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Friday, June 25, 2010

THE EXPLORERS - Day 1 (Sunday) of Travel Log

Today we explored what we wanted to do, and where to go this week. 
Besides, Sunday has always been a special day for me. 
In a tongue in cheek way, today was special because I got my hubby to stop on the side of the road. 
As long as I've known him it's hard for him to follow my sudden impulses, like "Stop here!" 
"Why? Is something wrong? Do you have to go to the bathroom?" 
"No, I just wanna stop and have a closer look at what I just saw in the bend of the road we just passed."
Now for him that would not be a reason to even slow down with the car. But today he managed to stop. Waauw!:)
Usually this is a dry riverbed, but now a little stream was winding down this steep hillside  to the road. We were inching ourselves down this steep hill, but it was worth the view. How enchanting!

When we came in the valley we wondered where all these people were coming from?? Hubby volunteered that these were people who just came for one day -on Sunday. On all major intersections workers were directing traffic -much needed! 
These I saw today were the ones who wanted to take the pics to show their friends, just to say that they had been there. So they didn't care about blocking traffic and were trampling over each other to get the views. They are different from the nature lovers one sees through the week, who like hiking, canoeing, biking. They are respectful of others and of nature, and are very helpful when someone needs help.
Don't know if all these crowds got me off balance or what, but...the following happened.
We ended up on the favorite spot of our kids when they were younger.
I wanted to paint just a little. (in the pic the painting is at a much later stage -today one could only see a few squiggles of paint)

"Hellooo"...after a few seconds, "Hellooo".....a third time, "Hellooo..."

There was something insistent and demanding in the voice that made me wonder, "Does this someone know us? Is something wrong?" But I had wedged myself in a narrow space between a few rocks, so I couldn't move or stand up quickly, without damaging my painting or my palette falling down.

Then I heard a cheerful, "We're coming to see what you're painting."  Still trying to piece together what was going on, I noticed that her voice was kind of irritating, like a boss who comes over to check on you covertly, because you made some grievous errors the day before (remember I'm one who analyzes all these things). So, you don't misunderstand, I don't have a boss - I'm my own boss.
I said slowly "I'm painting what I see in front of me..." 
"Huh?" she asked. 
I guess I must have mumbled.
So, I repeated my great (haha) artistic observation, louder, emphasizing like a teacher.
I heard the "duh" in her voice.
I became even more irritated and choose to be silent.
Then after a pause I heard a friendly voice, probably from her hubby, saying,
"It's beautiful." I swallowed saying that there were only a few squiggles of paint on the canvas,  because there was a world of difference between the first and the last voice.

Much later I realized that this was the first time ever that I snubbed someone who was interested in my painting. Not a good way to start my vacation, I told myself! Ooops, I promise to do better:)

 On the side of the road where our car was parked to take the first pic, hubby took a few more photos. And then I saw this. It is as bright red in reality as it is in the pic.
What is this? I remember something about leaves coming through red  - something about  a photosynthetic process plants go through?


Pam said...

My hubby would never stop either, until now. I like to photograph everything in sight and I think he's afraid I will leave him home;)

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful little stream, Jeannette! The flowers are also beautiful, though I don't know their name. Have a great weekend Jeannette!

jabblog said...

Oh dear - what a shame when people feel they've got to see something even if they're not particularly interested in it. They're a bit like the bird 'twitchers' who travel miles to tick a rare bird off their lists!
I hope you were able to continue painting without further interruption.

Dimple said...

What a nice little stream...

I thought those red growths might be a parasitic plant or a fungus. But I don't really know!

Betsy Grant said...

That's the great thing about painting (creating) from one's imagination, we don't have to hear the opinions of others whilst we're creating if we don't want to (assuming one is in the privacy of one's own home). I've seen (on your artnotes) some of the work you've created from your imagination and it IS beautiful!

Clytie said...

Ah my friend, we take the bad with the good I guess. It sounds like your hubby and my ex are similar - on the way to a destination. Point A is where we left. Point B is where we were going. In between is the proverbial straight line.


Now I am the driver, and I still see things I want to go back and look at ... and rarely have the time to stop!


I love it that you got to stop and see the brook ... that you had a quiet (well almost) time to paint ... and that you got to see some beautiful red plants ... sounds like a bit of heaven to me.

Rosie said...

I'm glad you got the chance to stop and see the stream. Oh, dear - I can under stand how you felt - I don't like people looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing either - I remember in school if an invigilator stopped to peer over my shoulder during an exam I would put down my pen and wait until they had moved on - the red flowers look wonderful:)

Peggi Habets said...

The way you tell the story is so funny, I can just picture these folks! It IS hard to be accosted like that when you just need time to yourself. I hope you were able to find more time to paint.

jeannette said...

(chuckle)Your hubby had a change of perspective, eh?

my pics don't do justice to the beauty, sigh (but one can't be good at everything, n'est pas?)
By this time I wish you a good Sunday!

Haha, I didn't know that expression! Yes, the rest of the week, there were the "other" kind of people, who are very respectful:)

A parasitic plant - I'm like you -I'll have to ask a nature lover. Thanks for visiting!

thank you, Betsy:)
My sense is that it would be very interesting to meet you in person...which brings me to the question, do you compose too?

(Chuckle) wasn't your ex in the armed forces? I think you can't be any different there -one wouldn't survive").
In the coming days of my travel log, you'll see that I painted almost every day (even one of two hours is enough for me)!

Good for you, putting down your pen during the exam!
Actually, mostly I don't mind I don't mind people's curiosity, there was just something about that voice that set me off.

In the years of my graduate training, it was a whole other ball game, when you are videotaped, and 4 people are watching every move you make during a session with a client (and after that, one was "evaluated" for 45 min.!!).

Maybe since you're an artist, you've encountered these kind of people too:)
Yes, the rest of the week was fine (because during the week, the nature lovers were around, and they're much more respectful!))

Nora said...

As if it's any body's business what you're painting and they need to stick their nose into it. Really, how rude. Those are not the kind of people you hope to run into. I hope your painting is turning out well.

jeannette said...

You crack me up:) I just can imagine you saying it! Yes, after that time I painted on it 2 more times and it turned out well, as you'll see further into my log! Have a good Sunday! Is it still hot in Holl. and UK?

knittingdragonflies said...

What is it with men? Mine also doesn't want to stop and take a break somewhere relaxing.
I am also irritated when we stop and I'm into my knitting and a non knitter stops and wants me to explain why on earth I would knit a pair of socks when I can buy them.
Love the red flowers! So vibrant!

Nora said...

Yes, it was 86 degrees today and humid.

jeannette said...

Maybe it's what Clytie (above) says): most men think from A to B, and there's nothing in between:)

Some really don't understand that knitting is an art form!

Oh my goodness, Irene! How's that possible! Poor you, and poor Dutchmen! Here it has mostly in the 60/70ties (close to the coast of course -when we go back to La Habra, it's about 7 degrees warmer).

alady'slife said...

Oh I hate that when someone looks over your shoulder. Shouldn't they ask permission to look at what you are doing??
I would think so lol

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jeanette: That was an interesting story to share. Try to be more friendly next time.

jeannette said...

A Lady's Life,
I don't know if one should ask permission...when I myself see someone paint, I mostly start first talking to the person, and then look and ask them something about the painting (in other words, the person is more important to me than the painting).

All right, sir!
Have to admit, patience is not one of my strong sides (that would be my hubby) - unless someone is in distress...