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Sunday, May 09, 2010


Celebrating motherhood, because
every woman had, has, or is a mother

May you be to the ones you mother
as a rose of unsurpassed beauty


California Girl said...

How beautiful. Roses, the best gift of flowers.

Clytie said...

How beautiful - and AMEN!

Happy Mothers Day!

Pam said...

Profoundly moving... thanks for sharing these gorgeous roses.
Happy Mothers Day.

Shaista (Lupus in Flight) said...

Happy Mother's day lovely Jeannette :) I am so lucky to know so many incredible mothers!

Floss said...

Thank you, and have a wonderful Mother's Day too! Ours is on may 30th in France...

crochet lady said...

Yes indeed! Beautiful roses.

Stephanie V said...

Such wonderful shades of pink...thank you. Happy Mother's Day to you.

jeannette said...

California Girl,
Am sure you enjoyed your mothers day:) I chose the rose, because it's often used as a symbol of love -even criminals have a soft spot for their mothers!

To be the mother of a twin is very special, I think! Hope you had a lovely day:)

From the (touching) wish on your blog it sounded like you were close to your mother!

You are very very fortunate to have many mothers:) Thank you, Shaista!

Thank you, Floss! Oh, I had no idea that France celebrates mothers day later...

Thanks you:) Hope you had a wonderful mothers day, Jen!

Thank you, Stephanie -hope you had a lovely day! in my previous house I had 7 rose bushes, so I regularly picked them and put them in a vase!

matthew houskeeper said...

Happy belated Mothers Day Jeannette. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

jeannette said...

Thank you, Matthew! I had fun in San Diego:) I know you have a sister, but is you mother still here?

matthew houskeeper said...

Amazingly, my father (80) and my mother (78) are both still in town.

jeannette said...

Lucky you to still have your parents! My parents were older when I was born, so I lost them when I was over here (they lived in Holland), about 8 years ago.

The Mommy said...

Lovely post.
Just came across your blog and I must say, I love it.
I'm following you now!
Keep up the great job:)

jeannette said...

The Mommy,
Thank you and thank you for the follow! Your profile pic looks great:)and will visit your blog.