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Friday, June 04, 2010


On Memorial weekend we went to Auburn, a Californian town known for gold mining. Winding roads to get there. A bustling town center with cute shops. Had an authentic Mexican lunch. On the way back we stopped when seeing people carrying rafts. The river must be close by...
What we saw on our walk was so poetic, that only poetry would do justice to what we saw.

Her lips moved
"Come with me"
then turned around
I followed her on a shadowy path

she had a voice of the wind
as her hand touched the grasses

she pointed at her blue wild flowers

smiled at the bright colored ones

she paused for a moment,
"The waterside is to reflect",
she said gently

"Always look up at the sky"
Then she guided me 
 back to the road

"Do not forget Auburn",
she said softly
waving goodbye
as she disappeared
on the hidden path


Jose's World said...

Here I am in Amsterdam, a great city. Ate at an Indonesian restaurant Sa Sevo--given about 20 small dishes that I was to mix with rice in a bowl. Never had Indonesian food before.

Rebecca said...

I like that hidden path...I can see why it inspires your creativity.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

The Mommy said...

It's haunting and beautiful!
love the words and the pictures

Nora said...

Very lovely! I do wish I had been there.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful, Jeannette, especially that reflections photograph.

jeannette said...

Hey, my favorite food, but mostly not eaten in a bowl! Explain to you in an email. The "Dam" in Amsterdam is a great place to take pics!

Thank you, Friend!Isn't it beautiful? Now, I made the post, I wished I would have taken more pics there:)

The Mommy,
Yes, so true. A photographer like you would have gone crazy clicking away with the camera!

Thank you! My son-in-law is getting to know this area very well, because he drives around the ambulance:)

So true! Isn't it interesting that one can instantly "bond" with a place? That's what happened when I laid eyes on this scene on the water side...

Reader Wil said...

What a beautiful enchanting mysterious fairy! The photos are fabulous, Jeannette!

Clytie said...

I visited Auburn many years ago. I didn't get to meet the lady on the hidden path. Maybe because in our hurry we neglected to stop long enough to find that path. No pause to reflect ... instead infant twin babies and an impatient husband ... so much beauty missed. Sigh.

Stephanie V said...

Just for a moment, I was there. I could feel the shadows and the soft scratch of the grasses.
That's a lovely path, Jeanette. Thanks for finding - and sharing - it.

Whitemist said...

Hmmmm! I love this!

jeannette said...

Reader Wil,
Thank you, Wil! The fairy's name is Jeannette, waiting for hubby getting the right angle for the light pattern on the path:)

giggle -you can't see it, because it's to far, but the one who was leading you on the path was moi:)
I have some similar regrets when the kids were little -too busy to enjoy! we can!

I am thrilled that you followed her on that hidden path, and shared her journey:)

Thank you Friend! It was a spot where I could have made a dozen paintings!

California Girl said...

That's the California I know with the dry wooded areas and oaks. I miss it.

btw, you should wear the hat. It looks good on you.

Zuzana said...

What a poetic walk in pictures and words. Lovely,

Rudee said...

I would follow you on this path. It's beautiful!

jeannette said...

California Girl,
What I noticed after my move last year is that we miss the things we have taken for granted- we thought they would always be there:)

Thank you friend! It was worth the walk, the path, the journey:)

Me thinks that the walk became poetic because we were looking for little things to shoot pics of (grin) -sometimes our attitude changes our perception of things:)