old son "the boats."

 Coming to the water side, we see on the left side of the old harbor a big bridge with two massive yellow pillars

Walking down a few stairs to the shore we see this big Delta King 3-deck boat, serving as a restaurant. This pic was taken in the summer.

And this shows the other side with the big red waterwheel

And to close it off, a family pic for our friends and also Dutch relatives


Clytie said...

I really like that first picture of the train - with the steam billowing off into the trees.

Barb said...

Hi Jeanette,
I'll be visiting Sacramento next month and enjoyed your photos - I'm familiar with this area. I liked seeing the yellow bridge - we're staying right there!

Nora Ibsen said...

I'm jealous of you going to that Indo Café. I bet the food was really good. It's hard to find good Indonesian food in this town.

jeannette said...

Glad you enjoyed this post! Didn't you live in California at one time? if so, have you been in Sacramento?

How coincidental! Since I like buildings, structures and sculptures, I love the pillars of that yellow bridge. Thanks for visiting! Left a comment on your blog, but not sure if I got through...

Pam said...

Your photos of the old train station are wonderful. And I am sure your family and friends will enjoy see your photo also.

jeannette said...

Sorry -do you have to go to Maastricht for that? (Not I hope?)
But they also take advantage of it -a package of speculaas -my daughter asked, $ 6- !!

Thank you friend! Yeah, our pic will squelch some rumors that we have moved into an old folks home (they didn't understand the concept of a condo in a gated community LOL - living in another country gives for some humorous situations:) ).

Chrisy said...

Oh don't you wish we could buy a ticket into the past...just for a few days...just to see what it was really like...

Diane AZ said...

Great family photos and I like the old train station and steam engine. I've never had Indonesian food, but it would be fun to try sometime.

Rosie said...

Great photos - Looks like you had a wonderful time:)

crochet lady said...

Looks like a great time and wonderful family pictures.

Dick said...

I like the train, the boat looks great too. Nice family pic, I'm not a Dutch relative only Dutch, lol.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jeannette: Really nice photos of the family and the train station. I thought the lady in the last photo was you.

jeannette said...

Uh, you have great imagination -I didn't come further than being satisfied with the leftovers of the past -but it would be great to buy a train ticket to see what the past was like!!

each Asian country has it's own specific taste in food, but if you ever want to try anything, I would suggest "gado-gado" (steamed veggies with peanubutter sauce on top),
or satay ( cubes of chicken or pork on a stick, with a sweet soy sauce, or peanutbutter sauce) and lemper ayam white sticky rice with a sweet veggie mix and chicken inside), or risolles (somewhat like egg roll)."

Like to visit whatever is old, lol. Fortunately, my kids like similar things.

Thank you! later those family pics turn out the ones most precious among all pics!

Thanks, and Touche (sorry no accents on my keyboard) -sometimes I forget that a few of my friends in blogland ARE Dutch

It often turns out that the casual family pics are the best!Yup, that's me and hubby in the last pic (I must look like a blogger lol!).

Barry said...

I envy you having such interesting diversity within walking distance. Living in a distant suburb of Toronto, the City has everything of interest we might want, but none of it can be reached without lengthy day trips by car, train, subway or bus. So, of course, we seldom go to see any of it.

jeannette said...

Barry, hope you realize that I don't live here? We live 7 hours more South - close to San Diego.
So, just being here is an outing since we don't think about "work", anything we want to do or see is fair game.
In contrast, we haven't seen many things in the area where we live (I read about them in Blogland, lol!)

matthew houskeeper said...

I have never been to Sacramento.
That's a nice photo of the two of you.

jeannette said...

Other than Old Town you haven't miss much (especially if you love the city) - I come there ra few times a year because of my adult children and grand children.