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Friday, May 21, 2010


Some of you will remember that song from the Beatles, sung by Paul McCartney. It's the only song of  them I like musically. Some of their other songs I do like for their lyrics, because they were so profound for that time.

YESTERDAY I went to Island Hoppers and dreamed of lazy beaches with hot sand and air.
No wonder  I bought this comfy batik dress for 90+ degree sweltering heat
just need to shorten the straps for a perfect fit
(In California long dresses are back in vogue for the summer)
TODAY I'm back into long sleeves and even put a hoodie over it.

YESTERDAY I looked for sandals
the most comfortable I could find
for hours passed with cooking, cleaning, painting when it's hot

TODAY I put back on my comfy winter house shoes

YESTERDAY I bought this Kangeroo hat
to shield my eyes from sunlight too bright on my walks, hikes and plein air painting.
TODAY I hung it on the proverbial willows*
Today the weather seems to say
I'm not quite there yet, little Impatience
Wait a little longer...

*it's a variant of the saying "hanging your harp on the willows."  A saying coming from the time that the Israelites suffered under the Babylonian captivity. They were sad and not in the mood to sing and dance, so they hung their harps on the willow -unused.


DawnTreader said...

So, even where you live? I thought the sun was always shining there ;) We had a "glimpse" of sunny summer here, I almost started thinking of summer clothes too, but then there was thunder and rain...

Stephanie V said...

I know what you mean, Jeanette. It's been the most frustrating spring ever. But maybe that's just because I'm trying to get out in the garden.
Your dress is beautiful...I'm happy to hear that long dresses are in style again. They make me feel so grown-up.

Clytie said...

Amen! I'd hang up MY harp on the willows, except I don't want it to get ruined by all this RAIN!!!

I hope you get some sun this weekend! We might ... for a few hours ... on Sunday.

Cezar and Léia said...

I LOVED that dress...oh girl but first of face it I need to lose some weigtht 'cause since I moved to Lux I got 6 kg! Can you believe in it! LOL
Maybe Freud could explain it? :0
or maybe I miss Brazil so much and I'm eating and eating chocolate to compensating ? Okay, crazy Friday mood!
You know...I'm kidding!

Much chocolate my friend! LOL
Okay, after this crazy winter I think , better...I hope everything will be "normal"in my life again!
Cool post!

jeannette said...

Naah, this year California is rainy (up till now), although the hillsides are already turning brown! Isn't that unusually soft weather for where you live?

Hope you get to work in your garden very soon:) Like long dresses, because no matter what it looks good, and is comfy!

Haha, you strike me as someone who take things in stride LOL
Yeah lets hope for some sunshine on Sunday!

Or maybe chocolate is more obviously/attractively displayed in Luxembourg?
6 kg is not that much, is it?, unless you were a size 2 or 4- that probably would be around a size 34-36 in Eur.?

Don't be too hard on yourself, the first year in another country is always a lot to adjust to!! Hugs

Zuzana said...

I had no idea that even California could experience such changes in weather.
Luckily, here it has gone the other way - a week o summer. But it is short lived, thus I enjoy it while it lasts.;)
I love that dress.;)
Have a great weekend,

Rosie said...

This has been the strangest year weatherwise here in the UK - sounds like the same where you are too:) I love those sandals they look so comfy. We walked in the woods early this morning and stopped for coffee at the lakeside - when we returned to the car the thermometer read 25C - summer weather in Spring! :)

Nora said...

Just how cold does it get in So. Cal? Surely you're not snowed in? I can't image having to wear house slippers that warm. Maybe you're not used to the real cold anymore. You've become a softy. LOL.

jeannette said...

Yes, I heard from some others that it's about 25 C -incredible in May!
This year the weather is weird even in Calif.!! Yeah, I can't wait to wear this dress:)

Enjoy your mini-summer! You never know how long it will last in the UK (and Holl. for that matter:) )
A walk and then coffee by the lakeside sounds wonderful!

Depends on where you are in CA -the weather is certainly is not like other years, but it also maybe because I live now much closer to the coast, sometimes 10 or more degree difference with my old city.
You are right, I've become a softy!!Haha, but I don't feel guilty about not being Spartan anymore -I decided to enjoy life, the rest of my years, LOL

Anya said...

Witte Asperges zijn heel erg duur
8 dollar voor 1 kg !!!
De groene zijn hier ook goedkoper omdat die boven de grond groeien

Fijne zondag
Anya :)

Delwyn said...

Hi there jeanette

I would love to have some of those warm slippers , it has got cool here and we have no heating...I love the dress- it says carefree...why is the hat called a kangaroo hat? I see it has a little kangaroo emblem on it...

Happy dayssestrophe

knittingdragonflies said...

Love the dress, it is hot here today and I'm wishing I had several like that!
The hat looks good!

Marvin said...

Nothing is as certain as change? Our spring has been quite a roller coaster of weather, but we now appear heading into the hot days of summer.

Marvin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jeannette said...

Onmogelijk! I forgot whether you bought them or just showing them (have to read your post again!) Thanks though for the interesting info! I hope if you did buy them, it was worth it!!

At home I like to be very casually dressed! Kangeroo is a brand for hats and beach-kind-of-clothes.
Happy desastrophe -haha, funny!

That kind of a dress is a first for me too. I can tell I'm getting older -it now takes time for me to warm up to the newest styles, LOL!

It's funny, usually we have the warmest weather, compared to anywhere on the globe...except for this spring! At 6 pm today it was 58 degrees.
Thank you, for your second comment. I'll have to investigate what to do about it, but it is someone on my bloglist.

matthew houskeeper said...

You have a very nice style about you, Jeannette. Traditional with a streak of offbeat independence. I like your taste.
And no, I am not drunk and posting this at 1:30 in the morning. I just mean it as a subtle compliment.
As for your cold spring: It's all relative. You get used to a certain climate, and any variation seems extreme. When it is 60 degrees here in March, I am hot. When it's 60 degrees in September I am cold.

EG Wow said...

Sounds like you are having crazy weather. We are too - today it's very warm of the end of May. I like your new dress!

jeannette said...

My job forced me to be traditional in some things, but inside I am more of an artist: offbeat in...everything, LOL! You are right, it's all relative about the weather:) BTW if I would think you would be drunk going on blogs, I would not have responded to your comments (period)- but I know you're not that type of person!

EG Wow,
Thank you! This year I'm not in sinc with the weather!

jabblog said...

. . . and I thought it was only UK that had such variable weather! Never mind, summer will come . .

Marvin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jeannette said...

Did you notice that since last Sept. everything seems to be happening globally -I'm not so sure if we'll have a regular summer (meaning till end of Nov. and 80-90+ F. weather).
Enjoyed reading your blog!!

Dick said...

Het is mij ook al opgevallen dat het weer anders is dan normaal, we hebben de wind en kou al bijna een halfjaar uit het noorden. Normaal is het maar eens af en toe een weekje zo. Nou in ieder geval viel de zomer bij ons dit jaar op een maandag, lol.
Ik heb m'n wintersloffen ook nog steeds bij de hand.

jeannette said...

how strange! and cold too! But I heard the weather is hot now! But not in Calfornia - haha!

Ted Roth said...

You may be singing, "Yesterday," but I've been singing, "When I'm 64." What new adventures to find tomorrow? East Coast weather has been changeable also. As a photographer, that's part of my adventures.

jeannette said...

It's good and positive to focus on the future. This song fit right into what I wanted to say with this post. "Yesterday -all my trouble seemed so far away..." I hope you'll have great new adventures tomorrow (and I also hope that for myself, LOL).