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Monday, May 10, 2010


Musing about the changes in time, these pics taken for the pattern of light, moving to shadow seem to express how some feel about the changes. Since I walked these steps, I experienced myself how some stones flow with the pattern of change, others feel very uncomfortable. My thoughts are that with time things may not go back the way they were, ever. But the change may become ancient paths written about in history books

A change of light
some baking in the sun
as I descend
others darkened by shadow
my feet change pace
to get sure footing
my eyes adjust
more vigilantly

Ancient paths
steps hewn hard 
unmovable stone
they say
is it true?
some have loosened
moved in awkward stance
"Someone help"
they cry out baffled
 by their uncomfortableness
squirming to get back
where they were
time passed
each stone seems
to be in place

© St.Germain 

Stairs are in Yosemite National Park 



Whitemist said...

I love those stones and they might be difficult, but i would take them slowly savoring each step!
Beautiful description in poetry!

Beth Niquette said...

Startlingly beautiful. Starkly profound.

Clytie said...

What seems like is there forever is slowly crumbling away, so slowly that we don't notice.

I love your poem, I love your photos. Like Beth says - starkly profound.

VioletSky said...

I like how these stones have settled into a place that seems natural to their surroundings, maybe uncomfortable, but it has not been unnaturally forced into position. no-one picked it up and said: you are wrong, let me put you right, as only I see fit.

Stephanie V said...

Although these rocks are so old, they've been given new sharp edges of youth in the cutting. Is this like pruning an old tree and giving it new growth? Can we do this with our bodies? Do we want to?

jeannette said...

I agree so much -something difficult is not to be rushed "to get it over with" and then move on -that's where I think some people are missing the opportunity to turn change into something new!

Thank you, Beth! -the pics do the work for me -certain things cannot be said or understood with words:)

Thank you, Clytie!It's for some a painful discovery that nothing is forever! And everything here on earth is bound by time, the elements, etc.

You caught the essence of my poem! But what you are saying, that is how some people feel today -I feel kind of betrayed that they can't force to manipulate the circumstances at will...

Am not sure if we are able to do this physically, but our mind could use a pruning now and then! If we don't allow it to happen we become stale and thinking/acting in cliche ways. I pray that that never happens to me!!

Zuzana said...

What a lovely analogy of stones and life. You are a multifaceted artist,

Pam said...

I love the way you think.. and write, Jeannette.
Profound but practical, serious but playful :)
You have a gift for the art of expressing whatever world is around you.

DawnTreader said...

Beautiful pictures and words worth contemplating! So you're a poet as well...!

PS I find this colour scheme a lot more comfortable to the eye!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Jeanette - love that story about your move and the parallels with the people who bought your place. Could we use it as a post and link to your blog? Also, if you could direct me to where it is on your blog, I can copy it from there. Many thanks! It's a cool story.
- Trish

matthew houskeeper said...

Visited Yosemite around 1993; so beautiful.
And I like the words you wrote here, as well

jeannette said...

Thank you! Have to say that I "stole" the analogy from that book "The Bible" where people are called "living stones."

Thank you for the "follow" friend! Your compliments make me feel honored.

Em, yes, I like to get better at doing poetry, but right now painting is taking all my time...a good excuse, isn't it?
Glad you can read my blog comfortably:)

Trish and Rob,
Glad I found your cool blog -you must do a lot of research...You probably found my reply already on your blog -the post is "mirrored lives" 11/23/09
Thank you for posting it!!

Wow, that was some time ago! I can't get enough of Yosemite (like Anselm Adams), because there too much painting material to ever paint within a life time:)

dogimo said...

I love the stones, and I love the poem.

The picture looks like a waterfall, only with cool, cut stone in the place of the falling stream.

jeannette said...

so you're saying it's a stony or rocky waterfall -that would fit well in Yosemite where these pics were taken, because they have some beautiful waterfalls in this national park too:)

San said...

Weathered stones leading us to the next place. How poignant.

jeannette said...

Oh, it would be something to express in a painting, wouldn't it?:)