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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When life is lived we do not always appreciate the specialness of the moment. Often we realize the wonder of it when it has turned to a dusty page of the past. To keep the details clear and sharp, I decided to log my travels of this past week.

 Travel destination was Yosemite National Park in California, most known for Half
Dome (on the Right), El Capitain and other giant mountains, meadows and many waterfalls. (This week I'll post my pastel on Half Dome on Art Notes).

Saturday late afternoon we arrived, and I did not feel too good physically. Was even thinking of staying indoors on Sunday, but I was glad I felt much better after waking up in the morning.
This first day we used to explore and see what possibilities for hiking and painting spots there were.
The weather was on the cool side, so my worry not having enough short and tank tops with me and having to go to one of the three (or all three!) thrift shops in the town nearby, quickly disappeared.

We stayed in a cabin by Bass Lake, 45 min. drive from Yosemite. In our younger years we were "roughing" it in a tent (yes, I heard you laughing!), but now we do "urban camping", with all the modern amenities, and in most of the cabins a good bed.  What I also like is that in the evening I still can work on my paintings (always have an extra light bulb with me!). And more protection from the mosquitoes. This year they were big and vicious. Hubby never gets bitten, but this year even he got his share!

The cabin is a little removed from the road, and when we open the door we have this view.
This week it became very obvious to me that the economic downturn has effected the way American does vacations. In Yosemite we saw twice the amount of people in their twenties, over all more people, many motorbikes and RV's. Never had so much trouble finding parking!

Another major difference from past years was that many places where I stood in previous years to paint, were flooded! Kind of shocking. There has been so much more rain this year in California. This combined with snow still melting at higher elevations, water finds its way to the roads. It makes for involuntary "car washes!"

On each day of the Travel Log I'll try to post something a "little somethin" that peeked my curiosity. Today it is that vertical light streak in these rocks that made us stop the car to take a pic of it. If you enlarge the image you can see more clearly what it exactly is:)


Twain12 said...

what a gorgeous place, there must be a lot of inspiration

Rudee said...

I must make it to Yosemite before it's too late to make such a journey. From the photos and documentaries I've seen, it appears stunning.

I'll be in the Blue Ridge Mountains next week, and while it'll be smoking hot, I plan to hike and take some pictures. I will stay in my sister's home and sleep in a comfy bed, but still, it'll be away from the everyday grind.

Your photos are beautiful. Happy painting!

Stephanie V said...

Wonderful travel pics - keep 'em coming. I've never been to Yosemite - just another place on that lo-o-ong list.
Glad it wasn't too cold to get some painting done. Funny how mosquitoes don't choose just anyone for food, isn't it? Well, not for those of us who are super-tasty, I guess.

DawnTreader said...

Impressive landscape in that first picture! :)

Nora said...

Lol Jeannette, even staying in a cabin is adventurous enough for me. What about the bears that come knocking at your door when they smell the bacon fry in the pan?

Teresa said...

How enjoyable! Looking forward to more posts as I "tag along" on your Yosemite adventures!

The Muse said...

This keeps ringing in my ear...
When life is lived we do not always appreciate the specialness of the moment. Often we realize the wonder of it when it has turned to a dusty page of the past. very true.

And I am delighted for you that these opportunities are becoming memories in the making.

jeannette said...

One could make a painting on any square foot. But, it also works the other way -there's so much to see that it's kind of overwhelming to make a choice!

Now I've never been in the Blue Ridge Mountains:) Sounds you'll have a great time at your sister's house!
The pics of Yosemite are pretty accurate!
And Yellowstone Park is another place on my list!
A few more days, Rudee and then you're suddenly scrambling to pack!

it's good for the soul to have those lists, and other dreams:) I heard not too long ago that people with type O-positive are more likely to be bitten!

They actually warn to have no food in one's car, because the bears can smell it and demolish the car to get to it!! Good thing I don't like bacon, LOL
In Yosemite I've seen bears twice, running across the road while driving, and one time a bear was anesthetized on the spot where we would paint as a group, so they could take him in a cylinder (lifted by a crane) and take him back to the woods -you could tell it was not the first time they had done that.

Indeed it is! The Grand Canon is more well known in Europe, but Yosemite is only 5 hours from where I live, and there is much more "green" and waterfalls (more comfortable to paint too).
The colors of the mountain ridges of the Grand Canyon are majestic.

Yes, it's a breath of fresh air -especially when one likes to paint nature. Hope my travel log will be inspirational to you to paint more:)

The Muse,
My travel log says so much about my age!!!:)But the journals about my paintings were also inspired by what people in general know about van Gogh -all kinds of details from his life and views, out of his own mouth.

Clytie said...

I can't wait to see and hear more about your trip! I went to Yosemite many years ago - before I had a camera. Your pictures are bringing back some of those beautiful memories ... like you said - long after the trip I realized just how special that time was.

knittingdragonflies said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the photos. Like us, we also are tent campers that have decided our bones are much happier in the luxury of a cabin for the night.
Good to know the parks are being used so much!
There is nothing like being out in nature to recharge your batteries!

NitWit1 said...

Thanks for sharing a place I will probably not see while on this breath-takingly beautiful.

And through the eyes of an artist...a special treat.


Pam said...

Going to Yosemite was my all time favorite vacation. It can't compare to anything I have ever seen before.

Sreddy Yen said...

Hi Jeannette! Wow! I'd love to visit that National Park - the first photo exudes serenity. Hmmm...I also quite like the side-view photo of the cabin. I hope you enjoy your stay :)


jeannette said...

Sorry for not replying immediately; I'm going of a slower pace after I came back from Yosemite!
I have the same of you - sometimes thinking of all the pics I could have taken on our travels!

Yeah, we don't get any day younger! Me thinks that California is still a vacation spot of many!

You're welcome. Never say never, Friend! Who knows there comes an opportunity along:)

I agree! That's probably why we go back there almost every year.
Now you're into taking pics, maybe you'll come this way again?

Do you have vacation (from school) right now? Wish I was still there, but I'm back to the city!

You might be interested in the pastel and watercolor I posted at Art Notes this week!