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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Before you start reading, please know that  some of this is written tongue-in-cheek and in a light hearted way. Not in any way to make fun or mock your present or past occupation. Also, the pics I used are taken in  different countries, so I hope that you will comment, even when you don't live in the USA . 
No mail today, or no mailman?

You know the ads: 10 most recession-proof jobs, or what not to say in an interview, or the warning that  your future employers check Facebook or Twitter. What I like to know is if that would really be the motivator to become....fill in the blanks

We all know that giftings (aptitude) run in the family. 
One of my friends manages a hotel 
because his father owns several of them. 
It may be that he was gifted...or interested, 
or merely that it was his inheritance.

Do you know someone who became a grocer, or owns a store?  Why are they willing to work so many hours in a week, Sundays and on some holidays?

 Why do some go into the farming related business? 
Whether it is having a farm or ranch, or owning a milk- or meat production plant

 Coffee and Tea
What about someone in the import-export business?

Or some type of a taxi-driver, or truck driver...
Nowadays there are numerous technology and computer related jobs. Regardless of the fact that "you need the money", I wonder what the most overpowering reason is that you stayed with your job?
- a great work atmosphere
- good pay and/or benefits
- variety of tasks in job
- waiting for a better opportunity
- love my job, and I don't want to do anything else
- I don't know what else to do
- or other reasons?



Stephanie V said...

When I went back to work, it was in an after-school daycare. My pay check wasn't huge but I was always doing something different - and playing with kids. Variety is definitely the key to my happiness.

jeannette said...

Interesting that variety is the key issue for staying...I added it on to the list!

Beth Niquette said...

The photo of the building was especially fascinating--what amazingly ornate detail! Gorgeous!

Rudee said...

My actual work feels like a ministry to me. I feel called to tend to the dying and bring a lifetime of skill to the table with me. Whether it's medications I administer or just good listening skills, I feel I make a difference to those who invite me into their lives.

I just wish I had different territory to cover ;-).

Delwyn said...

Hi Jeanette

when my kids went through high school they were told to expect that they may change jobs 6 times over their life time, but not only jobs but careers and that some of these careers have not even been thought up yet...and we can now see how that is the case.

I was a teacher and when I went back to study it was in psychology. The reason I loved to work as a counsellor was that I felt it was my calling. The fellow who wrote that lovely little book 'What Colour is my Parachute' put it beautifully, he said that your mission in life is found where your gifts and the needs of the world intersect.

I think my calling is now to share ...

happy days

Zuzana said...

Great post.;) Why I stayed in the same (current) job for almost 20 years? I love it, I love my co-workers that are almost a family to me, I have incredible freedom to do pretty much what I want, security and great pay. All this taken together enables me to spend time and energy on other things than worrying about my job.;)
A lot of things in my life has gone wrong or not the way I want them to, but my job was never one of them.;)

jeannette said...

My thoughts were the same! It looks like gold doesn't it? It's a hotel in Nanchang, China (12 W. from Shanghai with the train)

Me thinks that one needs to be called for your job! I was doing it for a rotation of half a year,about 18 years ago, and I still vividly remember how intense it was!!

O my, that (6) has doubled from when I was going to college:)
Had no idea you were a counselor! Are you still working? Because I'm a therapist myself, I know that they tend to retire earlier in life...

Life is good when you go to work 5 days a week and it's good and pleasurable! Especially the part where you can almost do whatever you want and be paid well -not many people can say that:)

NitWit1 said...

I am retired, but not from life. Inasmuch as I am able volunteerism is much so, I don't have much down time.

Clytie said...

As the ex-spouse of a US military man, I spent 17 years following him all around the world, finding work everywhere I went. I always enjoyed each job, every challenge, the people I worked for and the people I worked with.

So I think part of it has to do with your attitude about work - what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. I've known miserable people in dream jobs and happy people in yuck jobs. It's all in your perspective.

A Lady's Life said...

I think the best reason to keep a job is to enjoy what you are doing.
You need to understand that half of your life is spent on the job and it would suck if you had to drag your feet going there every morning.
Some business men are called workaholics but they are the happiest in the world because they love what they do and it isn't really a job for them.

Dick said...

Ooohh, dat is wel een heel moeilijke vraag. Om te beginnen moet ik zeggen dat het vroeger niet zo ging als nu, er werd min of meer gezegd wat je maar moest gaan doen want studeren was niet voor iedereen weggelegd. Dus zo is het begonnen met mijn werk soms leuk maar vaak ook niet omdat het niet is waar m'n hart ligt. Veranderen is niet makkelijk vooral niet als er een gezin onderhouden moet worden. Nou, ik hoop dat ik over een paar jaar kan stoppen, dan kan ik misschien wel een klein leuk baantje er bij vinden.

jeannette said...

Your position is one to envy! Hope that you liked your job in the past as a pharmacist?

Ooh that would be bad to be miserable while having a dream job!! Wow, Clytie, no wonder yous sister calls you a trooper!-And I'll add to that: a trooper with a great attitude:)

A Lay's Life, speaks the psychologist...there's a difference though in thoroughly enjoying your job and going the extra mile, or work being your whole life,having no time for relationships or rest - that's an addiction...

jeannette said...

Nu ik hier (USA) een aantal jaren heb gewoond, heb ik er (waarschijnlijk)een ander gezichtspunt op gekregen. De mensen die kunnen studeren zijn niet meer, of beter dan degenen die met hun handen werken!! Nu ik 2 schoonzonen heb die niet erg handig zijn, weet ik wat een verschrikking het is als je niet een kant-en-klaar bed in elkaar kunt zetten, of niet een lekkende kraan kunt repareren.
Wat ben ik verwend! Ik hoef niet handen vol geld uit te geven aan reparaties!

Pam said...

I'm still not sure what I what to Inner Child won't let me grow-up...only grow older ;)

Nora said...

I've always been a mother and a housewife, not always by choice, certainly not now, this is my fate and circumstances dictate it. I would love to have a part time job in which I could work indepedently and set my own pace, which would be fast. Some interaction with my co-workers would be nice also and the extra money would help. I think knowing that I was performing well would make me feel good.I would hate to be in a rat race, though. No corporate ladder for me.

crochet lady said...

I like my job, but kind of bemoan various factors once in a while. Pay is one of the problems. Because I work at a small library I am paid considerably less for the same job I would do in a larger community. I get a little pity party-ish once in awhile about that, but on the whole....I work with great people, and enjoy the creative part of being in youth library services.

There are just days once in awhile I wish I could do something else...but what?

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello sweet Jeannette
Very interesting subject and idea , wonderful post,I was just thinking of it, figure out what I want to do in my lifetime here because I left my previous job , and now I have the choice to study, but not working.But I'm always positive, I think the right moment and opportunity will appear soon! :)
By the way I think would be cool be a owner of a little hotel or store!

Ted Roth said...

Excellent question! I'm retired now, but I got a five-year, professional degree in architecture. To avoid Viet Nam I stayed in college an extra year to get two degrees in English. When all that was done I worked for a bit as a designer of theatrical environments and decided to teach literature and writing to high school students. I stayed with it for 30 years because kids seemed to keep me young. When I retired I was district computer director. Three months after retirement it felt as if I had shed an old skin, and have spent all my time since as a photographer. I accept Joseph Campbell's motto, "Follow your bliss." I put it this way: "Keep bouncing."

EG Wow said...

Six different careers? Wow! So if you start when you're 22 and end when you're 65, that's six jobs in 43 years, which means a change approximately every seven years. I'd say that leaves little time to become bored.

jeannette said...

you have a good inner child, haha -hope she lets you keep it that way!

I feel for you -I know that is the cry for so many in your kind of position! But, maybe you could do some volunteer work? That way you can set your own boundaries, and can stop whenever you want to...

Have you ever taken a Taylor Johnson test or any other aptitude test? to see in which areas your strengths are laying, and what kinds of jobs you would enjoy?

When things are looking up economically maybe that's something to do to find out. On the other hand, this is a time when new jobs are born, because people are being creative about it.

I'm sure you'll find something suitable with time! On the other hand, if you don't have kids, this is a great time to study!

It sounds like you LIKE working and... being in contact with people, maybe? So true, being in contact with kids keeps one young! And you are a man of many talents!

I only taught for 3 years officially, but after that young people have kept coming to us, wanted to be mentored.

EG Wow,
The boring times are over, for this next decade at least:)
Yes, imagine, for people who are now under thirty, it will be a roller coaster ride till they are retired! I don't envy them.

DawnTreader said...

Interesting post and comments. With the last job I held before I went into early retirement after an accident, it was a mix of all kinds of reasons. I'd say it's a balance between how much you need the money, liking (or at least not hating) the people you work with, and being able to feel that you "know what you're doing" (doing a good job, whatever it is). It might also be about having a job that still leaves you the energy to do other things besides work.

jeannette said...

The last reason you bring up, would certainly be a reason for me -if one comes home every day to roll into bed because one is so tired -that's not a life! Unless you know it's just for a short time:)